It’s Raining Cats And Dogs!

The old expression “it’s raining cats and dogs” usually implies the current weather has produced rain that is falling so hard and fast that you almost can’t see through it. There are a number of references to this supposed phenomenon but one that has some plausibility is that in the 1500’s cats and some dogs used to sit on the thatched roofs of homes and during severe storms the animals would be washed down onto the street. Hence the term ” raining cats and dogs.”

Today, with the enormous pet population in the US, made up mostly of dogs and cats, sometimes it looks like it is raining cats and dogs. The pet population in the United States numbers above 100 million….that’s a lot of cat and dog food. No wonder the pet business in all phases is approaching ¬†$4 billion dollars a year in the US. That includes food, medical expense ( which is fast approaching human medical costs) special clothing, toys, treats, hotels ( yes hotels) pet cemeteries ( no offense to Mr. King) and their own air lines. I think you can even get a dog or cat shrink if you animal is just not feeling right!

Yes! People love their pets……in many cases more than they love their spouse. They would do anything for them and go through extremes to ensure their comfort even if it affects their own well being. Bull you say! Well it’s the truth.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems for the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial markets since 1985. A large percentage of their residential customers use their fan powered units that attach to the existing HVAC systems to filter all the air in the house up to 48 times a day through the HEPA and Carbon filters. The reason pet owners/home owners do this is to reduce the amount of pet dander that is distributed throughout the home from their pets. And the reason they want to do this is because they themselves are allergic to their own pets. Yes….kitty make me sneeze and break out in hives and shortens my breathing…but I love her!

In almost every case where a potential customer has contacted Pure Air Systems regarding this specific issue, when asked if they really wanted to spend the money to put in the filtration system which would not protect them if they pet the animal or have it sit on their lap, they said send it to me…

Animal dander can be a significant allergen and many pet owners develop a reaction to the dander and some are very severe. Cat dander in particular is an extremely strong allergen while there are few people that are allergic to dog dander..but it does exist. The bottom line is this, if you really want a pet make sure you and your family members won’ t be allergic to the animal. Once the pet is home and becomes part of the family ( which doesn’t take long) it is almost impossible to give them away.

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