New Gentle Cleaning Products May Be Hazardous To Your Health

It seems like everyday there is a new cleaning product being introduced on TV or in the mail or on the internet. Each one designed to make your life easier and all of them are now safer and more “green” than ever.

In addition to the new cleaning fluids, gels and cleansers, you now have a wide variety of deodorizers or odor maskers. These are introduced either by spray bottle or use of scented stick or compound that is heated or moved by air to wash the room with one of three thousand scents…( maybe more).

Individually most of these cleaning products are relatively safe when used as directed. The real issue is what happens when you use more than one of these products at the same time?

When these products are tested they are used individually and in an enclosed room that is monitored. The “independent” testing agencies attempt to determine if there is anything in the product or that the product produces that could pose a health it respiratory or skin issues.

Appropriate warning labels are put on each product; even for green, biodegradable items. These labels provide information on what to do if you ingest or get this material in you eyes but they seldom mention anything about the problems of using this product with other products.

Many people will use some of the odor masking products; in either the spray bottle form and/or the candle or plug-in versions. Then they will use any other combination of cleaning products at the same time.  Again, individually these products are safe, however, when combined with other chemicals they can create significant problems.

Here is the well known example of mixing two common chemical products together. Ammonia is a well know, well used cleaning chemical. Moth balls are common products. When mixed together the resultant chemical gas can kill you….quickly. There are many other dangerous combinations using household chemicals out there.

Just because the product is advertised as a “green” or “kids safe” product, is only valid when it is used by itself. Again, when these products are tested the process does not include combining the chemical make-up of the product with any other chemical from any other cleaning product.

It is interesting to note, that some of the most green, safe cleaning chemicals are already in your pantry and refrigerator. Vinegar and ketchup are two products that can actually be used for almost all of your household cleaning needs.

Vinegar and water are great for cleaning any solid kitchen surface, glass, mirrors, etc. Ketchup has enough acidity to remove stains from silver ware and some other surfaces. Toothpaste with grit is a great abrasive with some cleaning power.

In essence, be careful when using any cleaning product and especially careful when using two or more at the same time.

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