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First, I want to let you know that I am writing this in the first person. It makes it easier for me to describe the applications for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), the equipment required and our 22 years of experience working with contractors and end users. It also allows me to inject a little humor along the way. Secondly, the information contained in this university is based on factual data and the physics of air handling, filtration, purification, temperature control and ventilation. Some of this information may be contrary to your understanding of how you thought something actually worked. Time to rethink some of those old ideas you used to have! I hope you read this entire introduction, as it is the foundation for the rest of the material in this university.


Over the past 22 plus years, Pure Air Systems, Inc. has applied its HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems to an enormous number of applications. We have attached our HEPA Shield (HS) systems to every conceivable type of heating / cooling system or air handler including, gas, oil, propane, wood, coal, electric, solar and geothermal. We have used our larger HEPA 1200HS and HEPA 2000HS units in hospitals, nurseries, office buildings, laboratories, large homes, trailers, on board ships, for light manufacturing, electronics, food processing, smoke removal, clean rooms, safe rooms, etc. Any application requiring the removal of airborne respirable sized particles or contaminants, you name it, we have probably filtered it. We have sold over 8,000 HEPA Air Filtration and Purification System Shield units and have them installed across the U.S., Canada and even overseas.

At Pure Air Systems we have done IAQ testing, including speciated fungal (mold) and bacteria testing, laser particle size analysis and VOC (gas) testing. By understanding the types of airborne pathogens, allergens and particles and their cause and effect, we can better determine which HEPA air filter / purifier systems to recommend for different application.

Pure Air Systems, Inc. has always prided itself on offering HEPA air filtration and purification products that use only commercial grade components. In most cases, our systems are more powerful, heavier and more ruggedly constructed than some of the other air filtration and purification systems on the market. Further more, our systems are designed to perform. We don’t sell hype, we sell performance. We are not a marketing company, but a manufacturing company.

Stand-Alone Units

Pure Air Systems, Inc. introduced the 2000 HEPA air filtration shield unit in 1994. This was and still is one of the most powerful 2000 CFM HEPA air filtration and purification system on the market. This unit is joined by the new 1200 HEPA Shield (HS) unit which was designed for customers who needed more capacity than our 600 HEPA Shield (HS) units could supply. The addition of the PLUS version of our air filtration and air purification systems which incorporates the new GE ECM variable speed motors and new digital controller systems, expanded the capabilities and applications for our systems to a new level.

As you will see in other sections of this guide, the HEPA PLUS units can be used as separate air filtration or purification systems to do multiple jobs in one unit. For example you can use the HEPA 1200HS or HEPA 2000HS PLUS units to filter air in a series of rooms or an entire floor of a house just by ducting to the unit from the various areas. In addition this same filtration unit can introduce some outside air into the unit and assist in both bringing fresh, filtered outside air into the occupied space but also assist in pressurizing the area to eliminate negative pressure pockets. AND… we can even add a 2 to 3 ton cooling coil on the discharge of the HEPA Shield units to make it an air conditioner for those areas where cooling is not provided. AND… you can control the speed / volume from 1% to 100 % in 1% increments. NO OTHER AIR FILTRATION or PURIFICATION SYSTEMS can give you this flexibility, capability and performance.

So, take some time to read through this university. Learn something about air filtration, purification, ventilation and exactly what IAQ really means. If you like this guide, give us a call. If you don’ t like this guide, call us and tell us. Ask for me, Dave Hearn, President. I’ll take your call. 1.800.869.8025