When using 3D modeling software everything you draw with is a curve; any line is a curve and more than one curve is a Polyline.  Sounds a bit confusing but it actually makes sense once you spend some time using the software. In addition, if you want to design an object that will eventually be saved as a .stl file so it can be 3D Printed or manufactured, it must be a closed curve. An open curve has no boundaries and therefore no solid surface from which you can build an object.

 For most people having an understanding about how something was designed and created isn’t nearly as important as how well it will work. The ability to draw and scale an object on a computer screen in three dimensions makes it easier to create the object so it has the correct amount materials in the right areas and can be easily utilized for the application for which it is intended.

When Pure Air Systems set out to build a new portable HEPA unit for a Class II Medical Device application, the project started out as a series of curves on a computer screen. The idea was to take an older design of the HEPA portable built in 2006 and modify it so it would require no tools to either change the three filters or attach it to a movable stand.

While throwing out the old design and starting over again may sound like the best idea, in reality there were many aspects of the older unit that were still viable,  it was just looking at the two end sections that required tools to access the replaceable filters from a different angle that required some major changes.

Removing the outer doors on both ends that held the prefilter and HEPA in place was a little challenge but by looking at the unit from the top rather than the ends we tried cutting slots in the top ends of the unit and looked at dropping the filters down into these slots and then capping the slot with a plastic or rubber slot cover that was easily removed by hand. Once we made this change the other modification was coming up with a better way to compress the HEPA filter gasket on the knife edge to ensure an air tight seat. This was simply done by taking a 1″ wide by 1/4″ thick x 12″ long bar and squeeze it between the top and bottom of the outer HEPA filter aluminum frame edge and the inner filter rail that supported the outer filter. This made the HEPA sit tightly against the seat and again required no tools to install.

Finally, attaching the unit to the movable stand with a bolt type process required us to place four small drop down bars from the bottom of the housing down approximately 5/16″. Then hooked end bolts would be hung from the bars dropping down into holed channel pieces and wing nuts and one washer per bolt is that is required. Again, no tools necessary.

A nice closed curve.

For more information on Pure Air Systems and their complete product line please go to our website at: https://www.pureairsystems.com. Or you can call us on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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Now You See Me

The entertainers that bill themselves as Magicians are well versed in the art of misdirection. They develop tricks and stunts that you know can’t be actually happening but your eyes trick your brain into believing differently. Some are better than others and a few actually have TV shows or specials dedicated to their unique style of entertainment. If these individuals could actually defy the laws of gravity or really make things disappear, don’t you think they would be working for the military or some giant tech company? I think so.

The art of making something disappear has been the mainstay of Pure Air Systems, based in Indianapolis, Indiana. PAS has been manufacturing commercial grade, certified HEPA based, fan powered air filtration systems since 1985. Today, Pure Air Systems is one of the leaders in high performance, multi-system HEPA filtration systems used around the world. The PAS units are utilized in commercial, institutional, industrial, residential and medical applications where the removal or sub-micron, airborne pathogens and allergens are present.

Like the Magicians discussed in the first paragraph, the HEPA filters remove not only what you see with the naked eye but also what you don’t see. For the most part, humans can only detect particles down to about 20 microns in size. For comparison purposes, one strand of your hair is approximately 100 microns in diameter, so 20 microns is pretty small. Anything smaller than 20 microns is not visible to the naked eye. However, most of the harmful Bacteria and Viruses are much smaller; well below 10 microns and some as small as 0.12 microns.

The larger, visible particles are normally inhaled then exhaled as they are easily removed from the lungs. However, the smaller particles are easily trapped in the lung linings and mucus membranes and can be the can be harmful to the human body. So, it is the particles that you don’t see that are dangerous. Those larger particles are normally expelled by the bodies own processes. But, the smaller, less visible particles are present in much higher concentrations by volume than the visible particles and that is why HEPA filters are used to remove them.

Like those entertainers that specialize in making things disappear, the HEPA based, commercial grade air filtration systems by Pure Air Systems also specialize in making thing you don’t see disappear.

