China Produces 63% of All The World’s Goods

Made in China rhetoric is a constant discussion point on every social media platform, podcast and political talk show and newspaper in the US. What is interesting, is the fact that even though we know this is the case, we continue to buy products made in China and on the opposite side not doing anything in the US. to change that fact. Yes, there are some products assembled here in the US and some major military and government contracts require made in the US for their purchases, but for the most part almost everything we use on a daily basis has some or all of its components fabricated in China.

The issues between China and the US are food for fodder during this next Presidential Election cycle. One has the idea that there will be some significant changes in our economic relationship, but most people believe this is just talk as the US really has no leverage in the manufacturing wars. We are not seriously looking at providing any funding, public or private, to build manufacturing plants here in the US. The only new plants being built at the Chip Manufacturing Plants in Ohio, and those are for the automotive and tech sectors. 

Most new start ups are moving in the direction of AM, AI, UI. UX and Robotics. There is little money in making toasters, blenders and clothing, etc. It takes a lot of space to produce high volume parts and products and the initial capital outlay has a long term payback. Not something today’s investors are interested in. 

Pure Air Systems uses high end components and metal housings for their product line. All of their components are made in the US with the exception of the variable speed drive motors. So, in essence, about 70% of the parts in the systems are made in the USA. Many of our suppliers are looking to purchase from overseas operations as the cost of labor continues to rise in the US>

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Model 2000 HS with HEPA and Carbon

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Pure Air Systems Made In The USA

There is a long history of issues with much of manufacturing moving out of the US. For the most part a lot of the reasons were high  labor costs and corporate greed. In many cases the Asian markets had developed more companies that did injection molding and machining processes that were considerably less expensive with the ability to change product parts almost over night.

For many items imported into the US there will be little change of manufacturing venue. Technology has afforded countries around the world to make products faster and cheaper than the US. Even countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand are now major exporters to the U.S. And, many of the companies that own these operations are U.S. corporations.

Pure Air Systems has been making HEPA based, fan powered air filtration systems in the US since 1985. Everyone of these systems has a made in the USA label on it and all the components are also made in the USA. Knowing that one would think that customers would not consider purchasing any other filtration systems. But that is and was not the case. The PAS line of high end, commercial grade filtration systems is more expensive than the closest competitor but the units are designed to run for 15 to 20 years and they perform exactly as promised. Most of the competitors use cheaper, off shore components and are not made of steel or use the high end ECM variable speed drive motors.

After 32 years PAS has proven that if you make a great product, consistently and deliver what you promise, people and companies will continue to come back and order more. PAS now offers a line of 7 different HEPA systems ranging from the small portable HPS series to our 2000HS Plus units that can move up to 2000 CFM of HEPA filtered air.

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Don’t Complain If You Don’t Buy American

Since its inception, Pure Air Systems, a small manufacturing company in Indiana, has placed “Made In The USA” stickers on its line of commercial grade HEPA filtration systems.  In 1985, the year PAS was born, there were more imports coming into the US than any other time in its history. Made in Japan had become the household mantra for many things including electronics, cars, toys, games, video games, machinery, etc.

It is true that those Japanese products were, in many cases, made better than their US counter parts. But, there were still products made here that had developed a strong customer following and maintained their level of performance expected by the consumers.  Yet,  today people will look at two identical products, one made in the US and one made overseas ( anywhere)  and purchase the one that is least expensive. It is more difficult to compete with foreign companies as they don’t have some of the same regulations and have higher wages.

Not buying US manufactured products does more to harm the economy than most people realize. Wages and taxes paid by US companies provide the funds to keep communities growing and being financially healthy. When people loose jobs it affects their entire family and it impacts their community. Loss of health care, loss of home, removal of a skilled worker from the community all detract from the vitality of their environment. It also affects school age children as they now have to be uprooted from their home and friends and probably relocate to another part of the state or county to find work that pays the same wages.

There are other major reasons why keeping US companies healthy helps everyone. Most companies develop new products with the R&D departments. These sections of their company are non-revenue generating but are necessary to help them stay ahead of the competition. If the companies profits suffer then they can not support an active R&D program and thus continually slide backward in their attempts to compete with the world market.

Pure Air Systems continues to look at new products to keep their customers coming back and to develop a new stream of revenue as market demand for their current product line continues to change.

For more information on their complete product line please go to their website at: or call them on their toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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Chinese Want US Made Products

Made in China is a common mark stamped on thousands of items we purchase on a daily basis. Sometimes we do have a choice on whether to purchase the same item that is made here in the US, but more often than not, the Chinese label is our selection. There are a number of items, specifically consumer electronics, that are fabricated in China under strict control of US companies. Apple is one of them along with other major digital and electronic component manufacturers. We all know the reality of purchasing Chinese made goods….not very well made. So what do the Chinese think about purchasing products made in their own country?

Pure Air Systems has been making commercial grade HEPA and Carbon based, fan powered air filtration systems since 1985. Their systems are used by companies and individuals around the globe. In over 15,000 applications, the PAS units have proven themselves to be one of the best performing systems for removal and/or reduction of airborne contaminants. These units are used in the commercial, industrial, residential, institutional and medical markets and some are even used by the military.

One of the main challenges facing the Chinese people is the extremely poor air quality found in most of their major cities. The use of coal as a fuel for heating is one reason for the massive amount of particulate found in the air. The other source is automobiles. The Chinese are buying cars faster than any other country in the world and as their standard of living rises, so does the level of air pollution. This problem is now a major challenge for the Chinese government and local communities.

