Pure Air Systems Was Green When Green Was Just a Color!

In 1985 when Pure Air Systems was founded very few people and even fewer companies were interested in global warming and the word eco-friendly had not been invented. However, when we initially designed our systems we decided to use only commercial grade, components and all steel housings for durability and longevity. The housings were designed to last the life of the application and the design allowed for easy removal and replacement of the components so the major pieces did not need to be discarded.

In 1999 Pure Air Systems was the first filter company to use the new GE (Genteq) ECM variable speed digitally controlled motors that used up to 50% less electricity than induction motors in continuous operation mode. In addition, the ECM motors come in two sections; motor drive section and electronic control section. If the motor fails typically the only portion that needs to be replaced is the smaller electronic control section. These motors are energy efficient, “Energy Star” rated and meet all the new LEED certifications for energy efficiency.


Pure Air Systems is proud to be doing its part to reduce the carbon footprint, reduce waste and offer products that use less energy. And…we have been doing it for a long time.