So Far…So Good

In a world that seems to be under going tumultuous changes on a daily basis, it is easy to be concerned about the future and keeping any of the sane social structure of our recent past. It seems the negative-ites, as I call them, are out in full force. Social media has allowed more negative news, and apocalyptic prophecies today than any time in our history. ┬áIf someone has a bias toward a certain person, party or issue, there is a ton of fodder produced every day to feed their fire. It seems as though there is little to be happy about and that “the end is near” signs are painted on the subway halls and tenement walls.. ( sorry S&G ).

I, however, am not deterred. I am like the eternal optimist that stepped off the top of a six story building and was heard to say on the way down, ” so good!” It is easy to forget that the majority of people are very grounded and are more human than animal. The problem is the “noise” being made by the angry few tends to drown out the mellow sounds of civility. The ” recession” as some call it was probably more of a transition from a one continent dominant policy ( USA) to a multi-continent technological movement leaving the USA behind the world growth curve. This and other factors create a sense of dread when changes take place faster than we can adapt. Also, the younger generation is much less entrenched in the past than our current senior population.

Companies that dwell in the past and think their products and services will always be in demand are not being realistic. Their optimism is shrouded in the false belief that people will always want and need their services, until some new company comes along and redefines their market model and rolls over them before they knew what hit them. Sound familiar?

Pure Air Systems was formed in 1985 and its business model was based upon the use of commercial grade, certified HEPA based filtration systems used primarily in the electronics industry. They were, however, moving this technology to the residential market which had little or no knowledge of this type of air filtration technology. Being the eternal optimists, PAS knew that over time this technology would be adapted by the non-commercial market and 28 years later their business model has proven correct.

Today, PAS has a line of seven filtration systems that use certified, scanned HEPA filters along with the newer ECM motors for variable volume control and for use in a world-wide market. Sometimes it takes a little faith along with the optimism to make the impossible, possible. There are always people that will tell you the “sky is falling” or that ” the end of the world as we know it is near,” however, that is seldom the case and for those that follow the path of sanity and objectivity , the end result will be pretty much what you expected.

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