If Their Lips Are Moving They’re Lying

Watching a political debate these days would be like watching the Christians and the Lions in the Roman Colosseum…you are not sure which one to root for. You want to believe one of the political participants actually knows what they are doing and has the ability to wear down their opponent with logical, rational thoughts and ideas. Unfortunately, it seems that the real purpose of the debate is to pummel each other with lies, half-truths, innuendo’s and dramatic body gestures. Unfortunately  this process has become more accepted over the years and now it is very difficult to tell who is lying and who is telling the truth. Hence the term..”If their lips are moving they’re lying.”

The business world, in many ways, shares the same primordial bent on information propaganda. In fact, it is easier today to start a controversy over a particular subject, product or process simply by indicating that your competitors product lacks a certain feature that yours offers. The feature may be minor and one that perhaps most of the owners of that product seldom use…but the propaganda will get traction as the social media pundits make the half-truths go viral. And in a matter of days the half-truths become major differences and the spinning begins. It is human nature.

In 1985 Pure Air Systems opened its doors and began to market a true, certified, commercial grade HEPA based, fan powered air filtration system. The 600H, as it was called, also included carbon media for odor and gaseous pollutant control. From the start, the process of marketing a then, little known technology, to the residential market was very challenging. Most people were familiar with electronic air cleaners and the new ozone systems that had just hit the market.

In 1985 HEPA filters were primarily used in the electronics industry, medical facilities and biological research laboratories. Few people outside these areas knew much about HEPA and even fewer understood how they worked. After all, fiberglass air filters and electronic air filters were the norm for most HVAC systems in the residential, commercial and institutional markets. Once the 600H unit was made available the competitors started throwing up unsubstantiated rumors about why the HEPA filters could not be used in a normal HVAC system or that they were too expensive, etc, etc. One thing that they could not compete with was the absolute performance of the HEPA filters to remove 99% of all airborne particles 0.3 microns or larger from the air. The fiberglass and electronic filter devices could, at best, remove very small percentages of particles even 20 microns in size. Most harmful particulate is smaller than 1 micron in diameter.

It took a number of years to convince the public and commercial markets that the HEPA systems offered by Pure Air Systems were the best alternative for reduction and/or removal of airborne particulate in any application. The proof of the pudding was, as they say, in the tasting. Consistent performance, reliability and access to truthful and reliable information gave PAS the success it has today. It is easier to  bend the truth and incorporate half-truths than to prove yourself right by constant performance. But in the end the truth will win out.

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