Standard Prefilter for 600HS/600HS Plus Series (Pkg. of 6)


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Don’t forget to take a look at our NEW Infrared Remote Control options for your HEPA Shield (HS) system! Also, did you know that your older system can be easily upgraded to the new High Efficiency PLUS motor technology from G.E? The first year energy savings usually pay for the modest cost of the retrofit kit! When you’re done shopping go to our section on ECM PLUS motor technology. While you are shopping, don’t forget to order BioPanel filters for your heating/cooling system. BioPanels are the result of Pure Air Systems filter expertise applied to the often overlooked furnace filter.

600HS/600HS Plus Series Pre-Filter Replacement Guidelines:

  • Residential: Every 3 months
  • Commercial: Monthly
  • Chemically sensitive customers: Use the commercial guidelines