Gum Wrappers

I am sitting here writing this blog looking at a 1000 piece puzzle that was recently finished by 3 family members. It is a picture of over one hundred old and new gum wrappers from the early 40’s to today. Being one of the older baby boomers in the group I do recognize some of the names like Beemans, Dentyne, Old Black Joe and PAL Bubble Gum.

Nostalgia is a funny thing. We look at something from the past ( and it can be the recent past) and it brings back a flood of memories. And, we often remember those times as  being less complicated and more fun than the present. The truth is we tend to remember the good things and not the more difficult times.

The beginning of Pure Air Systems was filled with many unknowns and lots of challenges. Bringing a new product and  relatively unknown technology to the market was very difficult in 1985 as there were few marketing avenues available then unlike today with social media and the internet.  Face-to-face marketing and meetings with potential end users, HVAC contractors and HVAC distribution companies was the norm and the trials of  getting something fabricated and then getting all the correct component parts in on time to actually complete the product and ship it on time was a nightmare.

Today, with PAS celebrating its 31st Birthday, its is hard to remember those  good old  days of business start-up. It is more important to know where we are going than where we have been. Like the old gum wrappers on the puzzle picture, it is nice to remember the good times.

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Allergies Now Year Round

The Winter months have seemed to get lost in 2015. High temperatures well above normal have been every where in the US and even Canada. The advantage is lower heating costs and no shoveling snow, however, without extended temperatures below freezing grasses and some plants continue to grow and the dry air allows for much of this airborne allergen to be around longer than allergy sufferers would like.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing commercial grade HEPA based air filtration systems since 1985. HEPA filters are the most effective devices for removal of over 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns and larger and approaches 99% removal of particle 0.12 microns and larger. It is these small respirable sized particles that create problems with individuals who suffer from allergies due to ragweed, pollen, trees, grasses, etc. Most allergy sufferers have some form of filtration device in their home whether it is one of our PAS units or a filter that is inserted into their return air grill in the home, people who deal with these allergy issues during the Spring, Summer and Fall, now have to deal with them during the Winter.

The PAS units are designed to either be used as stand-alone units or attached to existing HVAC units via the by-pass method which is the most effective way to maintain a very clean indoor environment any time of the year. Since 1985 Pure Air Systems has sold thousands of our 600HS, 1200HS and 2000HS models across North America and overseas. These commercial grade units incorporate 3 separate filters. A dual-layer ring panel filter, carbon media filter and true, certified HEPA filter. The pre-filter is used to remove a large percentage of the larger particles and keeps the HEPA filter clean allowing only the smaller, sub-micron particles to enter the HEPA media. The carbon filters will take out odors and gaseous pollutants found in most house holds.

The HEPA systems are designed primarily for use in the commercial, industrial, medical and institutional markets. There is no residential grade unit. All the units are the same construction and use the ECM variable speed drive motors and commercial blowers. As a result, those customers that place our units in their homes can expect to have them run for 20 years or longer without any major repairs other than just changing out the filters at the prescribed frequencies.

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A Wookie By Any Other Name

Star Wars new movie will be in theaters in 19 days. May the Force be with you and all the Christmas themed Star Wars  paraphernalia that will line the shelves of the stores starting anytime soon. If you have a daughter she is probably a Frozen Movie fan and if you have a son he will be a Star Wars fan…even if he was not around for the first 6 installments he will join the SW Cult. It is written in the stars.

Gaining this type of multi-generational following is somewhat extraordinary when you think about it. There are few movies or books that have hooked people of all ages. Even Harry Potter books and movies are followed mostly by the younger generation and not much interest has spilled over to the over 50 crowd. The baby boomers grew up with Star Wars and this year billions of people will go see this movie which will make it the biggest money maker in the history of the movie industry.

In 1985 the first commercial HEPA based filtration systems were produced and sold to the residential market place. Up until then, true HEPA units were almost used exclusively by the electronics industry and the newly formed micro-chip manufacturing companies. Pure Air Systems introduced the HEPA filter systems to a much broader market and over the years developed a total of 7 systems.

Today, 32 years later, Pure Air Systems is one of the major players in the development and production of high performance, fan powered, commercial grade, variable speed control volume HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems. And like Star Wars, PAS products have become somewhat generational in that people that purchased our HEPA systems in the mid 80’s are now watching their children use them in this decade. In fact, the only other company that makes an industrial grade HEPA system is located in Sweden. Making PAS the premier supplier of true HEPA filtration systems for the residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and medical markets in the U.S.

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Let’s Support The Blue White and Red

While the issue with terrorist actions around the world has been with us for a long time, the recent attack in Paris reminds us of how much we are all alike. We deal with these challenges on a regular basis and all of us are affected whether it happens in your home town or across the pond. We also tend to become desensitized to the issues as they happen on a regular basis and the amount of media attention tends to get lost in the other problems of the day.

Moving on and maintaining a regular schedule and staying within our comfort zones are the ways we deal with these types of inhumanity. Like many issues, if they don’t affect us directly and personally then we tend to deflect the information to a different level of concern. It is, in many ways, the way we stay sane.