For more information on PAS and its entire product line please go to our website at: https://www.pureairsystems.com, or follow us on Twitter @pureairsystems or call us anytime on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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The Necessity Of Choice

In the book Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand wrote; “Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice.” This is basically a true statement. It also follows that making no choice is, in essence, a choice you make.

While this may seem a little philosophical the reality is that there is enough information and access to information about the direction the business world is moving to completely understand the choices you need to make to exist in this world. Companies are now recognizing the painful fact that they can no longer opt in or opt out of a new technology as the world can now work around them, through them and not with them and still grow. Sometimes the choices are made for you and you just have to accept the baton and run with it.

When Pure Air Systems opened their doors in 1985, they had to make a decision to market HEPA based air filtration systems to the residential market place when these systems were only used primarily in the commercial and institutional markets. The decision to take that jump paid off as PAS is now celebrating its 28th year in business. Now, Pure Air Systems is taking another leap of faith with its new entry into the very challenging medical products market.

Building a product for the medical market requires you to file a form with the FDA. The amount of information and data that is required is enormous and it is not unusual to have 500 to 700 pages of documentation and performance and operational protocol produced to satisfy the FDA. In addition, the performance of the product has to meet or exceed base line requirements as tested against similar approved products or processes.  This process can take from 4 months to a year to complete. The real issue is the completion of all the paper work and then the testing of the prototype medical product.

PAS began the process of developing the new APPAIS unit ( a variation of their HPS 500 portable HEPA unit ) in March of 2013. The FDA has indicated the approval of the unit as a Class II medical device will take place the last week of December, 2013. That is almost 10 months to the date of which the process was started. The upside is the product will have FDA approval and a patent that will preclude any other company from jumping in to this product application and offer an opportunity for Pure Air Systems to capture a market that here to for they could not touch.

The choice to build a product specifically for the medical market was made with the understanding that there would be significant costs associated with the process. Developing and building prototypes is not easy or inexpensive and the time and labor to complete the forms and data required by the FDA requires hundreds of hours and countless re-writes to ensure the materials are up to the demands of the FDA. It is the necessity of choice.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems please go to our website at: https://www.pureairsystems.com. You can also follow us on Twitter @pureairsystems or call us anytime on our toll-free number at:  800-869-8025.

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Coastal Differences

The differences between the east and west coast are significant. The only similarity is the comparison between LA/SF and New York City. All three of these cities are considered the ultimate destinations and take pride in being the more avant garde of all the cities in the US. New technologies and innovation seem to come more from the West coast than the east coast, however, the Midwest continues to be the major supplier of manufactured goods and  machinery.

This differences are not only based on the company styles and culture but the differences in the demographics as well. The younger, under 45 crowd tends to be the major population base in many parts of California, Oregon and Washington. Although places like Austin, Texas also revel in commanding the young professionals and entrepreneurs. New York has a broad mixture but still a large percentage of those in the greater New York City area are the new “whatever letter they call them” generation. In either coast, the manufacturing of new products seems to be usurped by the development of digital software, apps and enterprise systems. While many of these products have proven to be valuable to our marketing and social media infrastructure, they don’t come close in monetary or job creation like hard technologies.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing certified, commercial grade HEPA air filtration systems since 1985. Their roots are in the Midwest where manufacturing had and still has its base. The ability to develop these high end units using state-of-the-art ECM motors and electrical components was made easier by being closer to the geographical center of  manufacturing in the US. It is interesting to note, however, that a large majority of the PAS units are shipped to commercial and residential customers alike in the two coastal areas.

In addition, PAS ships a substantial number of units overseas to all continents where they are mostly used in the commercial, institutional and medical markets. Since the blower/motor systems are rated 120/240 volt 50/60 Hz, the units can be utilized anywhere in the world.

