Petroleum Products Personified!

As this Blog is being written millions of gallons of oil are being pumped into the Gulf of Mexico contaminating the Gulf states shore lines. Petroleum products are the life blood of an industrial world, but in this case the patient is dying.

Petroleum or oil in its natural form is composed of a number of chemicals including alkanes, cyclokanes, aromatic hydrocarbons, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur. It also contains a small amount of copper, nickel and vanadium. If these chemicals are ingested or inhaled even in small quantities the health issues are severe.

This is evident when you are filling up your car with gasoline, a by-product of petroleum. When you get too close to the nozzle as it delivers the gas to your tank, you automatically stop breathing when you get a whiff of the odor from the gas. Your body is telling you not to breathe these fumes.

Aside from the strong “take your breath away” odor, most petroleum products are highly flammable. This in one of the reasons why the labels on these petroleum products packaging always tells you to keep it away from any open flame. Yet, many people store petroleum based products in their basement or garage next to the Heating/Cooling unit.  Aside from the potential fire hazard any fumes leaking from the cans or containers will be pulled into the air handler of the heating/cooling system and distributed throughout the house.

Even small amounts of these chemicals inhaled over time can cause severe health issues for individuals. Children are even more susceptible to being affected by the vapors from these products. Their lungs are not fully developed and therefore can be more quickly affected by even small exposures only a few times.

Keeping the petroleum products, solvents, paint thinners, paint, etc. in a cool, dry, out of the way storage area is the best solution to eliminating these problems.  It is essential that you always wear a mask or respirator when handling any petroleum product for long periods of time and make sure the area in which you are using it is well ventillated.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems since 1985 and has a vast amount of experience in reducing and removing odors and gases from petroleum based products. For more information on the complete line of carbon based products please go to our website at:

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Count Your Lucky Stars And Stripes

This Memorial Day we have a lot to be thankful for; a country that offers more freedoms than many on this planet and the men and women who are in our armed forces around the world defending our freedom and the freedom of millions of other individuals from other countries.

This country is also run, for the most part, by the “rule of law” and upholds rights and privileges of all U.S. citizens. It has a legislative structure designed to protect the rights of property owners and establish rules and regulations to protect the citizens from harm due to negligence on the part of individuals or corporations.

With the growth of our manufacturing and industrial base we have seen the introduction of a variety of air and water pollutants that can be harmful to both the environment and to people. The US legislators created the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970 to establish an agency that would oversea and create rules and regulations for companies that produced any harmful pollutants.

The advent of the EPA created a much needed knowledge base to both industry and the citizens of the US. Many studies were done to determine the overall affect of various air and water pollutants. It was determined that considerable damage was being done to our environment and to the people who lived in and around these facilities. Over the years the EPA has made significant in roads in developing a stringent set of rules and regulations for any size company to keep them from doing any damage to the air we breathe or the water we drink.

There are many countries around the world that not only don’t share our freedoms but have few laws and regulations regarding pollution of any type. It has only been in the past 10 years that the world has begun to notice there is a relationship between what we spew into the air and water and the significant affect it has on our health.

We can also appreciate the US companies that have designed and developed various types of air and water filtration systems to allow us to maintain a very high level of air and water purification. One of these companies is Pure Air Systems. PAS has been making HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems since 1985. Just 15 years after the EPA was founded.  Their filtration systems are used in the residential, commercial, institutional, medical and industrial markets. They also have a strong presence overseas.

For more information on their complete line of filtration products please go to our website at :

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Over The Counter Allergy Drugs Just Mask The Problem

More and more of the ” prescription only ” allergy drugs are now sold over the counter. While these drugs are relatively safe when taken as directed, they are  more powerful and more effective at reducing the bodies reaction to the allergens invading your body. The good part is that these drugs allow you to operate more normally even during the height of allergy season. The downside is that you are subjecting yourself to higher concentrations of these allergens and creating more long term problems for your immune system.

