How Much Wood Can A Wood Chuck..Chuck?

Over the past year Geico, the auto insurance company, has been using some comedy in their commercials. The latest involves the old line of “how much wood can a wood chuck, chuck…showing wood chucks throwing (chucking) wood into a  river. An old man comes by and says ” hey, wood chucks stop chucking wood into my river!” I found this amusing but I’m sure others found it ridiculous.

The point is that the commercial gets your attention and whether you like the product or the commercial you remember it. And that is the whole point of making this type of commercial. It differentiates it from other bland commercials and ads.

The ability to differentiate or separate your product or company from the competition is a age old challenge for all businesses today. Trying to tell someone your product or service is really better than the other similar or “like” business is very difficult. Often the best way to really separate yourself from the competition is to do what you do better than anyone else and be consistent. Continue to add value to your service or product line and any changes you make need to fill a known void in demand. Sound simple, its not.

Pure Air Systems has been making HEPA and Carbon based high end, commercial grade, fan powered air filtration systems since 1985.  Since the beginning PAS has always challenged itself to produce the highest quality, best performing, most reliable air filtration products on the market.  Over the years as more individuals, companies and institutions started to use our product line we continued to listen to their comments and suggestions as to how we could make the product better. We listened and made the appropriate changes.

Today, Pure  Air Systems’ products are recognized as some of the most reliable, best performing and technically superior air filtration systems on the market today. And with almost 20% of our systems being sold overseas, we have increased our product exposure world wide.

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