Trump This!

There is lots of news about the Donald these days as he attempts to run for President on the  “alternate” party program. Perhaps he just wants some more attention or feels he can move the political rhetoric along with some critical side-bars. At any length, he has been amusing and continues to add great comments that give the press some reason to actually be employed.

I remember when Trump was used more often in card games like pinochle or euchre and had some real impact  on the game. I wonder if this other Trump will be similar in power.

In 1985 Pure Air Systems opened their  doors selling a new HEPA based air filtration systems that were designed to be a very unique alternative to the run of the mill  furnace filters and purifiers that did little to remove airborne particles from the air. The HEPA systems, were in fact, designed to trump the  competition and indeed over time did just that.

By 2000 Pure Air Systems had expanded its line to 7 systems and was one of the only companies in the US that offered fan powered, commercial grade, HEPA  and Carbon based air filtration systems that would meet the requirements for the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial markets.

The medical markets are continually looking for better filtration systems as they try to fight the new strains of bacteria causing infections like MRSA and other hard to treat bacterial infections. Removing the airborne bacteria can from the air can be very effective in minimizing these infection issues  and along with good hygiene practices can significantly make medical facilities safer and allow for fewer deaths related to infections.

PAS also has developed some new devices for the injection market and is looking at applying these systems in the very near future.  Developing new products and filtration technologies has been the mission of PAS since its inception in 1985 and that same passion for new and better products continues today.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA based air filtration systems please go to our website at: or call us on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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An Air Of Superiority

One often considers the term “air of superiority” as a boasting or having an air about oneself that is of conceit for others. As a result this term if often considered  somewhat more negative by most people.

However, there are people and companies that can realistically fit into this “superiority” category without conceit. They have proven themselves to be of a higher caliber with a continued level of high performance exceeding expectations and leaders in their field.

Pure Air Systems, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, is one of those companies. Founded in 1985, PAS has continued to be a leader in the development of high end, commercial grade HEPA based air filtration systems. Beginning with one system in 1985, PAS has developed 6 unique systems ranging from 50 CFM to 2,000 CFM versions. And, in 2015, PAS and LiteWorld developed a new HEPA system designed specifically for providing a prophylactic environment for injections on various parts of the body. The APPAIS unit is a redesign of the HPS portable unit developed in 2006.

In addition, a new system for use as a HEPA Air Curtain will be available toward the end of 2015 and have the ability to create a very effective curtain of low to medium flow HEPA filtered air to act as a barrier to reduce/remove airborne pathogens, allergens and particulate in areas where isolation due to medical conditions are required.

The ability to continue to develop and promote new products that meet the needs of the market is one aspect of Pure Air Systems pedigree. At 30 years of age, PAS has proven itself to be a survivor in a business world where change and competition are a daily occurrence in the new world of high tech business.

For more information on the complete line of filter systems offered by PAS, please go to our website at: or call us on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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HEPA Air Curtain

One of the major problems with the transfer of viruses and bacteria from human to human is…human contact. This type of contact exists every second of every day everywhere, with the possible exception of monks in Tibet. And, because humans are the greatest carriers of communicable diseases it is only natural to accept the fact that separation and/or elimination of contact will greatly diminish this transfer of pathogens from person to person.

Unfortunately this is not going to happen anytime soon as it is impossible to operate in a human void. It is with this understanding that I discuss the aspect of offering some revised air filtration system designs to help reduce the levels of airborne particulate and pathogens so as to minimize the transfer of viruses and bacteria from person to person.

Air Curtain HEPA Filtration Laminar Flow Systems. No acronym for this one. This device can create a laminar air flow to bottom, for a opening like area such as those used in Pharmacies, Dr. Offices, Entry Windows in Public Offices, Wound Care, Room Isolation and anywhere you can separate people from other people with HEPA filtered air effectively.

One of the reasons this type of device is becoming more appealing is the rapid rise in infections that are more difficult and more expensive to treat than ever before. In addition, the lack of any development of new antibiotics creates a sense of urgency in finding ways to prevent the spread of disease ( at almost any cost ) rather than try to treat it once it is present in the body. Not only is treatment expensive, but often not totally effective is curing the disease. Sometimes there are other collateral damage issues to the body and in many cases death is the result of the disease transfer.