The HEPA units are capable of producing up to 2000 CFM of air through certified, scanned HEPA filters that have an initial efficiency of 99.99% at 0.3 microns. All of the PAS units also incorporate granular activated carbon filters for the reduction and/or removal of gaseous pollutants. In this way the systems are capable of being used in applications where airborne particulates are present along with odors or gases. Since these units use powerful motors ( up to 1 HP ) they can be used to move air through duct work and are often used to either make a room positive or negative depending upon the requirements.

Today PAS is looking at building a new system specifically designed for the medical market and this system will be fabricated in the east coast area. This is a departure from its Midwest roots but a necessary part of its growth going forward. More information on this new product will be in future blogs on this site.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems please go to our website at: www.purairsystems.com . Or you can follow us on twitter @pureairsystems. You can also call us anytime on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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Gone In A Flash

As humans we tend to look at the future with our family, our friends and ourselves in the picture. Then something happens; an accident, illness or some unfortunate mishap and the picture changes. For some reason we are always surprised at the turn of events, even though the reality is that everyone at some time or another will leave this earth. We try to be cautious, not take too many unreasonable chances and take care of our bodies. Or believe we do those things.

With the ever increasing cost of health care and the realization that health issues early in life can significantly alter your financial position now and in retirement, it is more important than ever to take a long hard look at your life style. The food you eat; the liquids your drink; the exercise you do; the air you breathe, all impact your health….and you have complete control over all of them…really.

The engineers at Pure Air Systems have been making certified, commercial grade HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems since 1985. They understand the relationship between the reduction and removal of harmful airborne allergens and pathogens and your health. Even for individuals with a healthy immune systems, small concentrations of allergens or airborne contaminants inhaled over long periods of time can create chronic health challenges for anyone. The tighter, more energy efficient homes, offices and industrial work places all create environments that keep more of the airborne particles inside and with the additional lack of outside fresh air, create a “terrarium” effect of sorts. A very unhealthy place to live, work and play.

The real problem with these indoor air quality issues is the ability to live a normal life in, what is normally considered, a typically safe environment. Typical household items, cleaners, paper products, etc, can become a potential immune system threat over a long period of time. Thus making if difficult to breathe or operate normally without medication or complete change of environment. The HEPA based air filtration systems can and do offer a solution to this problem.

For over 27 years Pure Air Systems has been providing HEPA filtration systems to the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial markets to remove airborne contaminants with a removal efficiency of no less than 99.99% of the particles  0.3 microns or larger. This extremely effective method of removing harmful airborne contaminants has allowed thousands of home owners the live well and safe in their own homes. These systems have proven themselves in hospital surgery suites, isolation rooms, clean rooms, micro-chip manufacturing operations and hundreds of other applications.

To learn more about the overall capabilities of the PAS HEPA systems please go to our website at: www.pureairsystems.com or follow us on Twitter @pureairsystems. You can also like us on our Facebook page or call us on our toll-free number.: 800-869-8025.

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Understanding MERV Ratings For Air Filters

Taking the Confusion Out of Air Filter Efficiency or What Do They Really Mean When They Say That?

I will try to keep this simple and short so as not to add to some of the confusion over air filter efficiencies. First, I would like to point out that any company that sells an air filter that states an efficiency rating without basing it on a particle size is providing you with basically useless information. For example: an air filter that has a statement reading “this filter will remove up to 95% of all airborne contaminants in your home or office”, doesn’t really tell you anything. Since most of the respirable particles that actually are harmful are usually less than 2 microns in size, don’t you think it would be important to tell you what size particles they actually remove from the air? So, let’s look at this statement again. “95% of all airborne contaminants” sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Our HEPA air filters remove 99.97% of all airborne contaminants at 0.3 microns and smaller. At first glance these two air filters look similar in capability. But the first air filter provides no particle size range or efficiency based on particle size.

Recently the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and the air filter industry have come up with a standardized rating system, based on the European concept, of a MERV rating for each type of air filter. This numbering system makes it easier to evaluate and compare mechanical air filters and will hopefully eliminate some of the confusion regarding the overall effectiveness of any type of a mechanical air filter on removing airborne particulates, especially those that are less than 2 microns in size.