In 1985, Pure Air Systems came into the market place with some new air filtration technology and challenged the status-quo. Like any new technology infringing on the better known products, HEPA filtration systems were not designed for the residential but more for the commercial and institutional markets.  In the past 23 years, PAS has become the leader in product design, performance and application of HEPA based air filtration systems throughout North America and overseas. The better ideas almost always beat out the non-performers.

And, like PAS, the French people will overcome and endure this challenge. European countries have gone through hundreds of similar challenges over the past centuries and have survived and thrived. There is no reason they will not again move past this challenge.

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Don’t Complain If You Don’t Buy American

Since its inception, Pure Air Systems, a small manufacturing company in Indiana, has placed “Made In The USA” stickers on its line of commercial grade HEPA filtration systems.  In 1985, the year PAS was born, there were more imports coming into the US than any other time in its history. Made in Japan had become the household mantra for many things including electronics, cars, toys, games, video games, machinery, etc.

It is true that those Japanese products were, in many cases, made better than their US counter parts. But, there were still products made here that had developed a strong customer following and maintained their level of performance expected by the consumers.  Yet,  today people will look at two identical products, one made in the US and one made overseas ( anywhere)  and purchase the one that is least expensive. It is more difficult to compete with foreign companies as they don’t have some of the same regulations and have higher wages.

Not buying US manufactured products does more to harm the economy than most people realize. Wages and taxes paid by US companies provide the funds to keep communities growing and being financially healthy. When people loose jobs it affects their entire family and it impacts their community. Loss of health care, loss of home, removal of a skilled worker from the community all detract from the vitality of their environment. It also affects school age children as they now have to be uprooted from their home and friends and probably relocate to another part of the state or county to find work that pays the same wages.

There are other major reasons why keeping US companies healthy helps everyone. Most companies develop new products with the R&D departments. These sections of their company are non-revenue generating but are necessary to help them stay ahead of the competition. If the companies profits suffer then they can not support an active R&D program and thus continually slide backward in their attempts to compete with the world market.

Pure Air Systems continues to look at new products to keep their customers coming back and to develop a new stream of revenue as market demand for their current product line continues to change.

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Moving Toward Tomorrow

When we think about the future we often take a lot of the present and some of the past with us on this journey. Even though we know there are rapid changes in technology buzzing past us like a swarm of bees, we still have a tendency to look at the future wrapped around by our past. Fear of change and fear of the unknown continue to hold many of us back from taking chances or risks on new ventures or ideas because we fear we may fail. Yet, all of the innovations in science and technology were accomplished knowing that success can only come when it is accompanied by trial and error.

Companies that are looking to develop new products or enhancements to existing equipment are often faced with the reality that competition is now global and the amount of new technologies and process that are available to everyone really levels out the playing field. With many of the U.S. based corporations having their R&D operations in their overseas facilities the ability to adapt new technologies and develop new products is challenging for a large number of U.S. based corporations. Only the smaller, more versatile companies have the ability and in-house skills to create new products but require more time to bring them to market.

Pure Air Systems, Inc., an Indiana based corporation, has been designing and manufacturing commercial grade, high performance HEPA based air filtration systems since 1985. For over 32 years PAS has been developing new products to bring to their ever-changing customer base to ensure their existence in the market. In addition, PAS continued to build their systems using only the highest grade components and variable speed motor technology.

Over the years some of their competitors have dropped out of the market leaving Pure Air Systems as one of the only companies in the US that makes this high volume, high performance, industrial grade HEPA systems on the market. There are other HEPA units but the vast majority are small, low powered, low volume systems that are often made from plastic and not steel like the PAS units.

Going forward, PAS is continuing to look at new market opportunities and developing new systems to meet the demands and performance requirements including designing new enclosures for some of the larger 3D Printing machines that are making their mark in the market today. Look for more new concepts from Pure Air Systems in the very near future.

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Green HEPA Systems

Recently, the Healthy Exposure Construction organization printed an article discussing the healthy side of green when looking building or renovating your home or office. Healthy Exposure Const Ad_RSF15_PROOF5

Building green has been around since the early 1970’s and really started to grow in the 80’s. As more evidence of indoor air quality issues arose due to building materials that were made of inferior materials and used glues and other chemicals that would out gas and create health issues, the building industry and air filtration companies, like Pure Air Systems,  started to look at alternative materials and construction techniques to help resolve these issues

Pure Air Systems out of Indianapolis, Indiana has been in business for over 32 years so it has a long history in placing its commercial grade, certified HEPA units and Carbon units in homes across the country to help resolve many of the early issues with sick building syndrome. Today, PAS has thousands of its HEPA systems installed in homes, offices, commercial, medical and institutional facilities and has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to maintain a clean, healthy environment…and doing it Green.

With a variety of HEPA, fan powered systems, the units can deliver HEPA filtered air from 50 CFM to 2,000 CFM with adjustable variable speed motors.  The continued effort to make homes more energy efficient has also created indoor environments that have fewer fresh air changes than in the past. The PAS units can not only filter all the air but also introduce small amounts of filtered fresh ( outside ) air without affecting the heating/cooling efficiency  and keeping the house slightly positive.

