True, commercial grade HEPA filtration systems use a very dense HEPA paper media that requires a fair amount of energy to pull air through it using a radial blade fan. This is one reason that you have very small portable style units for the residential market as they use much smaller HEPA filters and fractional horsepower motors to keep the costs down.

These home HEPA units can usually provide up to 150 CFM of HEPA filtered air as a maximum rate and as the HEPA filter loads up it will slowly back down to the increase in static pressure.

Pure Air Systems offers a line of commercial grade HEPA filtration systems that use the variable speed ECM style motors that us magnets to turn the motor rather than copper windings. This allows for incremental speed adjustments to the motor so that the appropriate amount of horsepower is used to meet the preset CFM volume.

These motors can be programmed to speed up as the resistance across the HEPA filter increase due to dust loading thus providing a constant volume of HEPA filtered air over the life of the HEPA filter. This is critical in applications where certain air filtration exchange rates are required to maintain a clean room level class 100 or 1000 for the specific application.

The other advantage with ECM motors is their ease of modification to operate in any voltage anywhere in the world. These motors are rated 120/240 volt 50/60 Hz and with a simple wiring change the motors can be swapped to work with either voltage. This made it possible for Pure Air Systems to sell their units anywhere in the world without making any changes to their equipment’s electrical components.

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