Wiring Harness

The problem with any new product development that requires electrical wiring is the design and construction of the wiring harness. The part of the product that carries electricity from the power source to the various working components and allows for product execution by the customer or user of the device. While digital controls, chips and control boards all have their parts to play in the operation of the product electrical wire with connectors and connector boards are still an essential part of the product.

One of the challenges with designing any piece of equipment is the dual challenges of keeping the design simple for assembly as well as for maintenance. This is easier said than done as one often looks only at the fabrication process and forgets the customers have to disassemble the unit for maintenance and repair.  Wiring is an issue as you need to make sure you use push on connectors rather than soldered or snap in connections should the customer have to move or remove a piece of the system for repair.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing fan powered, commercial grade, certified HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems since 1985. The design of the systems has changed over the years and while more digital components are now used, basic electrical wiring is still part of the overall operational design. The use of the variable speed drive ECM motors required more digital speed controllers and boards than before. However, the need for small 24 volt transformers also  required wiring from the transformers to the boards and to the inlet power cord.  Again, design of the harness was crucial to the overall assembly and operation of the unit.

It never ceases to amaze me how something as small as a screw or connector or the correct length of a piece of wire can totally alter the design of a component. If a capture device can not be used because of access to it with a tool during assembly then the capture device ( screw ) will have to be replaced with something else. And, that something else needs to have the same strength to secure the component as the previous screw. Small things make a big difference.

In re-designing the HPS portable unit for the new APPAIS Class II Medical Device, the wiring harness had to be significantly modified to allow for the rotation of the EBM blower/motor 180 degrees and a shift of one inch to the right. This change made the current harness too long and difficult to work with when the blower/motor was installed in its proper position.  This change to the wiring harness was small compared to the major re-design of the housing. That discussion is for another blog.

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