The Knights of The Round Table

When King Arthur formed the Knights of The Round Table he wanted men of courage, honor, dignity, courtesy and nobleness.  They protected ladies and damsels, honored and fought for kings, and undertook dangerous quests.  There were 12 knights, not including King Arthur himself, with Sir Lancelot being the most famous of the knights. The legend of the knights tells us they were always reliable and never wavered from their goal. Its hard to find that type of allegiance these days. Especially from people and companies that promise one thing and deliver another.

It is interesting how companies and individuals in business use some of the same words to describe their business ethics as those used by King Arthur to describe the purpose of the Knights. The words may be the same but the end results are often vastly different. It is why, perhaps, we don’t believe what people tell us they will do until we actually see the end result for ourselves. It is unfortunate, but often true.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems since 1985. And much like the stories of the Knights the reliability of the air filtration systems by PAS are almost legendary. Here is an example of what often takes place when a new company or customer purchases a system from PAS for the first time.

A mechanical contractor in Kansas was working on a project that  required one of the larger HEPA systems, the model 2000HS. This customer had reviewed the specifications on the website and after three additional phone conversations decided to purchase the unit. The contractor was still somewhat skeptical about buying something he had not seen before and lamented about his history of purchasing products for the first time and being told it would be exactly what he wanted only to find out that when he received the product the construction and quality were severely lacking.

The contractor was told that if he didn’t think the quality and performance of the 2000HS wasn’t better than what he thought he actually ordered then we would pay to ship it back and refund his money on the spot. The unit was shipped out. Three days later it arrived by truck to the job site. The contractor called back after he had time to look at the system and test the overall capabilities of the unit and told us the system was 10 times better than he had expected. He was absolutely amazed that he actually got something that was better than what he wanted.  He said that almost never happens.

Maybe that is what one of the damsels in distress said when one  of the knights came to her rescue. We are not sure. But we do know that the HEPA and Carbon based products manufactured by Pure Air Systems will meet or exceed your needs. We may not be legendary yet…but we are getting close.

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