With all the concern about Ebola one must remember the reason that Ebola, like many other dangerous pathogens, is a virus and in terms of size it is very, very tiny. Less than .012 microns in size. It requires the most efficient HEPA type filters to trap these tiny microorganisms, usually requiring a SULPA filter ( Super Ultra Low Penetrating Absolute ) HEPA filter.  This is one of the main reasons for concern when treating or being near someone who has the virus. It is easily dispersed and so tiny that many of the normal preventative gowns, masks and gloves may not be sufficient to protect everyone from coming in contact with the virus.

The use of HEPA filters for clean rooms and chip manufacturers has been around for years and hospitals require them for their surgery rooms and isolation patient care rooms. In the field, however, it is very difficult to establish truly isolated rooms or areas where those  infected with the disease can be effectively isolated from health care workers.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing HEPA based, fan powered  air filtration systems since 1985 and over the years more of their larger HEPA units have been shipped to the third world countries to establish some form of controlled isolation rooms and facilities to at  least try to  maintain some form of sterile  environment for treating the sick.

Now the military is establishing small isolation “tent style” portable facilities in Liberia and other near by locations to attempt  to isolate those infected with Ebola to both treat and contain the spread of the virus. These tents use HEPA filtered air and try to mimic the same type of isolation room style used in the US hospital facilities. Difficult to do but better than the alternative.

We need to remember that the most harmful of viruses and bacteria can not be seen with the naked eye so we tend to forget that being around people that are sick or infected can be problematic especially for those  individuals with weakened immune systems. Exposure doesn’t always have to be physical, it can very often be airborne so just being in the same general area with those infected can be an issue.

Pure Air Systems sells a wide variety of HEPA filtration systems ranging from 50 CFM to 2000 CFM using variable speed  controllers to allow for finite volume control to fit the specific application. While all the systems are designed as commercial units they are used by home owners and the general public on a regular basis. PAS is considered a leader in the field of HEPA  filtration and learning more about their  systems and capabilities can be a healthy choice.

For more information on the complete line of  HEPA systems please go to our website at: https://www.pureairsystems.com or call us on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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About the Author: Don Musilli

My name is Don Musilli. I started Pure Air Systems in 1985 and then sold it in 2006. I continue to consult for PAS and write their blog and control their Twitter account. I also, on occasion, make changes to the website. The company is now almost 26 years old and has been a major player in offering commercial grade, high performance HEPA and Carbon based filtration systems for the commercial, institutional, industrial and residential markets.

I currently reside in Englewood, Florida where I write blogs and do social media marketing for a number of clients.

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