Willie Make It…Betty Won’t

“Play on words” has been a popular tool of writers and journalists since newspapers were in print. The title of this blog, for example, is taken from some family get together’s when I was a young man. It seems there were a lot of what I call “goofy” phrases used in the early 50’s. This title is one of them. Maybe you have seen it before ….or heard it used. In either case use of this type of phrasing is a great way to get attention from readers.

In today’s world the vast majority of people get all their information, books, classes and social interaction online. The ability to capture your attention has never been more demanding. Getting someone to read something  for more than 8 seconds is now considered a real coup…and if you can get them to read your entire article, blog or product description you are in rare company.

Telling stories and providing helpful, insightful information seems to be one way to get people to view your material. It is for this reason that many companies now incorporate blogs into their websites, like this one, to provide updated and topical data to the market.

Pure Air Systems has published over 150 blogs in the past two years. Over time the number of people reading the blogs has increased dramatically. But most importantly the blogs provide topical information as well as directing potential customers to our website. This is important as all of the technical and operational information about our HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems are found there. Whether you are a contractor, end user or engineer, the data you need is located on the website.

In addition to the blogs, a special section on our website is designed to provide general information on all aspects of air filtration, indoor air quality, heating/cooling systems and ventilation. We call it “Pure Air University.”  We believe it is important to offer some basic knowledge on all things IAQ so that the public has the ability to make an informed decision when selecting an air filtration system. The information provided through this section is not designed to sell but rather designed to tell.

After being in business for over 25 years, you learn a lot about what information is important to potential customers. They have seen the hyped marketing materials from many of the companies that sell air filtration or air purifier systems. Many of those companies that sold “gimmick” based technology are no longer in business. It seems no matter what you say or how you say it…performance is the only viable marketing tool. We know this and that is why we are still here. Our systems perform as promised…period. No play on words needed.

For more information on our complete product line please go to our website at: www.pureairsystems.com.  Or call us at: 800-869-8025.

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The Knights of The Round Table

When King Arthur formed the Knights of The Round Table he wanted men of courage, honor, dignity, courtesy and nobleness.  They protected ladies and damsels, honored and fought for kings, and undertook dangerous quests.  There were 12 knights, not including King Arthur himself, with Sir Lancelot being the most famous of the knights. The legend of the knights tells us they were always reliable and never wavered from their goal. Its hard to find that type of allegiance these days. Especially from people and companies that promise one thing and deliver another.

It is interesting how companies and individuals in business use some of the same words to describe their business ethics as those used by King Arthur to describe the purpose of the Knights. The words may be the same but the end results are often vastly different. It is why, perhaps, we don’t believe what people tell us they will do until we actually see the end result for ourselves. It is unfortunate, but often true.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems since 1985. And much like the stories of the Knights the reliability of the air filtration systems by PAS are almost legendary. Here is an example of what often takes place when a new company or customer purchases a system from PAS for the first time.

A mechanical contractor in Kansas was working on a project that  required one of the larger HEPA systems, the model 2000HS. This customer had reviewed the specifications on the website and after three additional phone conversations decided to purchase the unit. The contractor was still somewhat skeptical about buying something he had not seen before and lamented about his history of purchasing products for the first time and being told it would be exactly what he wanted only to find out that when he received the product the construction and quality were severely lacking.

The contractor was told that if he didn’t think the quality and performance of the 2000HS wasn’t better than what he thought he actually ordered then we would pay to ship it back and refund his money on the spot. The unit was shipped out. Three days later it arrived by truck to the job site. The contractor called back after he had time to look at the system and test the overall capabilities of the unit and told us the system was 10 times better than he had expected. He was absolutely amazed that he actually got something that was better than what he wanted.  He said that almost never happens.

Maybe that is what one of the damsels in distress said when one  of the knights came to her rescue. We are not sure. But we do know that the HEPA and Carbon based products manufactured by Pure Air Systems will meet or exceed your needs. We may not be legendary yet…but we are getting close.

For more information on the complete product line offered by PAS, please go to our website at: www.pureairsystems.com.

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Built To Last

With US companies continuing to use more off shore operations to manufacture their products,  the quality of some of these products has become suspect. Where a company once used heavy duty metal construction they now use high density plastics and other non-metalic components to fabricate the end product. In some cases the substitute materials are better, but in many cases they are not.