With the countless numbers and types of airborne contaminants that may cause reactions to your system, it is essential that you know which ones they are and to minimize your contact with them. Taking allergy medicine and then playing ball outside in your backyard during ragweed and pollen season is not a healthy thing to do. Keep in mind, just because your don’t suffer as much with the medication doesn’t mean your body and immune system are not being challenged.

In order to gage  which of the allergens create the greatest health issues you will need to sense or feel how your body reacts to certain types and levels of airborne allergens. This means you will need to use either a lighter dose of allergy medicine or none at all. Granted you may suffer for a day or two but this process will enable you to determine what affects you most, when and where. It also allows you to use a stronger or milder allergy drug or change the dose to suit the requirement. This means you won’t be drowsy or have any significant operational limitations when taking that dosage.

The allergy symptoms can persist indoors as well as outside. Even with the windows closed and A/C  running many allergy sufferers still have challenges during the peak of ragweed and pollen season. For that reason we suggest using an air filtration device in your home. Preferably one that attaches to the main heating cooling system like the HEPA systems made by Pure Air Systems.

These units use a true, commercial grade, certified HEPA filter capable of capturing 99.99% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger and is almost as efficient on smaller particles. This system can significantly reduce the levels of airborne allergens and contaminants and allow you to either reduce or eliminate the use of allergy medicine while inside your home.

The use of HEPA filtration or good air filters in your HVAC unit will significantly help you feel better as well as reduce the use of allergy medicine. For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems please go to our website at:

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Cutting Grass – Wear A Mask

Spring! The time of year when all the flowers bloom, the leave come out on the trees and the lawn needs to be cut three times a week due to the spring rain. Whether you use a push power mower or ride on one the amount of particulate that is cast into the air during the cutting process is amazing. Even if you use a bagger on your super-duper, riding, turn on a dime, mower, you really should wear a mask when cutting the grass.

Aside from small grass particles being thrown into the air around you there are particles that contain some of the lawn fertilizer you spread on the grass to make it green and grow thick. And, when you mow over weeds or dandelions you take the risk of throwing a number of potential allergens into your breathing space.

When it comes to the type of mask you should wear, we are not talking about a bio-chemical warfare type mask, but a good dust mask like the ones used when sanding wood. They are available at  any hardware or discount store and many can be reused. The mask should fit comfortably over your nose and mouth and have an adjustable elastic strap for proper tension on your face. It should also have a minimal amount of resistance when you breathe so it doesn’t create a labored breathing problem. There are hundreds of masks available on line but the ones you purchase at Walmart work very well.

For people with allergies, hay fever and asthma wearing a mask when cutting grass or working anywhere in your yard is a must. Even if you are not doing any work just walking around the yard all types of grass and plant spores are coming out especially in the spring.  And if your neighbors lawn is being sprayed with some form of fertilizer/pesticide then you must wear the mask if you are near the sprayed yard for at least a few days after application.

This may sound like over kill but on a warm spring day the small, micron sized particles from the plants become airborne and will hang in the air for a long time. Also, don’t forget to brush off your clothing before entering the house. Much of the pollen and grass spores will cling to your clothing and you will take them into the house unless you brush off your shirt and pants.

If you do have allergies or asthma you also have the option of using some form of air filtration system in your home. Pure Air Systems has been making HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems since 1985. For information on the complete line of HEPA and other types of filtration systems offered  by PAS please go to their website at:

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Rising Health Care Costs Require Change In Thinking

No matter how you look at it the cost of health care is going up almost on a daily basis. Hospitals are seeing an ever increasing amount of their medical billings being both challenged by health insurance companies and reduced reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid. Being sick or injured can be very expensive even with health insurance. Which is why you have to think much differently about taking care of yourself.

