Phone Books Are Going The Way Of The Dodo Bird!

Many libraries, businesses, schools, medical facilities and even homes no longer rely on the ubiquitous phone book ( white or yellow pages) to get phone numbers and addresses for individuals or businesses. The old yellow pages  line that said ” let your fingers do the walking” has been changed to “let your fingers do the typing.” The use of the computer or digital device has replaced, for the most part, the phone book. Soon, like the Dodo bird, the telephone book, as we know it, will become extinct.

While there is still a portion of the population that either refuses to become computer literate or just can’t figure out how to make anything more complicated than a standard phone work, the vast majority of people use digital devices to not only find individuals and businesses but also to save or “archive” this information for future reference. All with the touch of  a few keys or buttons on your iPhone.

Not only can you find information faster, but you can access rating information on that specific product or service in an instant from a number of respected sources. You can’t do that with a phone book. This is why most companies today put more money, time and serious effort in developing a website and e-mail addresses to provide for a connection to their business from anyone anywhere around the world in less than 2 seconds. You can’t do that with a phone book. Oh yeah….and you can contact the business from your computer and ask them to give you a price or answer more questions about their product or service….without having to call them.

As I mentioned earlier, companies that use their websites as their primary method of marketing their products or services put a lot of time and money into developing a site that is informative, educational, detail specific, includes typical applications and even allows you to purchase their products on line.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing and marketing its line of HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems since 1985. It was one of the first air filter companies to build a website in the early 90’s when .com was not even a term. Over the years PAS has modified, changed, altered and improved its web site to include a lot of useful information including typical applications, specific references showing how other companies utilize the systems and Pure Air University, a section dedicated to inform you on how filtration and carbon adsorption actually works.

You can even order replacement filters and some of the smaller systems online. And of course, there is a section that allows you to send questions directly to the PAS staff so that your specific problem or application can be addressed. For more information on the complete product line please go to our website at:


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