It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

The prophets of gloom and doom are always out on the side lines predicting the demise of man…self made no less. It seems like every change by a despot or ruler of a foreign county constitutes major peril to the entire world. The  sequester, changing of the guard in North Korea and climate change are but a few of those apocalyptic events that seem to rock the universe. To those problems  I say…Eh!

The truth is there are more real issues in the world that could eliminate or minimize the level of humans who live on this sphere in the universe…and they are very, very tiny. Yes, we are talking about bacteria and viruses. Those tiny, less than 10 micron sized living entities that dominate the earth in astounding numbers. It has been proven that despite man’s attempt to change human kind and the planet we are facing the reality that “nature always finds a  way” to adopt. New pesticides for farmers has generated a new strain of bugs that love the stuff. But the battle of finding new vaccines and antibiotics that will kill the ever evolving drug resistant bacteria and virus strains may just be the one battle we may lose.

There are now serious concerns on the part of the medical community that many people will die as a result of these new drug resistant strains. The fact that the flu vaccine this year had little effect for those who got vaccinated is a good indication of just how fast these new “bugs” evolve.  Close quarters and crowded spaces make the transmission of these airborne pathogens simple and easy. This is also complicated by the transmission of surface born pathogens that can affect hundreds of people that eat in just one restaurant or take a vacation on a cruise ship.

Airborne bacteria and many viruses can be removed from the air by using commercial grade, certified HEPA based air filtration devices. Systems such as those produced by Pure Air Systems, have the ability to move up to 2000 CFM of HEPA filtered air and come in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Since 1985, Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing these high end, commercial grade, high performance HEPA systems that are now used around the world. Many of the PAS systems are used in hospitals, clean rooms, clinics, laboratories and critical applications where reduction and or removal of  harmful airborne particulate is required.

The PAS systems are currently used in applications including, institutional, industrial, residential, medical, commercial and governmental. In many instances, the PAS systems are the only HEPA unit available on the market that can provide the type of sub-micron particulate removal needed to ensure the safety of people and equipment.  The PAS line of HEPA and Carbon based systems can either be attached to existing air handlers or HVAC equipment or be used as stand-alone systems.

For more information on the complete line of air filtration systems available from PAS please go to our website at: or follow us on Twitter @pureairsystems. You can also call us on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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Drug Resistant Microbes

Antibiotic resistance is the ability of bacteria or other microbes to resist the effects of an antibiotic. Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria changes in some way that reduces or eliminates the effectiveness of drugs, chemicals, or other agents designed to cure or prevent infections. The bacteria survive and continue to multiply causing more harm.

Antibiotic resistance has been called one of the world’s most pressing public health problems. Almost every type of bacteria has become stronger and less responsive to antibiotic treatment when it is really needed. These antibiotic-resistant bacteria can quickly spread to family members, schoolmates, and co-workers- threatening the community with a new strain of infectious disease that is more difficult to cure and more expensive to treat. Recently reports that a new strain of TB has become resistant to all known antibiotics designed to kill the TB bacteria has caused great concern throughout the medical industry.

HEPA filters have been around since 1941. Originally designed to protect the scientists working with radioactive material during the development of the atomic bomb, HEPA filters and their sisters  Scanned HEPA, ULPA and SULPA filters are the only non-mechanical air filtration medias capable of removing almost 100% of all bacteria and up to 90% of some viruses. HEPA filters are used by hospitals, clinics, laboratories, clean rooms, the CDC and the military. For absolute removal of harmful sub-micron particles nothing works as well as HEPA filter media.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing true HEPA based air filtration systems since 1985. These systems are being used in the commercial, institutional, industrial, medical and residential markets and in applications across the North America, Asia and Europe. Designed to be used either attached to existing HVAC systems or as stand-alone units, the HEPA systems by Pure Air Systems are considered the most effective, durable, technically advanced units on the market today.

Many of the customers that use the PAS units are operations that deal with protecting patients or medical personnel from airborne pathogens and allergens. Hospitals have isolation rooms or wards where either immuno-supressed patients or patients with communicable diseases are treated. HEPA systems are used in these applications because they offer the greatest protection for all concerned parties. PAS also has a number of units in correctional or Homeland Security type operations where indigents and illegal aliens are detained, some of whom may carry the TB bacteria or other airborne transmitted diseases.

PAS makes a range of sizes in their HEPA line up. The new HPS series portable units are being used by commercial customers as well as many home owners. Since all the the HEPA systems are capable of being used either in conjunction with the existing heating/cooling systems or as stand-alone units, there are few areas where the PAS HEPA systems can’t be employed.  Repeat purchases of the units from many of the customers is a true testimonial to the superior performance and reliability of the PAS HEPA systems.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems offered by Pure Air Systems please go to our website at: or like us on our Facebook page at or follow us on Twitter @pureairsytems. Of course you can also call us during normal working hours on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.


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