More people today are looking at alternative medicines and medical procedures to deal with their health issues. And, people are beginning to realize the “life style” has an enormous impact on their health. Smoking, lack of exercise, weight problems, eating the wrong foods and even genetics play into this issue. Going to the doctor for any minor ache or pain is now expensive and even the doctors are beginning to minimize the amount and type of medication they are willing to prescribe. More often than not, they will tell their patients to try exercise and a sensible diet first before expecting any treatment.

While we like to think that are work, play and living environments are safe, the fact is that we are all at the mercy of airborne pollutants both natural and man-made no matter where we are. And over time, our bodies become challenged by the continuous inhalation of harmful airborne particulate and ingestion of preservatives and chemicals from the food we eat. Eventually the immune system breaks down and then we have significant health issues.

While we all understand that we can control the types of food we eat, liquids we drink and the amount and type of exercise we need we don’t have as much control over the air we breathe. While this is true for your place of business or outside activities you do have control of the air you breathe in your home.

Pure Air Systems has been making HEPA and Carbon based fan powered, commercial grade air filtration systems for the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial markets since 1985. These systems use True, commercial grade 99.99% at 0.3 micron HEPA filters for removal of  harmful airborne particulates. These filters are designed to clean the air in the  entire home or office up to 48 times per day and can also provide small amounts of fresh, filtered outside air into you living environment.The HEPA systems offered by PAS, also incorporate a commercial grade carbon media for removal of odors and gases.

With the cost of health care becoming a major challenge for many people, the cost of living a healthy lifestyle including the incorporation of the Pure Air Systems HEPA unit is worth its weight in gold today. It is time to take control of your health. Pure Air Systems can help you do that.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA, Carbon and air filtration products available from Pure Air Systems, go to our web site at:

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Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Remember when games were so simple all you needed was your hands to play. Rock, Paper, Scissors was one of those games and is still played today in various forms. The rules were simple, you could play with anyone at anytime and you didn’t need to buy anything. And most importantly, the game was the same no matter where in the world you played it.

Our world has become more complex with the ability to get information on anything at anytime and get at least 50 different versions of the same truth? Nothing is what it seems, and everyone who can write a Blog or story on-line is now an expert ( yours truly included). As a result, finding a TRUE expert is very difficult. This is especially true in areas where people are looking for relief from certain health issues. The amount of resources and alternatives in “health technology” is enough to drive you nuts.

For example, people who suffer from certain allergies or asthma are presented with hundreds of potential medical remedies along with hundreds of alternative or “holistic” remedies, each spouting their overall capabilities and references showing that they do work.  Even the most intelligent and resource knowledgeable individual can get confused with all this data.

The best way to separate the “wheat from the chaff” as they say, is to do some hard research, find who is using the medical treatment or device and then  evaluate the potential based upon the results from those individuals who share  the same problems. It is time consuming but with the advent of “Facebook” and “Twitter” you can now connect to thousands of people in days who can provide you some immediate insight.

There are many websites out there that can assist you in finding information that is specific to your needs and medical issues. Conversely, there are also thousands of websites that will provide misleading or inaccurate data and again you will need to validate the information. Then there are websites like the one available from Pure Air Systems, that provides both technical data, valid references and a generous amount of objective data on medical conditions and alternative methods for dealing with allergies and asthma related conditions.

Like the game Rock, Paper, Scissors, the Pure Air Systems website makes it easy and simple to find the information you need and that is appropriate for your particular situation.  “Play On”.  Please go to our website at:

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25 Years Of Environmental Service

Started in 1985, Pure Air Systems has been providing commercial grade, certified HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems to the residential, commercial, institutional, governmental and industrial markets for 25 years. Over those years PAS has always subscribed to building the best, most effective high performance HEPA systems for their customers. And some of the customers and applications have been interesting to say the least.

While the HEPA and Carbon systems are used in hundreds of applications there are a few that are somewhat unique. For example, there is a police station in a major city in the southern US that happens to have a lot of marijuana confiscated due to the high percentage of dealers in the area. The pot is placed in the evidence room which is locked and secured. Evidently over time the odor from the marijuana permeates through the evidence room and the employees were having some challenges with concentration ( if you know what I mean).

