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Pure Air Systems Client List

Since 1985 Pure Air Systems, Inc. has been manufacturing commercial grade HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems for the commercial and residential markets. Our systems use only certified HEPA filters rated no less than 99.97% efficient on particles 0.3 microns and larger. Pure Air Systems utilizes variable speed, 120/240 volt, 50/60 Hz, digitally controlled motors for the fan power required to move air through the HEPA filters and provide systems that could produce over 2000 CFM of filtered air. These motors, combined with three-stage filtration technology along with the option of using all carbon for gaseous and odor issues, make the PAS product line one of the most versatile in the air filtration market today. Our systems can be used either attached to existing HVAC forced air ducted systems or in the stand-alone mode. For more information on the range of HEPA based products offered by PAS go to the products section of our website.

Government Agencies, Contractors, and Institutions

Medical Facilities, Pharmaceutical, Research and Related Industries

Commercial, Industrial, and Food Process Industries

  • Crowe Butte Resources, Inc. - NE - Uranium, Radium, Vanadium mining operation.
  • Norwalt Design, Inc. - NJ - Design, engineering and production of closure handling systems for automation of the after-molding handling process.
  • Apache Technologies, Inc. - OH - Design, manufacture construction and agricultural laser products for leveling and alignment.
  • Ft. Wayne Wire Die - IN - Innovative source for new technology that produces consistent, ultrahigh precision wire drawing dies tooling components.
  • Reckitt Benckiser - TX - A global force in household, health and personal care products.
  • CocaCola Enterprises - CT - The largest non-alcoholic bottler in the world.
  • Johnson Controls - WI - A global leader in building efficiency, automotive experience and power solutions.
  • Aero Controls, Inc. - WA - FAA certified repair stations.
  • Aeroflex - NY - A global, multi-faceted high technology company that designs and develops a diverse range of microelectronics and test measurement equipment.
  • Northern Ingredients - MN - Food processing and manufacturing for commercial bakeries.
  • Exsol Labs, LLC - NC - Precision metal recycling.
  • Casey Industrial, Inc. - OR - Industrial construction, forest products, power & environment, industrial processes.
  • Norman S. Wright - CA - Mechanical Equipment Co. Assists building owners, architects, mechanical engineers and contractors in the design, application and delivery of quality mechanical systems.
  • US. Cellular - IL - Cellular and mobile communications.
  • Columbo Sales and Engineering - MI - Materials handling ie. samples, documentation, specimens and pharmaceuticals.
  • Alterra Coffee - WI - Brewhouse and coffee shop.
  • Pepsi Cola - SC - Use of HEPA systems on beverage filling stations.

Installations outside of North America

  • ZXFami Ltd. - Cyprus - Manufacturer of cosmetics, household cleaning products, designs, creates and manufactures bottles and delivers own private label products.
  • Natural Products Pharmaceuticals - South Africa - Specialty pharmaceuticals using all natural ingredients.
  • NABASCO - Amman, Jordan - Materials Handling.
  • Yaw Automation - Osaka, Japan - Designs and builds integrated automation systems
  • Vemco Ltd. - Trinidad - Food products distribution including Quaker, Gatorade and Dole.
  • Cure International - Ethiopia,Nigeria,Malawi Africa, Hospitals and medical facilities.
  • Nano Diamond Products - Ireland - Designs and manufactures diamond related products.
  • BUSES International - Kenya, Africa - Mobile Surgical suites.
  • Corning, Inc. - Japan - World leader in specialty glass and ceramics.
  • BioMed Pharmacies - Panama - Pharmaceutical compounding and manufacturing.