Bbelow you will see the new MERV ratings. This MERV rating chart has the MERV ratings, 1-16 on the left hand column and then there are five other columns showing the average efficiency in microns, average arrestance and the final resistance as measured in inches of water. Most companies that make air filters are now using this MERV rating, so you will see a MERV number on the air filter and perhaps some rated efficiency.

Comparing Various Air Filters to MERV Ratings

  • Throw-Away Fiberglass Media MERV 1 -MERV 4
  • Pleated Media Air Filters 30% ASHRAE MERV 10 – MERV 11
  • Pleated Media Air Filters 65% ASHRAE MERV 13 *
  • (* 65% ASHRAE is about 20% effective on less than 1 micron particles)
  • Pleated Media Air Filters 95% ASHRAE MERV 14

Some of the man-made synthetic media like that used in the 3M Filtrete air filters may be rated MERV 15. However, they hold very little dust and load up quickly and have a relatively high-pressure drop (static pressure) and can affect the performance of the heating / cooling system.

MERV Ratings Comparison Chart

RESPA Air Filter Efficiency – MERV Rating Chart

Series 9000 Dimensions diagram IMPORTANT NOTES:It is important that you select the RESPA Filter that best fits your application.MERV is an acronym for “Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value”. The MERV rating on an air filter describes its efficiency as a means of reducing the level of 3 to 10 micron-sized particles in air which passes through the filter. Higher “MERV” means higher filter efficiency. The purpose of the MERV standard is to permit an “apples to apples” comparison of the filtering efficiency of various air filters. <Read more about MERV and HEPA filter ratings>HEPA air filters are not MERV rated as they exceed the ASHRAE test protocol 52.2 used in determining the MERV ratings. In fact, HEPA air filters are the ONLY mechanical air filters that are tested and certified to meet a specific efficiency at a specific particle size. All HEPA air filters must meet a minimum efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 microns. <Read more about MERV and HEPA filter ratings>

Comparison of EU Standards to ASHRAE 52.1, 52.2 (MERV Ratings)
Considerable differences exist between filter ratings in North America and Europe. This article helps the reader to understand the differences between ASHREA and EU standards for Filtration. Additional light is shed on the significant differences in the HEPA filtration standards between the US Government and the European standards. This article will help the reader to appreciate the MERV 16 filtration offered by Sy-Klone International. <Read more about European filter standards and how they compare to MERV ratings>

>> Go to RESPA-SD Product Information
>> Go to RESPA-SDX Product Information

Filter Model
European Filter Rating Efficiency Standard 52.5 Minimum
Efficiency Reporting
Value (MERV)
Dust Spot
Arrestance Typical Controlled
Typical Applications and
Typical Air Filter/Cleaner Type
HEPA Filter* 

(FEFF004 for RESPA-SD/SDX)Recommended when the very highest level of filtration is needed, or where HEPA filters are required by regulatory requirements.
n/a n/a n/a 0.30 micron particle size:

All Combustion smoke
Radon Progeny
Sea Salt
Carbon Dust
Orthopedic Surgery
Carcinogenic Materials
>99.97% eff. on .30 pm Particles
MERV 16 Filter*

(FEFF005 for RESPA-SD/SDX)Covers all uses that require up to MERV 16 rating. Recommended for uses where airborne contaminants place operator at risk, including contaminants such as Diesel Particulate Matter and Respirable Silica. We highly recommend this filter as it represents the best mix of high efficiency filtration, operator protection and economy.
EU P3** (~16+) n/a n/a .30-1.0 micron Particle Size

All Bacteria
Most Tobacco Smoke
Proplet Nuceli (Sneeze)
General Surgery
Hospital Inpatient Care
Smoking Lounges
Superior Commercial Buildings
Bag Filter – Nonsupported microfine fiberglass or synthetic media, 12-36 in. deep, 6-12 pocketsBox Filter– Rigid Style Cartridge, Filters 6 to 12″ deep may use
lofted or paper media
16 n/a n/a
15 >95% n/a
14 90-95% >98%
13 89-90% >98%
12 70-75% >95% 1.0-3.0 micron Particle Size:

