Shirt By Izod, Pants By The Gap, Body By Pizza Hut!

Let’s face it…the US is a fat club. Yes, we are now populated by one of the heaviest groups of people on the planet! I read yesterday that the movie theaters are putting in wider seats ( adding 2″ in width) to accommodate our ever growing behinds. This is not a good sign. Carrying more weight creates numerous problems for the human body.

The increase in diabetes is directly related to the increase in excess body weight and this disease creates other serious medical complications. Foot problems, hip problems, back pain problems and high blood pressure can all be attributed to the excess calories we put into out mouths. One would think that with all the new health clubs around and the large number of people joining these clubs that we would be a society of slim people with sculptured bodies.

One of the casualties of excess weight is the increased risk of weakening your immune system. This is the major defense mechanism you have to fight off infection, disease and allergies. When this is not operating correctly you have a much better chance of having allergic reactions to airborne contaminants that otherwise would not affect you. You also have a higher chance of getting an infection from simple cuts and abrasions because your immune system can’t adequately fight the invasion to your body.

For many people with allergies or for those who are more susceptible to infection, the use of high efficiency air filtration products and systems is recommended especially for their home living environment. By removing a large percentage of the airborne allergens and pathogens it allows even a weakened immune system to operate more effectively.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing commercial grade HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems since 1985.  These systems are designed to be used in the residential, commercial and institutional markets. The HEPA systems by PAS are designed to be used either as stand alone units or attached to the HVAC systems as a whole house filtration unit.

The PAS units use a certified 99.9% at 0.3 micron filter that removes the majority of the respirable sized particles. So even for individuals with severely weakened immune systems the PAS units will not allow their systems to be compromised.

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