Over the past few years, a lot of information relating to air filtration or air purification has been circulating through the market place. Some of this information is fact and a lot is fiction. Take time to browse through this mini-course – it pays to be informed! Click on any one of the lessons below to learn more about Pure Air Systems. You can start at the beginning and cycle your way through or jump from lesson to lesson for a more defined route. The choice is up to you!

101 – Welcome to PAS

Welcome to the Air Filtration Introduction

102 – Definition of IAQ

What is Indoor Air Quality and why is it important?

103 – Filtration

Learn about Filtration Fundamentals

104 – Pressurization

Pressurization and Ventilation Introduction

201 – Air Handling

“HVAC” Heating and Air Conditioning

202 – Environment Control

HRV and ERV Systems – Heat and Energy Recovery

301 – Research and Development

GE ECM Motor Technology – The heart of Control

302 – Applications for All Needs

IAQ Problems – Residential and Commercial

401 – How to Buy Pure Air Systems

How to Buy and Apply your new Pure Air Systems