Legionella Humidifier Dust
Lead Dust
Milled Flour
Auto Emissions
Welding Fumes
Superior Residential
Better Commercial Buildings
Hospital Laboratories
Bag Filter – Nonsupported microfine fiberglass or synthetic media, 12-36 in. deep, 6-12 pocketsBox Filter– Rigid Style Cartridge, Filters 6 to 12″ deep may use
lofted or paper media
11 60-65% >95%
EU P2** 10 50-55% >95%
9 40-45% >90%
MERV 8 Filter*

(FEFF003 for RESPA-SD/SDX)Covers all uses that require up to MERV 8 rating. Recommended for non-human respiratory environments, such as electrical compartments.
8 30-35% >90% 3.0-10.0 micron Particle Size:

Mold Spores
Hair Spray
Fabric Protector
Dusting Aids
Cement Dust
Pudding Mix
Commercial Buildings
Better Residential
Industrial Workplace
Paint Booth Inlet
Pleated Filters – Disposable, extended surface area, thick with cotton-polyester blend media, cardboard frameCartridge Filters– Graded density viscous coated cube or pocket filters, synthetic mediaThrowaway– Disposable
synthetic panel filter.
7 25-30% >90%
6 <20% 85-90%
EU P1** 5 <20% 80-85%
4 <20% 75-80% >10.0 micron Particle Size:

Dust Mites
Sanding Dust
Spray Paint Dust
Textile Fibers
Carpet Fibers
Minimal Filtration
Window A/C Units
Throwaway – Disposable
fiberglass or synthetic panel filter.Washable– Aluminum MeshElectrostatic – Self charging
woven panel filter.
3 <20% 70-75%
2 <20% 65-70%
1 <20% <65%

This is an important chart to keep for future reference in determining the best filter style and type for your specific application. Understand that the higher the MERV rating the greater the resistance or static pressure will be across the filter media. For most HVAC furnace filter applications a MERV 8 and lower since these filters will allow for lower resistance with good filtration of larger particles.  Using the 3M type filtrete filter not recommended for most general duty residential heating/cooling systems. These filters load up very quickly and will actually reduce the HVAC fan performance requiring longer cycles to both heat and cool your home.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing commercial grade HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems since 1985. These units are designed to be used either attached to existing ducted HVAC systems or as stand-alone units. The ability to use a true HEPA filter system ( which would have a MERV rating of 18 if they rated them) in a residential application makes these unit unique in the filter market.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems please go to our website at: www.pureairsystems.com or follow us on Twitter @pureairsystems and like us on Facebook. Of course you can always call us on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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Like Two Ships Passing In The Night

Taken from a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the term two ships passing in the night references two people that meet for a brief but intense moment then go their separate ways never to see each other again. This may be familiar to many people that have experienced a brief meeting or opportunity to interact with someone for a short time where something significant happened but then never to see that individual again. But the memory lingers on.

You are looking for something specific on Google using every key word you can think of  that should get you to that site or page or photo that will connect you to your goal. Through a series of websites and re-directs you actually find what you are looking for. Forgetting to bookmark the page after you’ve retrieved some of the information, you tell yourself you can find it again. You attempt to   locate it again only to find out you can’t get back to it.

When trying to locate information on a particular company or product a great source of information often comes from a more active website, especially one that produces a weekly blog or update. Since this information is pushed throughout the internet world in a number of forms, even using an indirect search can often result in success.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing commercial grade, certified HEPA based air filtration systems since 1985. Their first website was developed in the early 1990’s and they have made it bigger and better ever since. Searching for HEPA filtration systems or directly for Pure Air Systems will take you to the very first page on every search engine. However, in today’s world, the search engines no longer keep sites up in a certain position unless they are active and producing value added content material on a regular basis. This is why new blogs, like this one, are written for the site every week.

