A leap year is a year containing one additional day in order to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical or seasonal year. So this year , 2012, we will have 366 days instead of 365 days. What does that really mean?  According to Irish tradition a man who receives a marriage proposal from a woman on February 29 must accept it. Or if you are born on 2/29 does that mean you only have  a birthday every four years? And if you are married on the 29th of February do you only have a wedding anniversary every fourth year? Interesting thought.

With an event happening only every four years we only think about it during that specific time frame. We never talk about leap year other than during leap year and then only on one day…Feb. 29th.  Yet being born on that date or married on that date…or even dying on that date could have a significant impact on the events of your life and lives of the people around you.

Being exposed to a particularly virulent  airborne pathogen, chemical compound or allergen on any given day can also alter your life forever. Our experience in dealing with individuals who suffer from chronic illnesses by being exposed to one of these is interesting to say the least. Since Pure Air Systems was founded in 1985, literally 40% of our residential customers use our HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems to help them cope with continuing respiratory and sensitivity issues caused by a one time or over time exposure.

Because many of these individuals have had their immune systems compromised by these airborne incidents and have difficulty living and working in environments that most people would consider safe and harmless. For example, small amounts of dust or pollen or even odors from dish washing detergent can significantly affect these immuno-suppressed individuals. The ability to remove small concentrations of odors and gasesous pollutants as well as minute amounts of sub-micron particulate is the key to helping these individuals.

Pure Air Systems commercial grade, certified HEPA and Carbon air filtration systems are recognized as some of the best high performance filtration systems on the market today. The HEPA filters in our systems are some of the only mechanical methods of removing the small, sub-micron airborne allergens and pathogens. And the carbon media is all commercial grade and designed to adsorb high concentrations of odors and gaseous compounds. Together, these filters in our units offer the best chance to allow these individuals to lead a fairly normal life in both their homes and at work.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems please go to our website at: www.pureairsystems.com or find us on Twitter @pureairsystems and like us on Facebook. Of course you can always call us on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.



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About the Author: Don Musilli

My name is Don Musilli. I started Pure Air Systems in 1985 and then sold it in 2006. I continue to consult for PAS and write their blog and control their Twitter account. I also, on occasion, make changes to the website. The company is now almost 26 years old and has been a major player in offering commercial grade, high performance HEPA and Carbon based filtration systems for the commercial, institutional, industrial and residential markets.

I currently reside in Englewood, Florida where I write blogs and do social media marketing for a number of clients.

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