With the growing population and the increased demand for health care and drugs around the world, the pharmaceutical industry is growing to meet this demand. While there are a number of large multinational drug companies there are also a lot of smaller pharmaceutical companies that produce both generic versions of the name brand drugs as well as vitamins and other drug supplements.

For most people who take drugs the dose is small enough that there is usually no serious side effects. However, during the manufacturing of the drugs the amount of drug compound that is processed at any one time, which is usually very high concentrations, can be lethal if the technician working in the plant is exposed. To ensure this doesn’t happen the pharmaceutical industry employs hundreds of HEPA filters throughout the manufacturing process and in the plant to remove any of the potential airborne drug compounds.

Pure Air Systems has been making commercial grade, fan powered, certified HEPA filtration systems since 1985. PAS has hundreds of these systems in pharmaceutical plants around the world. These systems use a certified HEPA that has a minimum efficiency of 99.99% on 0.3 microns or smaller. It also uses an ECM digitally controlled 120/240 volt, 50/60Hz motor that has variable speed or variable volume performance.

Since many of the process operations where drugs are made are small to medium in size and capacity the use of the PAS HEPA systems is a perfect match. The PAS units can operate from as low as 100 CFM to as high as 2000 CFM and have variable capability in  between those volumes. This allows the manufacturer to use one HEPA system for a process line that may vary in capacity and drug dust volume. The PAS HEPA system can be automatically or manually adjusted to vary its speed or volume in 1% increments, making this unit one of the most versatile HEPA systems on the market today.

In addition, the fact that the PAS units have a 120/240 volt, 50/60 Hz motor allows for use anywhere in the world. This is an advantage for those drug companies that have plants in North America as well as overseas where much of the electrical requirements are for 220 volt, 50 Hz motors.

Pure Air Systems offers a complete line of HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems as well as ancillary filter products. To view our complete line of systems please go to our website at: www.pureairsystems. com

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My name is Don Musilli. I started Pure Air Systems in 1985 and then sold it in 2006. I continue to consult for PAS and write their blog and control their Twitter account. I also, on occasion, make changes to the website. The company is now almost 26 years old and has been a major player in offering commercial grade, high performance HEPA and Carbon based filtration systems for the commercial, institutional, industrial and residential markets.

I currently reside in Englewood, Florida where I write blogs and do social media marketing for a number of clients.

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