Pure Air Systems was contacted and asked if we could assist them in this odor problem. We suggested one or our larger, 2000 CFM all carbon units to help in removing a high percentage of the pot odor. The system was installed and the odor issue was resolved. To this day they continue to order replacement carbon for the system. Obviously business is still good!

One of our residential customers was a big game hunter and would have a number of his kills stuffed and mounted. These were the complete animal not just the head. These trophies would be placed in a wall area behind glass for viewing. The enclosure was not completely sealed so dust and dirt would get into the trophy case and get on everything. Keeping the enclosure clean was difficult and tedious, so he contacted us and asked if we could provide him with a HEPA filtration unit and system design to keep his trophy cases somewhat clean room clean.

PAS used two of the small 600 CFM HEPA units and designed a ducting system to attach them to back of the trophy cases and circulate HEPA filtered air through the cases 24 hours a day. This resolved his dust on the Bear problem and he was a happy camper!

The HEPA systems from PAS are designed to be used either attached to HVAC systems or as stand alone units capable of being used in almost any application. One of our customers wanted to use our HEPA systems in a mobile hospital unit. This unit was used over seas and designed to go into the back country to provide medical attention to people who lived in isolated areas. One of the larger HEPA systems was installed and the mobile hospital had a mobile surgery room. The PAS systems use a 120/240 volt 50/60 Hz ECM motor which can work with any of the electrical power systems anywhere in the world.

On our website is a listing of a number of companies and installation types that you can view. For more information on our complete line of  HEPA, Carbon and filter medias please go to

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The Multi-Purpose, Multi-Tasking, PAS HEPA System

Since 1985 when Pure Air Systems first came out with its fan powered, commercial grade HEPA filtration unit, the systems have been used for all types of air quality problems and co-joined with other equipment proving its all around capabilities. Because the PAS HEPA systems use highly efficient yet powerful fan motors these units are like WD40, they work on everything.

When you think about an air filtration unit, especially a HEPA based unit, you automatically think the system is used strictly as a filtration device. While that may be true for the majority of HEPA filtration units, the PAS systems can be used as a small air handler, pressurization unit, stand-alone mobile unit, in conjunction with any HVAC unit, and as an all Carbon unit.

The PAS line of fan powered HEPA and Carbon based systems were originally designed to be installed on the return air side of any forced air ducted heating/cooling system. In this capacity they can clean all the air in a house or office area up to 48 times per day.  They can even introduce small amounts of outside filtered fresh air through the unit to assist in pressurizing the environment and reducing the levels of CO2 in heavily occupied facilities.

In applications where a small amount of heating or cooling (1 to 2 ton capacity) is required, the larger, more powerful PAS HEPA systems can be mated with a cooling coil or electric heating element so that the system will move the heated or cooled HEPA filtered air through a small area and provide comfort control with filtration all in one unit.

The PAS HEPA Systems can be used in any medical, electronic assembly or critical high tech environment to both filter the air to meet the clean room requirements as well as pressurize the room to minimize any in-leakage of outside air. In addition, the unique variable speed dual voltage digitally controlled motors used in the PAS unit allow for finite air volume control to maintain proper air flow and pressurization when needed.

The ECM variable speed motors are rated 120/240 volt, 50/60 Hz and will operate anywhere in the world. This means remote areas when a HEPA filtration type of system is required can be accomplished using the PAS HEPA filtration systems. The units can also be installed in mobile trailers or wheeled mobile units like ambulances, mobile labs, mobile medical units and mobile HAZMAT units.

When an application calls for removal or reduction of a specific odor or gas, the PAS HEPA units can be easily converted to all Carbon units to effectively handle the gaseous problem. This conversion can even be accomplished in the field.

For more information on the complete line of PAS HEPA and Carbon filtration systems as well as customer references and installation information please go to our website at:

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When You Renovate Don’t Forget To Ventilate!

