Medical, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, and Military Applications

Since 1985 Pure Air Systems, Inc. has been manufacturing commercial grade HEPA and carbon based air filtration systems for the commercial and residential markets. View a list of our clients. Here are some of the applications where are products are being used:


  • Hospitals: Use of HEPA systems in patient care rooms where either a positive or negative HEPA filtered environment is required. Typically used for infection control or isolation for communicable disease control.
  • Clinics: Use of HEPA systems for reduction/removal of airborne pathogens, allergens and bacteria to maintain clean environment for outpatient procedures.
  • Laboratories: Use of HEPA systems in medical labs and dental labs
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Use of HEPA systems for containment of chemical compounds during the manufacture and development of pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Veterinary Hospitals, Animal Kennels, and Boarding Kennels: Use of HEPA and Carbon systems for general order reduction and isolation sick animals. Prevention of spread of disease among the animals.


  • Universities: Use of HEPA and Carbon systems for R&D labs for reduction/removal of airborne contaminants and/or pathogens during various phases of the research cycle.
  • Pre-Schools and Secondary Educational Facilities: Use of HEPA systems in pre-schools to reduce levels of airborne pathogens and minimize spread of communicable disease. Use of HEPA systems in High Schools for overall air filtration of occupied areas.
  • Prisons and Criminal Detention centers: Use of HEPA systems for reduction/removal of bacteria (TB) associated with indigent population in these type of facilities.


  • Household Health and Personal Care Products: Use of HEPA and Carbon based systems for reduction/removal of contaminants associated with the design and development of various chemical and compound based health care and cosmetic products.
  • Food Products and Beverages: Use of HEPA systems to maintain mid-level clean room environment for packaging and processing of food grade products. This includes the bottling process for many alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Retail – Restaurant: Use of HEPA and Carbon systems for removal of odors and airborne particulates in food service and various retail facilities. Also used for removal of cigarette and cigar smoke in those bars and restaurants that allow smoking.
  • Apartments and Hotels: Use of HEPA systems in apartment complex HVAC systems (where individual air handlers are used) and in high end Hotels for meeting and conference rooms.


  • Microelectronics: Use of HEPA and Carbon systems in the manufacture of microchips and other dust sensitive electronic components. Typically these types of products have to be fabricated in a clean-room type of environment.
  • Optics: Use of HEPA systems to maintain clean room environment in the manufacture of precision optics for commercial and military use.
  • Precision Component Manufacturing: Use of HEPA systems for reduction/removal of fine dust generated in the manufacturing of precision components to minimize maintenance issues with particulate getting into process equipment.
  • Testing Laboratories: Use of HEPA systems to remove fine airborne particulate generated during various phases of compound testing (i.e. mineral labs, precious metal labs).
  • Automotive: Use of HEPA systems in the paint and coatings labs and R & D facilities.

Pharmacy and In-Store Mini Clinics:

  • Pharmacies: Use of HEPA systems to reduce and minimize the potential for communicable contamination from patients to Pharmacists and technicians. Positive pressure using HEPA filtered air to keep occupied area of pharmacy clean.
  • Mini-Clinics: Use of HEPA systems to maintain a semi-clean room environment in the occupied areas of the clinic. Many of these clinics are now located in retail establishments with a large growth potential for this market.


  • Aerospace Guidance Systems: Use of HEPA systems in the manufacture and assembly of highly sophisticated, precision guidance systems for all military aircraft, satellites and unmanned systems. These systems are always assembled in clean room environments.
  • Chemical and Biological Systems: Use of HEPA systems for protection of occupants in the development and testing of certain chemical and biological compounds.


  • LEED Certified Buildings: Pure Air Systems HEPA units are Energy Star compliant, and with the use of the ECM motors they use up to 50% less electricity than standard induction motors. The housings are all heavy gauge steel ( 16 to 20 gauge) designed to last the life of the application so they comply with sustainability requirements and most importantly the systems have a very low carbon footprint. These features make our HEPA systems very eco-friendly and are an added benefit when considering the use and purchase of HEPA based systems.