Mad Max et al

The new Mad Max movie has all the elements that made the franchise a huge success. Lots of unique vehicles, crazy people and sand. It also has the good verses evil theme that runs through all the MM movies. There is even some humor thrown in albeit with a macabre undertone.

Why we like this type of entertainment is always puzzling. Perhaps we enjoy watching other people kill each other with the most horrific tools and machines knowing that could never really happen in our community. Or perhaps because we have never experienced that type of road rage in our lifetime. In either case, the ability to watch horror and accept it as entertainment has made us numb to real tragedies and disasters.

In many ways the business world resembles Mad Max but with a more sophisticated twist and without the sand…unless you live in Florida or California. We watch companies create products, processes and arbitrary rules for their warranties that all affect us directly or indirectly. For the most part, products that we purchased 20 years ago seem to better than identical products for the same company that we purchased today. And, we accept it. We don’t like it but we really want to believe that these well respected, iconic companies can still satisfy their customers with the products they need.

Pure Air Systems started in 1985 making HEPA based air filtration systems using only the highest grade commercial components made in the USA. Today, PAS maintains that same philosophy by using 90% made in the USA components in their products and the operation of the systems today mimics the operation of the systems made back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. However, in order to keep these units up to the operational level for which PAS is known, the price of the systems has increased over the years.

So, customers who want the products to be just like the ones they loved twenty years ago…but cost the same are the same people that like peaceful days but love Mad Max. This may not be an exact analogy but it works for this blog. Mad Max movies are not inexpensive to produce. The latest one cost over $100 million. It is difficult to keep the same level of expected performance year after year without incurring more costs.

I did like the new movie. Not because of the action but because of all the sand….I live in Florida.

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