Micro Chips are used in thousands of devices and are one of the main components for the automotive industry. Whether the car is and ICE or EV vehicle, they both use dozens of chips to operate most functions in their car or truck. Most of the industrial chips are now made overseas and a vast majority in Taiwan.

Making chips is expensive and technologically challenging. Most chips are made from layers of silicone substrates and these layers have to be super clean in between each ( zero dust ) or they will short out. In order to keep the assembly rooms clean and dust free, all the air in the rooms is filtered through a series of filtration stages using HEPA filters. HEPA filters can remove 99.9999% of all particles 0.3 microns and smaller and approach 98% removing particles as small as 0.12 microns. Even these small particles can be a problem if they are sandwiched between the layers of silicone. 

Chip plants use Clean Rooms in which to assemble the micro chips and they are classified as: Class 1000, Class 100, Class 10 and Class 1. These numbers indicate the number of particles per cubic foot or micrograms per cubic meter in the room as measured by a particle counter. As a comparison, any room in your home will probably have 50,000 to 100,000 sub-micron particles per cubic foot. These are not visible with the naked eye, but they are there. So taking your room from 100,000 particles per cubic foot down to 100 or 10 particles per cubic foot is no easy task. In fact, the people that work in these rooms are completely gowned and using recycling breathing packs. 

Clean rooms make up the majority of the area encompassed by the Chip manufacturing plant and the cost for the rooms can be in excess of $10 million each. An entire plant could cost upwards of $1 Billion. This is one of the major reasons why there are no new Chip plants being built in the US at this time. This may change in time but for now we are going to see a continuing shortage of chips into the near future.

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