When watching a baseball player swing a bat and connect with the ball with power we assume most of the power comes from his arms, legs and upper body. Actually most of the power action comes from his wrists. The speed in which he has to bring the bat around to hit a fast ball coming at him at 95 miles per hour is mostly dependent on the speed of his wrists.

The speed and accuracy of throwing a frisbee or hitting a ping pong ball is all dependent on the wrist. It seems rather odd that a very small action section of our anatomy dictates most of our hand motion actions. However, if you knew someone who broke their wrists you know that their ability to pick up and move anything is difficult and very robotic in nature..even after the cast or sling is removed.

In the area of indoor air pollution the function of the air filter or air filtration system is a lot like the function of the wrist. It is a small part of the entire heating/cooling, ventilation system in your home or office but it is a vital part of keeping the environment clean and making the indoor environment healthy.

We only think about the heating/cooling system when it is not adequately cooling or heating our home or office. Often, we don’t even think about doing the proper yearly maintenance on the system until it breaks down. Then and only then do we look at the air filter or filtration system. Like maintaining the HVAC system, maintenance of the air filters or filtration systems on a regular basis is necessary for optimum performance .

Most air filters located in the return side of your HVAC system need to be replaced once every three months. This is especially true for media filters. Electronic filters usually need to be cleaned at least once every 4 to 6 months. If you have incorporated any type of carbon or charcoal filter in your HVAC system then you must replace that media at least every three months. And, if you have any type of fresh air induction system the mechanical portions and prefiltration medias need to be serviced at least twice a year.

Like the wrist is to the arm and hand, the air filtration devices are to the entire HVAC and ventilation systems. Without wrist movement you are severely limited in motion, without properly maintained air filtration systems and devices you will not have a very healthy environment in which to live and work.

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