When considering building a new home or renovating a large section of your home, consider using the experts at Healthy Exposure Construction and incorporating a new Pure Air Systems along with the modifications.

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Some Call It A Spear Some Call It An Arrow

Years ago there was a cartoons showing an ancient battle ground with half clothed warriors laying on the ground with long pointed objects sticking out of their backs. Two of the warriors left standing discussed the situation and one commented on the long sharp objects asking what do think they are? The other warrior pointed to the long deadly objects and said, ” some call it a spear some call it an arrow”.  in the end it didn’t really matter what they were, the warriors were still dead.

Objects and items often are called by a variety of names, but in the end if they do the same thing then it doesn’t matter what you call it.. or does it? If we use a wrench as a hammer to pound a nail because we can’t locate our hammer, did we not use the wrench to hammer the nail? And if so does this make this a hammer as well as a wrench? And, do you care?

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing high end, commercial grade, fan powered HEPA based air filtration systems since 1985.  Air filtration devices have gone through a number of design and performance iterations over the past 30 years, but in the end they still remove airborne contaminants and particulate only with better performance and greater efficiency. Years ago the word  air purifier crept into the air filtration industry and soon became a commonly used term when referring to any device that cleaned the air. Ion air cleaners, ozone generators and any device that had some mechanism to assist in making the air we breathe a little cleaner grabbed that moniker.

Over time the PAS line of HEPA and Carbon based systems were often referred to as air purifiers even though the term is not mechanically correct. True certified HEPA systems are very different from the more general duty “air purifiers” on the market. The removal of airborne contaminants, bacteria and some viruses requires the mechanical action of the media used in the manufacture of HEPA filters. These sub-micron particles will not be significantly reduced by using Ion generators or ozone generators or the old style electronic air cleaners. Hospitals, surgery suites, the CDC, military, chip manufacturers, optics manufacturers all use true HEPA filters as their ONLY filtration systems for sub-micron particulate removal.

So while it is true that different objects can perform similar or the same functions, when it comes to the term HEPA air filtration, air purifiers are NOT even close to doing the same function. It is an important distinction.

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Trump This!

There is lots of news about the Donald these days as he attempts to run for President on the  “alternate” party program. Perhaps he just wants some more attention or feels he can move the political rhetoric along with some critical side-bars. At any length, he has been amusing and continues to add great comments that give the press some reason to actually be employed.

I remember when Trump was used more often in card games like pinochle or euchre and had some real impact  on the game. I wonder if this other Trump will be similar in power.

In 1985 Pure Air Systems opened their  doors selling a new HEPA based air filtration systems that were designed to be a very unique alternative to the run of the mill  furnace filters and purifiers that did little to remove airborne particles from the air. The HEPA systems, were in fact, designed to trump the  competition and indeed over time did just that.

By 2000 Pure Air Systems had expanded its line to 7 systems and was one of the only companies in the US that offered fan powered, commercial grade, HEPA  and Carbon based air filtration systems that would meet the requirements for the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial markets.

The medical markets are continually looking for better filtration systems as they try to fight the new strains of bacteria causing infections like MRSA and other hard to treat bacterial infections. Removing the airborne bacteria can from the air can be very effective in minimizing these infection issues  and along with good hygiene practices can significantly make medical facilities safer and allow for fewer deaths related to infections.

PAS also has developed some new devices for the injection market and is looking at applying these systems in the very near future.  Developing new products and filtration technologies has been the mission of PAS since its inception in 1985 and that same passion for new and better products continues today.

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Technology Does Matter

It seems as though some people think that technology is over taking our lives and that not everything we do is based on technology.  In truth, technology impacts almost every  aspect of our lives in one way or another. And, yes almost everything we do has some type of higher technology attached to it. And technology will continue to impact our lives in ways we can not yet comprehend.

Technology is not only impacting the way we communicate, drive, vacation, travel, work, entertain and cook but our health care systems and the military. It is the reason why the US is effectively competing with the rest of the world as technology continues to make the world smaller and smaller.

In 1985 Pure Air Systems opened its doors with a new fan powered air filtration system using the new filter technology, HEPA filtration. Actually HEPA filters were developed in 1941 but the use of HEPA filters in the general air cleaner market did not take place until the early 80’s.  HEPA filters are specifically designed and manufactured to remove a very large percentage of extremely small, sub-micron, airborne particles with an amazing efficiency. HEPA filters are also very expensive as compared to a regular furnace filter. About 40 times more expensive.

HEPA filters are a critical part of all the clean rooms where micro-chips are manufactured; they are the main filter in surgery rooms, optical glass manufacturing, isolation rooms, laboratories, bacterial and virus labs, the CDC, and any place where the removal of airborne pathogens and allergens is required.

HEPA filters are now a standard part of vacuum cleaners and many portable filtration systems and even packaging and food process systems. They are also available to the general public incorporated in systems like the seven different units available from Pure Air Systems. This technology is essential for these and many other applications in many other industries around the globe.

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