I’ll Show You Mine, If You’ll Show Me Yours!

There are times in your life when you make a goofy statements or challenge some one with the phrase used in the title of this blog. It can be considered childish, humorous or even risque. But we have all said this at one or another. We often times use comparisons to get “one up” on the other guy. You see comparisons and “visual jousting” taking place on TV, Newspapers, Cell Phones, Computers, iPads, etc.etc. Stating my product is better than yours or my product is different than yours.

I am reminded of a story about two farmers, each owning a fine stallion with many similarities. Both horses could gallop at the same speed, both could jump the same high fence, both could pull the same amount of weight and both would respond to the owners commands in the same way when ridden. But neither owner wanted to admit to the other that neither horse was different than the other. They decided to weigh the horses and measure them. They found both horses weighed the same but the black horse was 3 inches taller than the white horse!

In some cases differences in a products overall capabilities can be subtle, in some cases dramatic, but the marketing hype that is used often masks these major differences. This is especially true with products such as air filters, air filtration systems and air purification devices.

There are a number of companies that make air filtration systems and air filters of many types, styles and sizes. Those that make them only for the residential market are usually fabricated from cheaper materials and are inexpensive and provide minimal if any effectiveness. Then there are those filter companies that make products for both the residential and commercial markets. Their products are some what better, a little more expensive and are more slightly more effective in their performance for the residential line. The third type of filter company produces only commercial grade systems but sells to all markets. These products are highly effective and perform at a high very high degree.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing commercial grade, certified  HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems for the industrial, institutional, commercial and residential markets since 1985. Our systems are used in clean room applications, surgery suites and for infectious contamination control. These identical units are used in homes and offices across North America.

When you try to compare the other filtration systems that are out there with the PAS units you begin to see there are significant differences in product design, filter design and overall capabilities. When you go the Pure Air Systems site you will find a section called “Pure Air University.” This section has a lot of information that walks you through how filtration actually works and the benefits and features of our products especially compared other filtration products.

To find this information simply go to: www.pureairsystems.com and click on Pure Air University.



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