I Love My Pets But They Don’t Love Me!

Americans have a very strong love affair with their pets. We spend over 4 Billion dollars a year feeding, grooming and keeping them healthy and happy and for many of us they have become our best friends. And the types of animals we keep as pets has broadened to include snakes, turtles, iguanas and birds of all types, sizes and varieties.

We take our pets everywhere we go; on planes, trains, in the car, on our bikes, to outdoor restaurants, to parks and in some cases sporting events. We take them everywhere and they love it. Aside from the unconditional love we get from our pets they also give us animal dander and other allergens that can be significantly challenging to us humans.

It is interesting to note, that of all the allergies that people suffer from, allergies caused by animals (dogs, cats, birds, etc) are second only to ragweed and pollen. Cats, for example, produce cat dander, tiny flakes of skin that have a protein that can cause itchy eyes, skin rashes, runny nose, congestion, wheezing and sneezing. Dog dander is not as strong an allergen but some people do have similar reactions to dog dander as they do to cat dander.

Birds are another issue. Like cat and dog dander, bird dander and their feathers are very light and stay airborne for long periods of time. Keeping birds in a small enclosed area will tend to concentrate the bird dander in one area. When you are in that area you will be exposed to the higher concentrations of the dander. Allergies to bird dander are similar to those caused by cats and dogs.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing HEPA based air filtration systems since 1985 for the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional markets. Many of the HEPA based systems sold to homeowners are used specifically to assist in removing/reducing the concentrations of animal dander in the air.

It is interesting to note, that many of Pure Air’s customers who have cats and know that they are allergic to cats, will keep the cats knowing that the HEPA filtration system is removing a significant amount of the airborne dander.  This is also true of dog and bird owners. For the most part,  pet owners will do everything they can to keep their pets in spite of the allergy issues. Only if the pet owner is so sensitive to the specific pet that even petting them causes some allergic reaction, then and only then will they make the decision to give up their pet.

It is necessary to consider your own health issues and issues of other family members as is relates to allergies to pet dander especially if the reactions are significant and can cause severe respiratory issues. We know you love your pets, but sometimes you may have to practice some tough love and make a decision that is best for you and your family in the long run.

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