Using Google analytics to track activity for Pure Air Systems shows a high number of visitors each month ( in excess of 2,000) with a fairly high number of new visitors. In addition, the average amount of time each visitor spent on the site is in excess of 2:00 minutes. The bounce rate is relatively low ( 40%) so this tells us a number of people are finding what they are looking for and some are coming back for more information.

The PAS site has a section called “Pure Air University” that consists of a number of individual sections dedicated to providing educational information on everything you wanted to know about air filtration, filter systems, heat exchangers, positive and negative pressure and how to apply the systems.  When looking  at the analytics this particular section has the greatest amount of viewership. This tells us that people are looking for information they can use and that will allow them to make a more objective evaluation of their next filter or air filtration purchase.

Searching for and finding Pure Air Systems on the internet the first time and subsequent times is easy. Even if you don’t bookmark the site, and we recommend you do, coming back to us is simple…unlike two ships passing in the night.

For more information on Pure Air Systems and its complete line of HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems please go to our  website at: www.pureairsystems.com or follow us on twitter @pureairsystems. You can also find us on Facebook and of course call us at anytime on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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You sit down with a potential customer that has been evaluating your product or service for the past two months and is still hesitant to make a commitment to you one way or the other. You tell him again, for the twentieth time, that your product or service will meet all his needs and more. He looks at you and says those three dreaded words very rapidly so as to make it sound like one word….”Iknowbut.”

If you think about it, you probably either use or hear this term used 10 to 20 times per day. For example. One of your teen children ask to go to a party at a place where you know there will be older kids. You tell them no they can’t go and they say  all their friends are going. You say, Iknowbut that doesn’t mean you can go. Or its a sunny day and you want to play golf but you also promised your wife to do some house repairs. You plead your case and she says to you, Iknowbut you told me the same story last week.

How is it that these three words can have so much power? The term literally diffuses a line of reasoning or logical progression of presentation. And, perhaps the reason for that is we all use it some much ourselves that it weakens our resolve to make our point.

In the business world closing orders and getting people to commit to a decision has never been more important. Changes in financial directions, technology and personnel are happening every day and affecting operations of small and large firms alike. This being said, it is even more likely that someone will use these facts when they pull out the Iknowbut term. As in, Iknowbut we can’t afford to put this product in our system now when we don’t even know if we will need to make major changes in the next six months.  Frustrating.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing commercial grade HEPA and Carbon based fan powered air filtration systems since 1985. These systems have been used in almost any type of  commercial, institutional, residential and industrial application you can think of. The term “performance” is synonyms with Pure Air Systems products. These rugged, well-designed metal housed units incorporate the latest in ECM motor design and digital control systems allowing them to be used anywhere in the world. Only commercial grade, certified, 99.99% at 0.3 micron filters are used in the systems. These are complimented by high grain load carbon media and polyester dual-layer prefilters.

Interesting that at Pure Air Systems we often hear comments from customers who are trying different filtration options for a specific problem and we hear comments from engineers and operation people on how they sold the idea of using a PAS system with Iknowbut.  Someone would say why purchase the PAS unit when we have these other filters in stock. The response is, Iknowbut we have tried everything and nothing compares to the performance of these systems.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems you can find us at: www.pureairsystems.com or on Twitter, @pureairsystems or on our Facebook page. Of course you can always call us on our toll-free number; 800-869-8025.

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Small But Mighty

“Here I come to save the day….that means that Mighty Mouse is on his way. Yes sir when there is a wrong to right, Mighty Mouse will join the fight….” And so the song goes. If you are old enough to remember that cartoon you know that Mighty Mouse became a metaphor for the ability of small people to make big things happen.

There are a number of things today that we might link to the ‘small but mighty” phrase; cell phones come to mind. Today’s cell phone is really a miniature computer. Talking on it is only one of its uses. You can get email, send texts, use any of your social media apps, skype, tango, face-time, get directions, take photos or videos,  make reservations, purchase products and the list goes one. All from one small device that sits in the palm of your hand.

