Execution can mean a number of things as in the execution of a will or the execution of an individual, but the more important use of this word applies to those companies that can execute their business plan and perform above the level of their competition.

The speed of technology growth, change, innovation and adaption is mind-blowing. One only has to search the internet for all the open source forums to see how much new information is being exchanged on a daily basis to understand why it is so important that companies execute their programs extremely well with market consistency.

Execution also means adapting new technology, designs and manufacturing processes on a regular basis to keep  innovation in your execution plan as customers are more apt to purchase your product if it incorporates much of the latest technological advances that work in concert with their digital devices. Execution also means that the components of the device will function well allowing the product to perform as expected and within the operational promise of the manufacturer.

Pure Air Systems started manufacturing HEPA based fan powered air filtration devices since 1985 and continues to adapt new new technologies to enhance the execution of the product and ensure that its reputation for long-term operation with minimal down-time. The switch from induction motors to the new ECM, electrically commutated motors allowed PAS to use digital controllers, operated the systems based on pressure drop and provide 1% incremental fan speed control to better fit some of the newer volume sensitive applications. In addition, these variable speed drive motors can operate on 120 volt or 240 volt, 50/60 Hz electrical current which meant they could be used anywhere in the world.

In 2015 Pure Air Systems will introduce a new system designed specifically for the medical market. The APPAIS unit will be the first new product from Pure Air Systems since the HPS Portable unit was introduced in 2006. This FDA certified unit will be used as a prophylactic anywhere injections are done. This includes clinics, pharmacies, Doctor’s offices, hospitals, schools and even tattoo parlors.  Look for the new APPAIS in 2015  and see how the new unit incorporates a design requiring no tools for assembly, or operation.

Execution and Performance are the key words in the delivery of any product in this every changing world market place we live in. For more information go to our webs site at: https://www.pureairsystems.com  or call us on our toll-free number at : 800-869-8025.

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Final Approval

In August the FDA gave final approval to allow us to market the new APPAIS™ HEPA filtration system to the medical market. The APPAIS  unit is a modified version of the HPS Portable HEPA unit that is designed to eliminate the need for any tools to change any of the three filters that are included with each unit.

The APPAIS unit is designed to provide a Class 100 environment 20″ from the discharge of the HEPA unit. This washed area will be used to administer injections. The syringe will be opened and  pulled  to clear in this sterile area and the patients arm will also be set approximately 10″ to 12″ from the HEPA discharge face. This will ensure that any puncture area will be in a very clean environment thus minimizing the possibility for any airborne particulates or pathogens to enter the patients blood stream thus reducing the possibility for infection.

The APPAIS unit has two slots on the top ends that allow for the placement of either the Polyester Ring Panel prefilter, located on the  air inlet end of the unit, keeps the blower/motor and electrical harness clean and protects the HEPA filter from getting loaded too quickly with large dust and dirt particles. The other slot holds the Splash filter that keeps any human fluids from penetrating the HEPA filter which is located just  behind the Splash filter.

The slots have snap in covers that keep the two filters in place. To eliminate any confusion we have different size slots so the prefilter and Splash filter can only go into their respective openings. The snap in covers are also mated to the openings so again no confusion on location.

In order to maintain a tight seal for the HEPA  gasket we included a knife edge seat section against which the HEPA filter sits in the unit. Compressing the HEPA  against the seal used to require a complicated device that required four screws and a tool to remove and replace the HEPA. The new APPAIS  unit has a simple  compression bar that is placed between the HEPA aluminum face and the first internal mounting frame. By simply twisting the flat compression bar the HEPA body moves back and compresses the gasket onto the knife edge seal creating a very tight seal. Again, no tools are required.

The APPAIS unit is mounted to a five star wheel rolling base stand that is much like a business chair unit with a pneumatic actuator that allows for height adjustment to accommodate for patient sizes and proper arm location. The base also supports the syringe holder so the Doctor or Pharmacists will always have the proper materials right at the APPAIS unit.

Our  initial market will be Pharmacies as they are now doing more injections than Doctors offices especially with Flu and Shingle shots. We hope to have some of our first units in the market by the first quarter of 2015 if not sooner. Look for the all white APPAIS  unit at your favorite Pharmacy the next time you go for your annual flu shot.

You can find out more information on the APPAIS unit at: http://pureairsytems.com or call us at: 800-869-8025.

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