In the past week, a representative from a Chinese trading company visited Pure Air Systems at their home base in Indianapolis, Indiana to discuss buying some of the PAS portable HEPA units (HPS Series) and their 600HS series units for use by Chinese in their homes and offices. It seems there are a lot of wealthy Chinese who do not want to buy Chinese made products anymore since they usually don’t work well or last very long. They want products Made In The USA or Europe.

The Chinese Trading company told PAS that it was very important to have documentation sent along with each PAS product shipped to China that specifically insured that the components of the unit were either made in the USA or assembled in the USA and that the parts came from reliable, performance based manufacturers. Price, evidently, was not an issue. The PAS HEPA based product line was selected due to its longevity in the market place ( over 27 years old) and the ability to manufacture systems that could operate in a 220 volt, 50 Hz electrical environment. The fact that PAS already has numerous systems operating in the European and Asian markets also lent some credibility to the use of the PAS systems.

In the coming months the Chinese Trading company will be purchasing a number of PAS units for their initial use and testing in the polluted environments in the major Chinese cities. There will be follow-up blogs to keep you informed as to the progress made in this venture.

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Made In America At Any Price

The Presidential candidates talk about it, the news media constantly harps on it, the American public complains about it, companies tell you about it…but does anyone really, really care about it? You know what I am talking about…the made in America issue. With people believing everything is made in China it seems as though there is nothing we need that isn’t made someplace else. Not true, not true.

Pure Air Systems was founded in 1985 in the US and is still in operation today. Based in Indianapolis Indiana, ( and you can’t get more American than that), PAS is now going on its 28th year of operation as a US manufacturing operation. Pure Air Systems makes a complete line of commercial grade, certified HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems that are used in the residential, commercial, institutional, medical and industrial markets both here and around the world. Each PAS product proudly displays the Made In America label because we believe people want to buy the best American products. However, that is not always the case.

For all that fervor and gnashing of teeth about buying foreign made products, the hard, cold truth is that many people will shop on price only. They may consider buying a US made product but if they can’t find what they are looking for or find that the US made product ( which in many ways may be identical) and foreign made products are similar in design and function, but the US made product is more expensive. This is probably true as the cost to produce products in the US is higher because labor costs and other infrastructure costs are higher.

In some cases, however, the US made product may have a major advantage over the foreign competition as the domestic product may be designed and fabricated from materials that are far superior than their foreign counter parts. PAS products are exactly that. Far superior in both design, fabrication techniques, component parts and performance than almost all other HEPA based air filtration systems on the market today..from anywhere. The PAS units are all fabricated from 16 and 20 gauge powder coated steel and all the component parts are commercial grade, state-0f-the-art designs. With almost 28 years of operational experience and thousands of units in the field…some as old as 25 years..Pure Air Systems has a proven track record for providing the best, most long lasting, high performance HEPA air filtration systems in the world.

The PAS line of HEPA systems is priced in the commercial range because this is the only product base they manufacture. There is no residential grade unit. The HEPA systems used in a clean room environment is the same unit you use in your home. There is no difference. Are they more expensive than the cheaply made, plastic air purifiers available at Walmart and Home Depot? Absolutely. Do they do the same thing…absolutely NOT!

For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems please go to our website at:, or follow us on Twitter @pureairsystems or go to our Facebook page. Of course you can always call us at: 800-869-8025.

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I Want The Best For Less!

When ever I hear the comment about buying the best product or service for the least cost I am reminded of the Rolling Stones song, ” You can’t always get what you want, but you can get what you need”. Today much of the products we purchase are made up of component pieces that are manufactured in various parts of the US and around the world. This allows the manufacturer to get the best part for the best price by having component suppliers compete with each other for the business.

While this process produces a completed product for the lowest cost for the manufacturer. And, as long as the product meets the current operational function as designed, it will get built using this process. This is the lowest cost product process….not necessarily the best quality built process. Because as the saying goes…”you get what you paid for”.

Company’s have found that while many customers purchase based upon name brands and expected reliability, the majority of people will purchase the least expensive of the models because they assume they all have the same quality. This is why it is so hard to sell quality today as most individuals ( residential and commercial) believe quality is a given. So, the manufacturers have, over time, decided that as long as the product functions well and gives the assumed performance requested by the consumer, they will build the product as inexpensively as possible.

To do this they asked their suppliers to use alternate materials and designs to keep the costs down but still allow the product to be operational. Replacing steel or metal components with plastic or nylon components and have more pieces made in China, Korea, Taiwan, etc. allowed the manufacturer to be more competitive and still meet the performance requirements of the customer.

As real quality became less important than perceived quality the US manufactures soon found that to keep prices down they had to build their products overseas just to stay competitive. As a matter of fact, Apple designs and builds all its iPhone’s in China. They can now get good quality from overseas manufacturers. ( meeting the perceived quality requirements of the US buyer)

Pure Air Systems has been making HEPA and Carbon based, fan powered air filtration systems since 1985.  They continue to use almost all US made, commercial grade components with over 90% of the systems parts coming from US suppliers. They still use the same heavy duty steel housings, industrial grade motors, certified commercial HEPA and Carbon filters and provide the same performance characteristics as when they were built in 1985.

For more information on the PAS line of HEPA and Carbon based products please go to our website at:

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