Most homeowners will at some point do some remodeling or renovation in their homes. Sometimes it just means painting the walls or adding some shelving. But in many cases the renovations are more dramatic and including adding or tearing down walls and ceilings or adding a room or two.

Whenever you tear down something, paint a wall, cut some lumber, add tile or carpeting you are generating a lot of dust and particulate into the environment. This is inevitable especially when you are removing sheet rock or adding sheet rock and sanding the joints. Cutting wood or flooring also adds a lot of dust into the area. During this part of the renovation you need to be aware of a few things.

First, if you are cutting wood or flooring or sanding sheet rock it is advisable that you cover the return air grills in the affected area and also turn off the HVAC unit. The fine dust generated during the cutting and sanding procedures will find its way into every crevice of the room and if you HVAC unit is running the fine dust will be pulled into the HVAC unit.  Second, you need to open a window or door and place a fan in the opening blowing out the door or window so you are moving some of the fine dust outside, assuming it is not 20 degrees outside. Third, you need to put a new furnace filter in your HVAC unit prior to the renovation and then remove it once you are done. If you are using a HEPA filter system or high end media it is recommended that you remove the HEPA altogether and put a general duty filter in its place during the duration of the renovation.

If you allow the fine dust particles that are generated during the sanding and cutting to get into the supply side of your HVAC system you will have dust blowing out for months. These fine particles are very small and hard to see until they form a layer of dust on a dark surface.  This is why you want to cover the return air grills in your home.

Pure Air Systems has been making HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems since 1985 and also offers a complete line of furnace and HVAC filters. For more information on the complete line of filters available from PAS as well as information on a wide variety of air pollution issues please go to our website at:

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Burn Candles At Both Ends…But Don’t Burn Them In The House

Candles have bee around for almost as long as man has been on this earth.  They were the very first form of man-made light and were used almost exclusively for many years as the main source of light for houses and buildings. The use of a burning wick and combustible fluid or fuel have improved over the years but the basic candle technology is alive and well in 2010.

Today candles are sold on-line, in candle shops, specialty shops and in most large retail stores. They are scented and many of them come in hand crafted jars with all types of accessories. They provide a nice accent to any room and the scented candles can even be therapeutic. However, they generate a lot of airborne particulate that can be health concern.

Most candles use a standard cotton/wax wick. As the wax burns you have the release of the scented wax used in the candle making process and unburned hydrocarbons or candle soot. You may not notice the carbon soot coming off of the burning candle, but if you hold a piece of clear glass about three inches above the flame  you will eventually see the deposition of carbon or soot on the underside of the glass. This soot is light and easily becomes airborne.

You may notice the candle soot when  you change out the furnace filter in your HVAC system. Ever wonder why the filter was black and not grey? Did you think this was just some really dark dirt? Think again. Much of the dark material on the filter is soot from the candles. The soot becomes airborne, is picked up in the return air grills in your home and then deposited on the filter media.

The unfortunate reality is that much of the carbon soot is extremely small and what you actually see is only about 40% of the soot. The other 60% is too small to see with the naked eye. Some of this sub-micron soot will pass through the furnace filter and end up being deposited on your walls, furniture, floors, etc. It can also be inhaled into your lungs.

Over time this can become a health issue especially if you have severe allergies or respiratory issues. For small children with developing lungs, keeping candles out of their rooms is a good idea. If you use multiple candles the amount of soot is increased. And, candles that are scented are made with special additives to the wax to create the scent. Some of these chemicals are released during the burning of the candle and may create some additional health issues.

Pure Air Systems has been making HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems since 1985. HEPA filters are capable of removing all of the soot particles produced by the candles. The systems incorporated carbon as well as the HEPA filters and the carbon will remove the gaseous molecules produced from the scented candles. These systems easily attach to the return air side of your heating cooling system.

For more information on the complete line of air filter and filtration systems offered by PAS as well as more information on particulate removal, please go to our website at:

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