In the air filtration and air purifying market the trend has been to use lighter, less expensive plastic type materials especially for powered devices. For throw away air filters the use of cardboard frames is still the norm as plastic is more expensive. For some residential applications the use of plastic materials is appropriate as these devices are not usually subjected to harsh environments although they are often placed in unconditioned areas. For the commercial, industrial and institutional markets, however,  the environments can and usually are much more challenging.

Pure Air Systems, has been manufacturing high end, commercial grade, HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems since 1985. From the beginning PAS used nothing but steel for the fabrication of their products. Even the new portable unit now available from PAS is fabricated from steel and the complete product line uses a powder coated paint process to ensure durability in any environment. To be sure there are very few, if any, other filtration companies that use this type of construction for their products.

In the majority of non-residential applications the PAS systems are mounted in and around the heating/cooling air handling systems. In many cases they are used as stand-alone units. Often they are located in non- heated or cooled environments and many times they are located outside.  And, in the case of many manufacturing and process facilities, the environments can be caustic or contain gases that can etch or destroy plastic type materials. In thousands of installations in these types of environments the PAS product line has proven to be one of the most reliable and durable filtration systems available on the market today.

Aside from the durability of the product line the overall effectiveness and efficiencies of the HEPA and Carbon based units are second to none. Pure Air Systems makes some of the most  powerful, high volume commercial grade, digitally controlled systems on the market today. And because the systems’ variable speed motors are rated 120/240 volt, 50/60 Hz, they can be used anywhere in the world.

Even for those applications in the residential market, the steel construction of the PAS product line offers some major advantages over the plastic type filtration device construction. Many of the PAS 600H and 600HS models, for example, that were sold during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s are still in operation today. Other than changing the filters on an regular basis and perhaps having to replace a motor after 10 years or so, these systems continue to operate effectively and efficiently.

For more information on the complete Pure Air Systems product line and applications please go to our website at: www.pureairsystems.com. Or you can contact us at our toll free number.  800-869-8025.

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Presto Change-O

In 1939 the term Presto Change-o was inserted into the American lexicon via a Merrie Melodies cartoon about two puppies that run into a house and come upon a magicians trunk. They open the trunk and are tricked time and time again. Each time a different trick is played upon them by the same character.

Having one piece of equipment do multiple things is one of the major features of the HEPA and Carbon based, fan powered air filtration systems offered by Pure Air Systems. Like the magicians trunk , all of the larger  PAS air filtration units can have the same exterior cabinet but totally different interior filter components.  For example; the standard filter configuration for the 600, 1200 and 2000 series units incorporate one commercial grade, certified 99.99% metal framed HEPA filter, one carbon media filter ranging from 5 to 15 lbs and one polyester ring panel prefilter.

If you want to add more carbon media the 1200 and 2000 series units have the ability to add one additional 15 lb carbon filter to up the capacity to 30 lbs. Again using the same cabinet. The 600 series units can only hold one 5 lb carbon pad. If, however, you want to use the PAS units for adsorption of odors and gases only and have no need for the HEPA filter you can simply remove the HEPA and put all carbon media in its place. All three units have that capability. This means you can quickly change the HEPA unit to an Odor Adsorption, all carbon media  unit in a matter of minutes. Presto Change-o.

Also, for applications where filtration is required and the removal of the fine, sub-micron particles is not necessary, you can install an ASHRAE grade filter in-lieu of the HEPA for removal of larger particulate. Again, same cabinet and this process can be done in the field in minutes.

Pure Air Systems products are unique in this area. Most air filtration systems are configured with one standard filter package with minimal filter changes, if any. The real benefit here is that customers who purchase the PAS systems in a certain configuration for a specific project, have the options of quickly changing the configuration if their project needs change or if they want to use the product in another location. This not only saves time but also money. And it can be done by almost anyone and the only tool required is a screw driver.

So the next time you have a particulate or gaseous odor problem and you would like them to disappear, contact Pure Air Sysetms and see what magic they can do for you.

Please go to our website at: www.pureairsystems.com for more information on our complete product line.

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Using Partial Bypass For HEPA Air Filtration

When we hear the term, bypass, we often think of the medical procedure relating to “heart bypass.” Or, to get to route I-70 just take the  Heron road” bypass” off of Jefferson street. These and some other uses for the term bypass may come to mind. However, in this particular blog the term partial bypass is related to one of the methods by which HEPA air filtration systems are attached to an existing heating/cooling system.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing HEPA and Carbon based fan powered air filtration systems for 25 years. PAS was one of the first air filtration companies to introduce true, certified, commercial grade HEPA filters into the residential market. They now offer five different systems with over 30 variations and sell them across North America, in Europe and Asia.

