Walking through an old grave yard the other day I noticed some unusual scripting on some of the tombstones. The typical “born date” “died date” were present on all of them but a few had more creative wording on the granite markers. One of the most popular epitaphs that has been written in dozens of languages world wide is…”I Told You I Was Sick.” I found this on two head stones. I’m sure the deceased relatives didn’t think it was funny, but somehow I think this comment says it all.

People complain about everything today. And with the help of social media they can do it 24/7  and have the world be their sounding board. For many people, complaining about their health or how certain issues affect their health has become their favorite hobby. However, in many instances these “cry wolf”  health concerns are actually valid complaints. Negative reactions to various foods, environmental conditions and industrial pollutants, both liquid and air, are more common than ever.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing commercial grade, certified HEPA and Carbon based fan powered air filtration devices since 1985. Our experience in working with individuals, environmental specialists, Allergists, Physicians and Industrial Hygienists has provided us with a wealth of  practical application knowledge regarding the overall effectiveness of our HEPA filtration systems.

Individuals who either are pre-disposed to a specific type of allergen or pathogen or those who have weakened immune systems due to  constant contact with airborne contaminants (both particulate and gaseous) and who have used one of the Pure Air Systems HEPA units in their living and/or work environment, have achieved excellent results with the systems. In almost every case where an individual was experiencing some physical or respiratory distress from their polluted environment, the introduction of the PAS HEPA systems provided a minimum of 70% relief with the majority of individuals having virtually no symptoms at all.

While these results are not derived from a scientific, long-term study, the fact that people have continued to purchase the PAS products for over 27 years has proven the market recognizes the ability for the systems to excel and provide the performance as promised by Pure Air Systems.

For years individuals have complained about certain health issues that they believe are directly related to their living or work environment. Often these health issues are discarded by the medical profession as emotional or psychosomatic. While there are some instances where this is true, for the most part the symptoms and the suffering is real. Recently the medical profession has determined that the underlying cause for many of the “environmental illness” issues are now related to fibromyalgia…which can be treated to a certain extent with medication.  However, contact with our customers who have been diagnosed with this disease have found that it is the “easy out” diagnosis for everything environmental.

The fact is that those people who suffer from constant contact with any type of allergen, gaseous pollutant or pathogens continue to find more relief when living and working in a cleaner environment. Especially when they use one of the PAS HEPA systems. For individuals who do have an issue with the air they breathe contacting us now is better than having to write something too soon like, “I told you I was sick,” as your epitaph.

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About the Author: Don Musilli

My name is Don Musilli. I started Pure Air Systems in 1985 and then sold it in 2006. I continue to consult for PAS and write their blog and control their Twitter account. I also, on occasion, make changes to the website. The company is now almost 26 years old and has been a major player in offering commercial grade, high performance HEPA and Carbon based filtration systems for the commercial, institutional, industrial and residential markets.

I currently reside in Englewood, Florida where I write blogs and do social media marketing for a number of clients.

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