Since its inception, Pure Air Systems, a small manufacturing company in Indiana, has placed “Made In The USA” stickers on its line of commercial grade HEPA filtration systems.  In 1985, the year PAS was born, there were more imports coming into the US than any other time in its history. Made in Japan had become the household mantra for many things including electronics, cars, toys, games, video games, machinery, etc.

It is true that those Japanese products were, in many cases, made better than their US counter parts. But, there were still products made here that had developed a strong customer following and maintained their level of performance expected by the consumers.  Yet,  today people will look at two identical products, one made in the US and one made overseas ( anywhere)  and purchase the one that is least expensive. It is more difficult to compete with foreign companies as they don’t have some of the same regulations and have higher wages.

Not buying US manufactured products does more to harm the economy than most people realize. Wages and taxes paid by US companies provide the funds to keep communities growing and being financially healthy. When people loose jobs it affects their entire family and it impacts their community. Loss of health care, loss of home, removal of a skilled worker from the community all detract from the vitality of their environment. It also affects school age children as they now have to be uprooted from their home and friends and probably relocate to another part of the state or county to find work that pays the same wages.

There are other major reasons why keeping US companies healthy helps everyone. Most companies develop new products with the R&D departments. These sections of their company are non-revenue generating but are necessary to help them stay ahead of the competition. If the companies profits suffer then they can not support an active R&D program and thus continually slide backward in their attempts to compete with the world market.

Pure Air Systems continues to look at new products to keep their customers coming back and to develop a new stream of revenue as market demand for their current product line continues to change.

For more information on their complete product line please go to their website at: or call them on their toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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About the Author: Don Musilli

My name is Don Musilli. I started Pure Air Systems in 1985 and then sold it in 2006. I continue to consult for PAS and write their blog and control their Twitter account. I also, on occasion, make changes to the website. The company is now almost 26 years old and has been a major player in offering commercial grade, high performance HEPA and Carbon based filtration systems for the commercial, institutional, industrial and residential markets.

I currently reside in Englewood, Florida where I write blogs and do social media marketing for a number of clients.

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