Now You See Me

The entertainers that bill themselves as Magicians are well versed in the art of misdirection. They develop tricks and stunts that you know can’t be actually happening but your eyes trick your brain into believing differently. Some are better than others and a few actually have TV shows or specials dedicated to their unique style of entertainment. If these individuals could actually defy the laws of gravity or really make things disappear, don’t you think they would be working for the military or some giant tech company? I think so.

The art of making something disappear has been the mainstay of Pure Air Systems, based in Indianapolis, Indiana. PAS has been manufacturing commercial grade, certified HEPA based, fan powered air filtration systems since 1985. Today, Pure Air Systems is one of the leaders in high performance, multi-system HEPA filtration systems used around the world. The PAS units are utilized in commercial, institutional, industrial, residential and medical applications where the removal or sub-micron, airborne pathogens and allergens are present.

Like the Magicians discussed in the first paragraph, the HEPA filters remove not only what you see with the naked eye but also what you don’t see. For the most part, humans can only detect particles down to about 20 microns in size. For comparison purposes, one strand of your hair is approximately 100 microns in diameter, so 20 microns is pretty small. Anything smaller than 20 microns is not visible to the naked eye. However, most of the harmful Bacteria and Viruses are much smaller; well below 10 microns and some as small as 0.12 microns.

The larger, visible particles are normally inhaled then exhaled as they are easily removed from the lungs. However, the smaller particles are easily trapped in the lung linings and mucus membranes and can be the can be harmful to the human body. So, it is the particles that you don’t see that are dangerous. Those larger particles are normally expelled by the bodies own processes. But, the smaller, less visible particles are present in much higher concentrations by volume than the visible particles and that is why HEPA filters are used to remove them.

Like those entertainers that specialize in making things disappear, the HEPA based, commercial grade air filtration systems by Pure Air Systems also specialize in making thing you don’t see disappear.

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