Fool Britania

Just when you thought people were actually getting to understand the concept of Global Partnerships, the Britt’s decide to go backwards a couple of centuries and again become an Island of economic isolation.

Yes the world is changing and yes it is moving in a direction that is making the old guard nervous but progress in many forms always offers challenges as well as new horizons. For some reason the older generation is clinging feverishly to the past and acting out of fear rather than recognizing that change is a natural part of the death of a generation.

Making decisions based on supposition supported by no facts is the quickest way to fall off a cliff. A very high cliff. And, it is often followed by regrets. Unfortunately the speed of falling is too fast to be saved by the net of regrets.

Pure Air Systems makes some of the best HEPA based air filtration systems in the U.S. Making decisions to move or not move forward with new equipment designs was never based on what happened in the past, but what we thought would transpire in the future. It is always a risk to make changes to a very stable and well-liked product platform but if the customer liked you yesterday more than likely, even though the new product may look very different, the loyalty for your company will sustain you through the new product transition. That is as long as the performance of the former is the same or better than the latter.

Companies like Uber, AirBnb, Lyst and all the main and new social media programs that blast through our digital, mobile devices have forever changed the way companies make money. Yes, these are geared toward the new generation, and no, senior citizens still want to keep their hard wire phones. So there is a major split in direction. Yet, this has happened many times before in the growth of our county and the pain of change has always been removed by the addition of new job opportunities.

Pure Air Systems has been more about change and less about the status quo. For more information on our complete product line go to our website at:  or call us on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.


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