The Ebola issue is one that, while very deadly, is mostly isolated to a few small areas of the world. However, even a small number of infected traveling to other countries undetected can create a major medical emergency of grande proportions. The other issue is one of social demographics. Those individuals of lower income or with little or no access to continual health care are the most at risk and interestingly the ones who make more contact with other people during normal hours. Restaurant help is one area where most of the servers and cooks are in the lower wage category and are most likely to come in contact with large numbers of people in very small, crowded areas.

School children that are in the free lunch programs often are not seeing any medical professionals on a regular basis and again they are coming in contact with hundreds of students a day and then those students go home to see their respective families. Kind of a viral virus program.

More information on this type of HEPA Air Curtain product can be found at the following website: or by contacting this author at: You can also call Pure Air Systems at their toll free number: 800-869-8025.

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Execution can mean a number of things as in the execution of a will or the execution of an individual, but the more important use of this word applies to those companies that can execute their business plan and perform above the level of their competition.

The speed of technology growth, change, innovation and adaption is mind-blowing. One only has to search the internet for all the open source forums to see how much new information is being exchanged on a daily basis to understand why it is so important that companies execute their programs extremely well with market consistency.

Execution also means adapting new technology, designs and manufacturing processes on a regular basis to keep  innovation in your execution plan as customers are more apt to purchase your product if it incorporates much of the latest technological advances that work in concert with their digital devices. Execution also means that the components of the device will function well allowing the product to perform as expected and within the operational promise of the manufacturer.

Pure Air Systems started manufacturing HEPA based fan powered air filtration devices since 1985 and continues to adapt new new technologies to enhance the execution of the product and ensure that its reputation for long-term operation with minimal down-time. The switch from induction motors to the new ECM, electrically commutated motors allowed PAS to use digital controllers, operated the systems based on pressure drop and provide 1% incremental fan speed control to better fit some of the newer volume sensitive applications. In addition, these variable speed drive motors can operate on 120 volt or 240 volt, 50/60 Hz electrical current which meant they could be used anywhere in the world.

In 2015 Pure Air Systems will introduce a new system designed specifically for the medical market. The APPAIS unit will be the first new product from Pure Air Systems since the HPS Portable unit was introduced in 2006. This FDA certified unit will be used as a prophylactic anywhere injections are done. This includes clinics, pharmacies, Doctor’s offices, hospitals, schools and even tattoo parlors.  Look for the new APPAIS in 2015  and see how the new unit incorporates a design requiring no tools for assembly, or operation.

Execution and Performance are the key words in the delivery of any product in this every changing world market place we live in. For more information go to our webs site at:  or call us on our toll-free number at : 800-869-8025.

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Exploring The Interior Of HEPA Filters

The now famous line from the Star Trek series…”To boldly go where no man has gone before,” has become an iconic phrase used shamelessly by TV, radio and print media for decades. So, as a blog writer I will also paraphrase this line in relationship to the topic of this blog. This blog is about HEPA filters and going where no man has gone before.. inside the HEPA.

HEPA media is basically wet laid and rolled out like newspaper material and incorporates large amounts of tiny glass material to give it some strength. It is very thin and fragile and therefore when it is used in filtration the HEPA media is pleated and has either aluminum separators or glue beads between each pleated layer to keep the media from rubbing against itself  and damaging the fragile media.

The HEPA media is extremely dense creating a significant amount of resistance or pressure drop creating a challenge to pull air through the media for filtration purposes. As compared to general duty air filters, such as fiberglass or ring panel filters, the amount of energy required, in motor HP, to pull the air through the HEPA is significant. Usually requiring at least a 1/3 HP motor for small HEPA filters and up to 1 HP and greater for the larger 24″x 24″ by 12″ deep metal framed HEPA filters.

