A YouTube Video Is Worth 10,000 Words

Remember when the term” a picture is worth a thousand words” was used to suggest that it was easier to describe an incident or person by showing a photograph rather than try to explain the issue using words? Well….with the advent of the cell phone, iPhone, iPad, iPod and just about any other hand held digital device that records videos as well as photos, a video with sound showing an incident or person doing something has taken the place of the photo being worth 1,000 words.

While the ability to video anyone or anything at anytime creates some challenges, the fact that anyone with a cell phone or digital device that records video and a computer can upload their cinematic masterpiece onto YouTube or even their own Facebook page. For showing videos of a family picnic or your daughters first piano recital this is great. However, one of its great  assets is to allow you to video something bad that has happened for a “show and tell” to a contractor, store or company regarding a challenge you have had with their product or service.

This is especially relevant for individuals who are experiencing mold problems in their homes or place of work. Years ago if you suspected you had an environmental problem in your occupied space you had to get an “expert” or someone who could evaluate your suspected problem and have them examine the area in question. This was expensive and often what they found was not  a serious problem.

Flash forward to today! You grab your video camera ( now as small as a pack of cigarettes) or our cell phone with its 8 megapixel camera and take videos of the suspected mold or environmental issue….plug the device into your computer and load to a folder…send an e-mail to the appropriate party along with the video as an attachment….viola! Your video is now worth 10,000 words and you have proof of the problem. And, if you have a problem doing t his just get your 7 year old grandson to do it for you.

And, with the ability to use your computer that has a camera and microphone attached as a on-line TV camera, you can use Skype or other internet based video conferencing software to show something to somebody else in real time. You can even use the new iPhone  to show someone your issue while describing it at the same time. Hmmm…now we need a new term for that.

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