Using Positive Pressure With Air Filtration

The word pressure connotes a number of concepts. There is pressure to get things done on time, pressure cooking for vegetables and pressure to form a mold with an hydraulic machine. Pressure can be both negative and positive. The use of pressure as it relates to filtration is usually only associated with the medical or chip markets but has more recently been incorporated into the residential markets.

In the medical markets the use of HEPA filtered air for both general IAQ and for surgery suites and isolation rooms is standard. All hospital surgery rooms are pressurized using 100% HEPA filtered air so that if anyone enters the room during a procedure the air will push out through the door or opening not allowing any unfiltered or contaminated air to enter the room.

In the electronics, chip and optics manufacturing processes the same procedure is used. HEPA filtered air is pushed into the assembly and manufacturing rooms at high rates; often changing all the air in the room 100 times per hour. Again, the pressurization of the room eliminates any dust, dirt or airborne particulates from entering the sterile assembly environment even when the room is accessed from the outside.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing HEPA and Carbon based high end, commercial grade HEPA filtration systems since 1985. Their fan powered systems are designed to either attach to an existing HVAC system or they can be used as stand-alone units. Over the past 27 years of operation the customer base for PAS has moved away from Residential only to a 60/40 split between the commercial and residential markets. With commercial being the larger growth sector.

Pure Air Systems has numerous HEPA systems in the medical and electronics markets. Some or used for general air filtration but the majority are used for critical care or critical component processes. And almost all of these are used in positive pressure operations. The ability to incorporate the same positive pressure techniques used in the commercial markets into the residential and office markets has been an interesting project.

The introduction of outside, fresh filtered air into a residential or office structure is accomplished by adding one of the PAS HEPA based systems to the HVAC unit and introducing small amounts of outside air through the the HEPA/Carbon/Prefilter filtration package and slightly pressurize the living environment. This significantly reduces the entry of airborne allergens and pathogens into the living space and also reduces the levels of CO2 in the homes and offices.

The use of positive pressure for reduction of airborne contaminants is very effective and in most cases fairly inexpensive to accomplish. For more information on using the PAS HEPA systems to pressurize your home, office, clinic or surgery room please go to our website at: or follow us on Twitter @pureairsystems or like us on our Facebook page. Of course you can always call us on our Toll-Free number at: 800-869-8025.

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