Can I Get Sugar And Cream With My Tea Party?

With only a little over a month left before the midterm elections, the amount of discussion and controversy over who can do a better job of running the country has overtaken any and all other news. Unfortunately like most issues that resonate with the public, everyone wants someone to do something for them and take away something from everyone else. While we want to believe there is a consensus of opinion in the US, we are really made up of 300 million special interest groups.

We like to think we are capable of compromise but more often than not we really want things done our way and to suit our own purposes first, then everyone else second. This is just the nature of human beings. We feel strongly about some issue or person and find all the information that conforms to our way of thinking to substantiate our beliefs. We use this same approach for forming an opinion about products, companies and services in the market.

Companies spend millions of dollars on advertising their products or services to get you to shop with them rather than the competition. People have been conditioned that they can get what they want, when they want it for the price they want to pay. All they have to do is go on-line to find just the right item for the price they feel is reasonable and have it in less than a week. They really don’t much care where it was made or even if they recognize the company name. They perceive that all products and services are the same and price is the only difference. This makes it difficult for a company to get people to buy from them on a regular basis. People will shift loyalties from month to month and day to day.

So, the only way to capture some form of loyalty with the public is to have a product or service that performs consistently better than anyone else all the time. This is difficult in today’s market…not only for companies but individuals trying to run for office and telling everyone they will do a better job for you.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems for the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional markets since 1985. As a result of their commitment to providing only the highest quality, best performing air filtration systems, companies and individuals continue to purchase their systems because they have found nothing works better for their applications than the PAS product line….nothing.

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I Want The Best For Less!

When ever I hear the comment about buying the best product or service for the least cost I am reminded of the Rolling Stones song, ” You can’t always get what you want, but you can get what you need”. Today much of the products we purchase are made up of component pieces that are manufactured in various parts of the US and around the world. This allows the manufacturer to get the best part for the best price by having component suppliers compete with each other for the business.

While this process produces a completed product for the lowest cost for the manufacturer. And, as long as the product meets the current operational function as designed, it will get built using this process. This is the lowest cost product process….not necessarily the best quality built process. Because as the saying goes…”you get what you paid for”.

Company’s have found that while many customers purchase based upon name brands and expected reliability, the majority of people will purchase the least expensive of the models because they assume they all have the same quality. This is why it is so hard to sell quality today as most individuals ( residential and commercial) believe quality is a given. So, the manufacturers have, over time, decided that as long as the product functions well and gives the assumed performance requested by the consumer, they will build the product as inexpensively as possible.

To do this they asked their suppliers to use alternate materials and designs to keep the costs down but still allow the product to be operational. Replacing steel or metal components with plastic or nylon components and have more pieces made in China, Korea, Taiwan, etc. allowed the manufacturer to be more competitive and still meet the performance requirements of the customer.

As real quality became less important than perceived quality the US manufactures soon found that to keep prices down they had to build their products overseas just to stay competitive. As a matter of fact, Apple designs and builds all its iPhone’s in China. They can now get good quality from overseas manufacturers. ( meeting the perceived quality requirements of the US buyer)

Pure Air Systems has been making HEPA and Carbon based, fan powered air filtration systems since 1985.  They continue to use almost all US made, commercial grade components with over 90% of the systems parts coming from US suppliers. They still use the same heavy duty steel housings, industrial grade motors, certified commercial HEPA and Carbon filters and provide the same performance characteristics as when they were built in 1985.

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