One of the challenges in utilizing commercial grade HEPA filters is their resistance to air or pressure drop. It requires a fair amount of power to pull air through the HEPA. For this reason the ECM motors used by PAS range from 1/3 HP up to 1 HP. Also the air flow rates through the systems range from less than 50 cubic feet per minute up to 2000 cubic feet per minute ( CFM ).

The systems were initially designed to attach to the return air side of any forced air, ducted, heating/cooling system or HVAC system. The partial bypass approach allows the use of one of the smaller PAS HEPA systems such as the model 600HS unit ( 600 CFM) to be attached to any  HVAC system up to 5 tons or 2000 CFM. By simply drawing only 600 CFM from return air side of a 1500 CFM system, for example, the 600HS will clean all the air coming through the entire HVAC system once every 3rd pass or about 48 times per day, as long as the HVAC fan is running.

By using the partial bypass approach even if the 600HS unit were to stop running, all the air would just bypass the unit and the HVAC fan system would not be subjected to the higher static pressures of the HEPA filter which could actually stall the HVAC fan if the HEPA filter system was put in-line and the air filter system fan stopped running. This safety feature is one of the benefits of using the PAS HEPA systems for attachment to heating/cooling systems in a partial bypass mode.

For applications where there is no ducted HVAC system, the larger PAS units can be used as stand-alone systems as is done with a number of commercial and institutional applications. For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based filters from PAS please go to our website at: www.pureairsystems.com

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Critical Care!

We often hear on the news or read online about someone who sustained an injury, is in the hospital and is listed as critical. Critical care involves close, constant attention by a team of specially-trained medical personnel whose primary job is keeping the patient alive. There are critical care nurses that are specially trained to deal with the medical care required for patients that are critical.

Of course, the word critical is also used when speaking of a certain component for a piece of equipment such as the oxygen system in a jet fighter which is a critical component that allows the pilot to breathe above 14,000 feet. Or, this term is also used when we urgently need to get someone to someplace as soon as possible; as in it is critical that Jim be there for this meeting.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing commercial grade, certified HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems for the commercial, institutional, industrial and residential markets since 1985.  These systems incorporate scanned, tested and certified HEPA filters, identical to those used in surgery rooms and microchip manufacturing where keeping the air free from sub micron particles is “critical.”

In applications like optics, satellite production, pharmaceutical manufacturing and all those areas where a “clean room” environment is critical to the exacting performance required, the HEPA systems by PAS meet or exceed those capabilities. In medical situations where someone needs to be isolated for a bone marrow transplant or has a communicable disease, these HEPA systems by Pure Air Systems are a critical component in these operations.

These HEPA and Carbon based systems are designed so they be used either as stand alone units or attached to an existing heating/cooling ventilation system. They are designed to operate on any electrical power source world wide and are built to last as long as 20 years with only changing the filters and perhaps one motor during this life cycle.

For more information on the complete line of air filtration systems offered by Pure Air Systems please go to our website at: www.pureairsystems.com


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Some Call It A Spear – Some Call It An Arrow

If you were growing up during the 60’s you’ll remember the ad slogan for spearmint gum, ” Some call it a spear – some call it an arrow”, which simply meant no matter which view you take the product is the same or the end result is the same. This phrase is not used much anymore but was popular at that time. It does, however, fit some circumstances where people may know a product or service by one term or name and not recognize that it may be called another name and still provide the same performance.

The the use of two different names or terms for two systems or products that  perform the same function can be applied to carbon or charcoal and air purification and air filtration.

Carbon is a very commonly used product for both the air and water filtration industries. In most cases the carbon or charcoal is heated in an oven to enhance or activate the charcoal so that both its surface area and adsorptive capacities are expanded. Thus the term activated carbon. For the most part, the air filtration industry uses the term “carbon” rather than charcoal as carbon is more often used in marketing the filters or holding devices that contain carbon.

In the area of air filtration or air purification there are many similarities with these terms but there are also some differences. Air filtration is the more commonly used term as this term to designate products that filter out airborne dust, dirt and contaminants has been around since the early 30’s. There are a wide variety of filter medias and filtration systems using these varied medias used in the market today.

In the 1970’s other forms of non-mechanical ( filter media is considered a mechanical method of dust removal) came into the market that used electrically charged plates ( using a positive/negative capture process) or charged the incoming air to create ozone to purify the air. Thus the term air purification was coined.

