Listen With Your Eyes!

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs, ipad, iphone, droid smart phones….information is now available 24/7 from everywhere around the world on any subject you can think of written by anybody who can text a message or send a photo or video. Little of it is vetted and much of it is slanted with a personal bias! On top of that we can now all interact with this information either by direct reply to the author or by attending any one of a thousand chat rooms or discussion areas to offer our own opinions or comments. Who needs the news media when you have access to news as it happens where it happens?

Much of the news ( information) today is colored by the group or authors political, economic, social or religious beliefs. Fair and Balanced or World News Tonight and all the news slogans are just that…pat slogans that mean little other than an opportunity to get you hooked on their network. It is up to you to sift through the fog of material and find out as much of the truth as possible. It is possible to have viewers see an incident take place and have the commentator give an opposite account of what is taking place before their eyes and they will take the verbal information as gospel. Scary and unnerving.

This same process takes place with advertising and product performance information. Someone describes a product and its capabilities and show you how it works and somehow as you watch the demonstration you don’t really believe it can do that. Yet…you believe the information given to you. You need to “Listen with your eyes”. If what you see doesn’t make any sense then more than likely it isn’t correct…no matter what someone is telling you.

This is especially true within the air filtration industry. There is a lot of “hype” used to get you interested in a product or process and more often than not the performance of the equipment explained in the brochure is not how the product will perform when you use it. As the old saying goes..” the proof of the pudding is in the tasting”.

All too often a company that makes an air filter, air filtration system or air purifying system tells you the product will take out all the harmful airborne contaminants or remove the odors and gases from your home or office and never needs to be cleaned and there are no filters to replace. In any case you need to determine the true performance of the product by trying it yourself. Don’t believe what someone tells you. Do your own research…there is plenty of material out there that can satisfy your need for information…accurate information.

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