HEPA filters are composed of a mat of randomly arranged fibres. The fibres are typically composed of fiberglass and possess diameters between 0.5 and 2.0 micrometers. Key factors affecting function are fibre diameter, filter thickness, and face velocity. The air space between HEPA filter fibres is much greater than 0.3 μm. The common assumption that a HEPA filter acts like a sieve where particles smaller than the largest opening can pass through is incorrect. Unlike membrane filters at this pore size, where particles as wide as the largest opening or distance between fibres cannot pass in between them at all, HEPA filters are designed to target much smaller pollutants and particles. These particles are trapped (they stick to a fibre) through a combination of the following three mechanisms:

  1. Interception, where particles following a line of flow in the air stream come within one radius of a fibre and adhere to it.
  2. Impaction, where larger particles are unable to avoid fibres by following the curving contours of the air stream and are forced to embed in one of them directly; this effect increases with diminishing fibre separation and higher air flow velocity.
  3. Diffusion, an enhancing mechanism that is a result of the collision with gas molecules by the smallest particles, especially those below 0.1 µm in diameter, which are thereby impeded and delayed in their path through the filter; this behaviour is similar toBrownian motion and raises the probability that a particle will be stopped by either of the two mechanisms above; it becomes dominant at lower air flow velocities.

Pure Air Systems, in Indianapolis, Indiana has been manufacturing HEPA based air filtration systems since 1985 and has thousands of their  units installed in a wide variety of applications across most of the US and over seas. These units use the commercial grade, certified, scanned HEPA filters for all of their systems providing the best available technology for the reduction and removal of airborne contaminants, pathogens and allergens as small as .012 microns.

For more information on their complete line of HEPA based filtration systems please go to our website at: . Or call us on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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Replacement Market Is King

The old line about the shaving companies selling the razor unit for $1.00 only to get you to buy the replacement blades over and over again is as true today as it was 80 years ago when that phrase was started. The paper companies that make toilet paper are not really interested in making toilets and urinals as those are products purchased once and replaced perhaps one time every 15 or 20 years. Toilet paper on the other hand is used everyday by almost everyone, everywhere.  Oil companies are not interested in getting into the automobile business because they can make much more money providing you with the juice that makes your new toy move. Without their gasoline your car might as well be a hunk of junk.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing and marketing certified HEPA and Carbon based fan powered, commercial air filtration systems since 1985. The units use high end materials, motors, fans and electrical components. These units are designed to run for upwards of 20 years with possible replacement of the motor during that time frame.

Each unit comes with three filters. A polyester ring-panel prefilter, carbon media filter and true, scanned 99.99% HEPA filter. The prefilters are changed once every three months or four times per year, the carbon media once every 6 months or sooner depending upon the application and the HEPA filter is change once every 2 to 3 years again depending upon the type of application. These filters are all commercial grade filters and not available on the open market so users of the systems have to purchase the replacement filters directly from PAS.

Today, with over 20,000 units in the field, Pure Air Systems generates enough cash flow from the replacement business alone to pay for their daily operating costs before they ship out any new systems. This “annuity” process should be the ultimate goal of anyone who wants to build a product or develop a process as it assures the company of having a cash flow stream when there are few orders for the main systems or equipment. This concept was one reason Pure Air Systems was able to weather the storm during the recession.

The new 3D Printing industry may be in its infancy in many ways but the companies that will offer the replacement filaments and materials will be the winners in this technology. And make no mistake, 3D printing will be a major player in the market in the next two years.

When looking at developing a business model in the area of manufacturing it is important to keep the parts replacement issue as a major part of your concept. Without it there is a strong possibility that you will have some major cash flow challenges which could bring your company to an end sooner than anticipated.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon media filters please go to our website at:  or follow us on Twitter @pureairsystems or call us at anytime on our toll-free number: 800-869-8025.

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Now You See Me

The entertainers that bill themselves as Magicians are well versed in the art of misdirection. They develop tricks and stunts that you know can’t be actually happening but your eyes trick your brain into believing differently. Some are better than others and a few actually have TV shows or specials dedicated to their unique style of entertainment. If these individuals could actually defy the laws of gravity or really make things disappear, don’t you think they would be working for the military or some giant tech company? I think so.

The art of making something disappear has been the mainstay of Pure Air Systems, based in Indianapolis, Indiana. PAS has been manufacturing commercial grade, certified HEPA based, fan powered air filtration systems since 1985. Today, Pure Air Systems is one of the leaders in high performance, multi-system HEPA filtration systems used around the world. The PAS units are utilized in commercial, institutional, industrial, residential and medical applications where the removal or sub-micron, airborne pathogens and allergens are present.

