Why China Is Buying Our Filtration Systems

I remember back in 2004 when my Father and I traveled to China. My Father liked to travel and asked me to tag along and I did. We landed at the then, new airport and took a bus to Beijing. Coming into downtown Beijing at night was like driving into Manhattan except all the signs were in Chinese. Otherwise it was strikingly similar with the exception of one thing, the smell of unburned hydrocarbons created by the massive use of coal for heating, cooking and manufacturing.  Along with the smell you could see a light haze in the air that was more transparent that opaque. The Chinese had a very bad pollution problem.

Fast forward to today and this issue of significant air pollution in China is now affecting other parts of the world as well. The massive clouds of dust, dirt and soot climb into the upper atmosphere and are carried thousands of miles by the prevailing winds. This soot then falls to earth in countries far removed from mainland China. In addition, the pollution creates significant health issues for the Chinese to the point where many people wear masks when they are outside.

A year ago, in March of 2013, an import/export company contacted Pure Air Systems, located in Indianapolis, IN, to discuss the possibility of exporting their portable HPS series units to China for by some of the wealthier individuals to remove the smoke and odor from their homes. The increase in the Chinese economy has created a large number of wealthy people who are willing to pay higher prices for products from the U.S. It seems that the Chinese don’t like things that are made in China either. While there is some significant technology development on-going in parts of China, most general duty products are poorly made with minimal repair options available.

A number of the portable units have been shipped to China for testing. One of the things that the Chinese people want to see on the units is the “Made in the USA” labels on the equipment and know that they are real. They also want to see the specifications on the components and know that 90% of them are fabricated anywhere but in China. One of the major hurdles with this venture is getting the units past customs and approved as an import item. The Chinese are very protective of their businesses and only allow certain items to be imported. Somewhat ironic.

Sometime in the next few months Pure Air Systems will have some definitive feedback from the exporter as to whether or not PAS will be successful in getting some product sold in China. Stay tuned for the results.

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