Soccer…Love It or Hate It!

With all the hype about the World Cup of Soccer being played in South Africa and the US having a pretty good start one would think these would be the games to watch here in the US.  But not so. It seems that the “most popular sport in the world” is not really appreciated here. Yes there is soccer for the kids and some high schools and most colleges play soccer, but very few people watch it and even fewer understand it.

Much of the problem with the acceptance of soccer is the fact that it is not an American sport. Baseball, Football and Basketball are all US born sports with lots of history and tradition. US sports fans like “their” sports. Even Hockey has some challenges being accepted here in the US because it is a Canadian sport. And, like soccer, Hockey is not easy to understand.

US citizens are conditioned to what some would call the “immediate gratification syndrome” or keep me excited because I get bored easily issue. This is true with almost anything we do. We have little patience and are not prone to enjoying the small subtle parts of life.  The US sports provide high drama, immediate gratification and are relatively easy to understand.

Our impatience and lack of trying to understand the basics of an issue are carried through to everything we do. This is especially true in the way Americans view health care. When we have a health problem we immediately go to our Doctor. We don’t take time to understand the underlying reason for our malady, we want an immediate answer to our unknown condition. And we want some form of treatment…..NOW!  It has been determined that almost 40% of all Doctor visits are not really necessary.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems since 1985. A great majority of their residential customers suffer from allergies and chemical sensitivities. For many of these individuals the use of various medications or just plain isolation from the contaminant  source have proved to be of minimal value. However, for many of these individuals the commercial grade HEPA systems have provided immediate relief when applied and used appropriately.

For people with allergies caused by airborne allergens and particulate, the use of the certified, commercial grade HEPA systems provides for a reduction of 99.99% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger. When a significant amount of these particles are removed from the environment those individuals who react to these allergens get relief in a very short period of time. Usually within 24 hours of operation.

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