Like the Magicians discussed in the first paragraph, the HEPA filters remove not only what you see with the naked eye but also what you don’t see. For the most part, humans can only detect particles down to about 20 microns in size. For comparison purposes, one strand of your hair is approximately 100 microns in diameter, so 20 microns is pretty small. Anything smaller than 20 microns is not visible to the naked eye. However, most of the harmful Bacteria and Viruses are much smaller; well below 10 microns and some as small as 0.12 microns.

The larger, visible particles are normally inhaled then exhaled as they are easily removed from the lungs. However, the smaller particles are easily trapped in the lung linings and mucus membranes and can be the can be harmful to the human body. So, it is the particles that you don’t see that are dangerous. Those larger particles are normally expelled by the bodies own processes. But, the smaller, less visible particles are present in much higher concentrations by volume than the visible particles and that is why HEPA filters are used to remove them.

Like those entertainers that specialize in making things disappear, the HEPA based, commercial grade air filtration systems by Pure Air Systems also specialize in making thing you don’t see disappear.

For more information on PAS and its entire product line please go to our website at:, or follow us on Twitter @pureairsystems or call us anytime on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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When magicians place a person in a box, cover the box, then pull the cover away within seconds and the person is gone, this trick is often referred to as misdirection or sometimes called slight of hand. In either case the idea is to get you to look one way while the action is actually taking place somewhere else. Simple, effective and easily done by trained entertainers who couch themselves as Magicians.

Misdirection was, and in many cases still is, used often in the early 30’s and 40’s when a peddler selling a product would demonstrate the operation and value of the item to the audience. When you purchased the item, always packed in a box, took it home it often didn’t work or would not perform at the same level as described by the salesmen. When you went to return the item the seller was often no where to be seen. Even today with the “As Seen On TV” products flood the dollar stores and discount houses, the products often fail to meet the perceived expectations.

The technicians at Pure Air Systems have been manufacturing commercial grade, certified, fan powered HEPA based air filtration systems  since 1985. From the beginning the systems produced by PAS always met or exceeded the performance expectations of their customers. The PAS systems are a more expensive product than some of the other non-HEPA based filtration, air purification and electronic air cleaners currently on the market. Unfortunately many of these “lesser performing devices” claim to provide the same particle reduction capabilities as HEPA filters, but at a lower cost.

Often times a new Pure Air Systems customer will try one, two or more alternate “air filtration/purification” devices before they actually purchase one of the seven different HEPA models offered by PAS. The other “HEPA Type” or “HEPA Like” companies provide inaccurate information as to the overall ability of their products to remove and/or reduce the levels of harmful airborne particulates and contaminants. But because the systems are less expensive individuals will buy the hype only to find their is truth in the statement, “you get what you pay for.”

This is not to say that other types of filtration and purification systems are effective. But for those companies, institutions and medical operations that require initial efficiency’s of 99.99% at 0.3 microns or larger, then the only option they have is to use the HEPA based systems by Pure Air Systems. Don’t be fooled by the imitators.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems please go to our website at:  or follow us on Twitter @pureairsystems, or call us at anytime on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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There Is No Box

The continued advancement of technology in almost every discipline confirms the prognoses that technology is indeed doubling every two years.  This speed of iterations in design and development means that the term “thinking outside the box” is no longer valid and should be replaced with “there is no box.”

This new waive of thinking is actually more prevalent in the small, entrepreneurial business scene than with some of the larger, multi-national companies simple due to the size or these organizations. Small, 2 to 10 man companies can make decisions faster and in many cases are willing to go outside their normal resources to locate individuals who can assist them in enhancing or creating new product ideas and concepts to quickly take advantage of new technology break through that will help them compete in this ever-changing market place.

