In a recent post we mentioned to advancement being made in the use of AI to enable the user to write anything and get answers in seconds. This includes asking the AI programs to write text, code, cad designs, updated modifications to an existing mechanical design, etc.

Today, ChatGPT4.0 was released with even better machine learning capabilities and easer to use prompts. It is evident that AI is going to be a monumental change in the way we do everything. Manufacturing processes will be streamlined and the enhancements to technology will be nothing short of astounding. 

Yes, there are skeptics out there, however, the adaption of AI is now fairly ubiquitous around the globe so companies that hesitate in adapting AI for their operations will very likely falter. In addition, the younger tech generation adapts very quickly to new technologies and through their constant interaction with friends and colleagues through the internet and social media, they will share their data and experiences. 

Companies are now looking for individuals that have some experience in using AI software along with some mechanical and technical skill sets. With the advent of AI, major advancements in Additive Manufacturing and the new Robotics technology, it is possible that the U.S. could somewhat get back into the the realm of manufacturing more of its everyday items rather than have them made overseas.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing commercial grade, high end, fan-powered, commercial HEPA air filtration systems since 1985. It is now one of only 3 companies in the world that manufacture this type of equipment. PAS has a line of HEPA systems ranging in capacity from 50 CFM to 2,000 CFM all using variable speed, digitally controlled motors that can be adjusted to work at any speed and can be computer controlled to meet specific needs of the customers. 

For more information on the complete line of our HEPA systems please go to our website at:   or call us on on tool-free number;  800-869-8025.Line up of HEPA Systems

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