25 Years Of Environmental Service

Started in 1985, Pure Air Systems has been providing commercial grade, certified HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems to the residential, commercial, institutional, governmental and industrial markets for 25 years. Over those years PAS has always subscribed to building the best, most effective high performance HEPA systems for their customers. And some of the customers and applications have been interesting to say the least.

While the HEPA and Carbon systems are used in hundreds of applications there are a few that are somewhat unique. For example, there is a police station in a major city in the southern US that happens to have a lot of marijuana confiscated due to the high percentage of dealers in the area. The pot is placed in the evidence room which is locked and secured. Evidently over time the odor from the marijuana permeates through the evidence room and the employees were having some challenges with concentration ( if you know what I mean).

Pure Air Systems was contacted and asked if we could assist them in this odor problem. We suggested one or our larger, 2000 CFM all carbon units to help in removing a high percentage of the pot odor. The system was installed and the odor issue was resolved. To this day they continue to order replacement carbon for the system. Obviously business is still good!

One of our residential customers was a big game hunter and would have a number of his kills stuffed and mounted. These were the complete animal not just the head. These trophies would be placed in a wall area behind glass for viewing. The enclosure was not completely sealed so dust and dirt would get into the trophy case and get on everything. Keeping the enclosure clean was difficult and tedious, so he contacted us and asked if we could provide him with a HEPA filtration unit and system design to keep his trophy cases somewhat clean room clean.

PAS used two of the small 600 CFM HEPA units and designed a ducting system to attach them to back of the trophy cases and circulate HEPA filtered air through the cases 24 hours a day. This resolved his dust on the Bear problem and he was a happy camper!

The HEPA systems from PAS are designed to be used either attached to HVAC systems or as stand alone units capable of being used in almost any application. One of our customers wanted to use our HEPA systems in a mobile hospital unit. This unit was used over seas and designed to go into the back country to provide medical attention to people who lived in isolated areas. One of the larger HEPA systems was installed and the mobile hospital had a mobile surgery room. The PAS systems use a 120/240 volt 50/60 Hz ECM motor which can work with any of the electrical power systems anywhere in the world.

On our website is a listing of a number of companies and installation types that you can view. For more information on our complete line of  HEPA, Carbon and filter medias please go to www.pureairsystems.com

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