Pure Air Systems, started in 1985, with the concept that most individuals who suffered from allergies due to airborne allergens and particulate would benefit greatly using their commercial grade HEPA based, fan powered air filtration systems.  Previously, HEPA filter systems were only used in the electronics industry, medical applications, and governmental R & D. The average homeowner used fiberglass filters or electronic air cleaners, neither of which was very effective at removing much of the small, sub-micron particles and airborne allergens or pathogens that would create problems for allergy sufferers.  The introduction of HEPA filtration systems to the general public gave them  access to filtration technology here-to-for available only to a select set of companies and organizations.

In the mid 1990’s General Electric started to develop a series of motors that did not use copper winding material but rather magnets to drive the impeller shaft. These were called Electric Comutating Motors or ECM motors and they could operate on either 120 or 240 volt, 50Hz or 60 Hz. This meant they could be used anywhere in the world and more importantly they could operate at any speed…from 1% to 100% of power in 1% increments. Digital controls were then made available to control the motors  from any location. Even infrared remote capabilities were developed for the motors.

In 1998 Pure Air Systems began to experiment with these motors using them in their larger HEPA air filtration systems and in 1999 started the conversion process by using the new ECM motors in their 600HS series units and eventually putting them into their entire line of systems. From 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 HP applications, all of the PAS systems incorporated these new, more powerful, fully adaptable motors. Pure Air Systems was the first air filtration manufacturer to use the ECM motors and the sales of systems climbed considerably shortly thereafter.

Thinking outside the box and trying new ideas, technologies and concepts has been the hallmark of Pure Air Systems reputation. 28 years of providing the most advanced, powerful and reliable HEPA based, commercial grade air filtration systems on the market today. From 50 CFM to 2000 CFM, PAS products are designed for every application requiring the removal of sub-micron, airborne particulate.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA systems please go to our website at: or follow us on Twitter @pureairsystems. You can also call us on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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Class II Medical Device

Eight years ago I designed a new portable HEPA filter unit, the last of 7 units I had developed since 1985. When Pure Air Systems was founded in 1985 it had one HEPA system to offer to its customers, the model 600H that eventually became the model 6ooHS. Bigger and more powerful systems were developed which formed a complementary line of commercial grade, certified, fan powered, HEPA based air filter sytems.

The last unit missing was a portable. The HPS 350 and 500 models were developed and completed in 2006 and rounded out the line of Pure Air Systems units. Unlike the larger PAS HEPA units, the HPS series was really designed to work in small areas, offices, laboratories, clinics, specialty applications and any area requiring the removal of sub-micron airborne particulate. Other applications for the unit also included use as a rental HEPA system for post-operative patient care, especially in bone marrow transplants and cancer patients undergoing chemo treatments. These patients have a much higher rate of bacterial infection due to destruction of their immune systems.

Enter the APPAIS System,  (Added Particulate Protection At Injection Site) unit. This is a modification of the HPS series of portable HEPA units. The main difference being the blower/motor assembly is turned 180 degrees and is now positioned to blow or push air through the HEPA unit rather than pull air through it. On the discharge section of the housing a fine mesh filter will be placed to keep any materials or fingers from puncturing the HEPA filter and the same style polyester prefilter is placed on the inlet side of the unit to take out the larger particles and keep the blower/motor and HEPA filter clean.

The controls are the same. The lighted on/off switch and four position speed switch are located on the right side of the unit, when looking at the front. The power cord with hospital grade male plug comes in on the left side of the unit. A top mounted handle was added to make carrying the unit easier and to double as a place to wind up the power cord when the unit is not in use.

The system is designed to be used to protect the patient when given an injection of any kind that is normally given in the upper arm area. The syringe is normally wrapped and protected prior to use. But when the syringe is needed the protective wrapping is removed, air is often drawn into the syringe to test it and then the syringe is placed into the serum container, filled to the appropriate levels then injected into the patients arm. This entire operation is often done in stores, pharmacies, clinics, Dr’s offices and hospitals. The air in the patient area is seldom clean and often much dirtier than even the patients own home. The possibility for infection is very high.

The APPAIS unit will blow HEPA filtered air over the patients arm, allow the medical technician to test fill the syringe in HEPA filtered air, thus making the entire procedure much less suspect for the development of an infection. These units are now going through FDA approval process.

For more information on the complete line of  HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems please go to our website at: or follow us on Twitter @pureairsystems. Of course you can always call us on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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