Pure Air Systems has been making HEPA and Carbon based fan powered air filtration systems for the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial markets for over 26 years. Their product line includes systems with air flow capacities from as low a 30 CFM up to 2000 CFM. The size of the larger units range from 12′ square by 36″ tall to 48″ square by 55″ tall. However, the new kid on the block is just 13″ square by 21″ long.

The new HPS 350 and 500 series portable units are two of the most powerful portable HEPA filter systems on the market today. Using commercial grade, scanned 99.99% at 0.3 microns and smaller and a combination polyester carbon media prefilter. The unit is made of 20 gauge powder coated steel and weighs only 30 lbs. The air flows range 150 CFM to 500 CFM using a four speed fan control switch.    These air flow rates are higher than any other portable of a similar size anywhere on the planet and the powerful EBM blower/motor assembly is rugged, durable and powerful enough to pull the air across the HEPA to provide the designed CFM speeds.

The HPS units, like their big brothers, are designed to be used in either a partial by-pass concept when being attached to an existing HVAC return air duct system or as stand-alone units. Most often they are used as portable room filtration systems for individuals with allergies, asthma or other respiratory dysfunctions.

For commercial applications the HPS units are perfectly suited to cleaning the air in small clinics, medical and chemical laboratories, patient care rooms, class 10,000 clean room environments and building offices.  The units can be used to pressurize a small room or make it negative depending upon the specific requirement. The ability to vary the speed of the powerful blower/motor allows for the use of the HPS units in bedrooms and areas of the home where low noise levels are required but filtration is still needed.

The HPS series by Pure Air Systems. A small but mighty unit that really is designed to save the day. For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon filters please go to our website at: www.pureairsystems.com or follow us on Twitter @pureairsystems or like us on our Facebook page and you can even call us on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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Optimus Prime

The Transformer series of films based on the Hasbro toys that change from vehicles and planes into robots or “Autobots” as they are called, has become one of the more successful movie franchises in the last 10 years. Optimus Prime is the leader of the good guys against the evil doers lead by Megatron.  This battle is made more interesting because there are humans involved in the conflict interaction.

Transformation or transformed are words we use often to describe a major change in a persons attitude, the rehabilitation of a house or structure or the beautification of a park or previously blighted area. It is sometimes used to describe the performance of a product or service that completely changes or modifies a certain condition.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing HEPA and Carbon based fan powered air filtration systems since 1985. These commercial grade, certified HEPA systems have helped thousands of individuals and organizations effectively remove or reduce the levels of harmful airborne contaminants and in many ways “transformed” their lives.

For many individuals and employees of operations that suffer from allergies or physical reactions to some of the more harmful airborne particulate the only relief they can get is either remove them from the source ( which is often difficult to do) or wear some type of mask or facial filtration device.

The majority of these harmful particulate are invisible to the naked eye and fall in the size range of less than 5 microns in size or even less than 1 micron. These particles are aspirated into the lungs and due to the small size often are not aspirated out. With constant exposure to these particulate over time the body starts to reject the contaminant source and the reactions are manifested  in the form of severe respiratory dysfunctions.

HEPA filters are designed to remove no less than 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns and larger and approach similar effectiveness down to 0.12 microns. The HEPA filters used by Pure Air Systems are rated at 99.99% down to 0.3 microns. This highly effective filter media can remove a very high percentage of those airborne contaminants thus transforming the environment from harmful to good. With thousands of systems installed around the world since 1985, Pure Air Systems has become one of the most sought after HEPA based systems on the market today. Their ability to provide significant relief for their customers has been repeated over and over again.

The line of HEPA and Carbon based units offered by PAS, range in size from small portables that are about the size of a small toaster oven to units that are four feet long and 30″ high. Their air flow capacities range from less than 100 CFM to 2000 CFM. PAS now uses the newer ECM motors that are digitally controlled and operate at 120/240 50/60 Hz, so they can be used anywhere in the world in residential, commercial, institutional, medical or industrial applications.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA systems please go to: www.pureairsystems.com. Or follow them on twitter @pureairsystems. You can always call them on their toll-free number. 800-869-8025.  

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