16” X 20” Replacement Furnace Filters (Pkg. of 4)


Furnace filters from Pure Air Systems take traditional furnace filters to a new level. Don’t forget to order yours today. Unlike many throw-away furnace air filters on the market today, the PAS furnace air filters WILL NOT RESTRICT the airflow through the heating/cooling system, even when they are fully loaded. The PAS furnace air filters come in 6 basic sizes, but can be ordered in any size. The PAS furnace air filters are changed once every 3 to 4 months for most residential applications. These air filters are easy to change and can be installed in most heating/cooling air handling systems. If you are using a throw-away furnace air filter that is loading up quickly and adding too much resistance to your heating/cooling system fan, you should try our furnace air filters by Pure Air Systems, Inc.