Electronic air cleaners or air purification devices do trap and collect airborne dust and dirt particles but are limited to the size of the particle they can collect and the amount. Electronic air cleaners have to be cleaned regularly to keep the plate surface clean and allow for the electrical charge process to be effective. And, unlike air filters that have a collection surface that also uses the filter cake for collection of finer particles, the electronic air cleaners become less effective as the plates collect more dirt.

Air purifiers like ozone generators and Ion generators rely on totally different technologies than air filtration systems. Ozone generators produce O3 or Ozone which reacts with odor and gaseous molecules and changes them by giving up one of its oxygen elements to change the gas molecule. They do nothing for removing airborne dust or dirt.

Ion generators basically generate an electrical charge to charge airborne particles so that when they come in contact with any surface they will stick or “plate out.” This means the dust particles will stick to the walls, floors, furniture, etc. until the charge is diminished. Again, these operate differently that air filters.

For more information on the similarities and differences in air filtration and air purification please go to our website at: www.pureairsystems. com.

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Can I Get Sugar And Cream With My Tea Party?

With only a little over a month left before the midterm elections, the amount of discussion and controversy over who can do a better job of running the country has overtaken any and all other news. Unfortunately like most issues that resonate with the public, everyone wants someone to do something for them and take away something from everyone else. While we want to believe there is a consensus of opinion in the US, we are really made up of 300 million special interest groups.

We like to think we are capable of compromise but more often than not we really want things done our way and to suit our own purposes first, then everyone else second. This is just the nature of human beings. We feel strongly about some issue or person and find all the information that conforms to our way of thinking to substantiate our beliefs. We use this same approach for forming an opinion about products, companies and services in the market.

Companies spend millions of dollars on advertising their products or services to get you to shop with them rather than the competition. People have been conditioned that they can get what they want, when they want it for the price they want to pay. All they have to do is go on-line to find just the right item for the price they feel is reasonable and have it in less than a week. They really don’t much care where it was made or even if they recognize the company name. They perceive that all products and services are the same and price is the only difference. This makes it difficult for a company to get people to buy from them on a regular basis. People will shift loyalties from month to month and day to day.

So, the only way to capture some form of loyalty with the public is to have a product or service that performs consistently better than anyone else all the time. This is difficult in today’s market…not only for companies but individuals trying to run for office and telling everyone they will do a better job for you.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems for the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional markets since 1985. As a result of their commitment to providing only the highest quality, best performing air filtration systems, companies and individuals continue to purchase their systems because they have found nothing works better for their applications than the PAS product line….nothing.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA, Carbon and air filtration products please go to our website at: www.pureairsystems.com.

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Twenty Five Years And Counting!

Pure Air Systems is 25 years old this month. In 1985 the company was originally called Halcyon but later changed its name to Pure Air Systems to better reflect the products that it manufactured. In today’s business world being around for 25 years is quite an achievement and we are proud of the fact that individuals and corporations still view our products as some of the best and most reliable air filtration systems on the market.

In 1985 indoor air pollution was just coming into its own. There were individuals who suffered from being exposed to various airborne chemicals and particulate in homes and buildings. Most often these people were considered a little left of center and few people in the medical field actually recognized these issues as real physical problems. The term that was coined at the time to describe the people who suffered was ” environmentally ill” or EI.

Today we know that many of the building materials used in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s contained chemicals that would off gas and create some significant indoor air quality issues. In addition the total lack of fresh air ventilation combined with minimal filtration in the air handling units created high CO2 levels as well as high concentrations of respirable sized particulate. Now those people who were considered environmentally ill actually suffered from chemical sensitivities developed by long term exposure to these airborne contaminants.

Pure Air Systems was the first US air filtration manufacturer to offer true, certified HEPA filters for the residential market. In 1985 only firms that manufactured electronic devices the government, laboratories and some hospitals used HEPA filters. Today, HEPA filters are used in hundreds of applications in every corner of the world….. and Pure Air Systems has its systems in most of those applications and a majority of overseas countries.

In addition to the HEPA filters used in our systems, we also incorporate true, industrial grade carbon media for adsorption of odors and gases. Carbon is standard in all the Pure Air Systems fan powered air filtration systems as are the dual layer polyester prefilter medias. These filters capture all the larger particles so that only the small, less than 10 micron sized particles get to the HEPA filter providing a longer life for the HEPA itself.

Pure Air Systems was also the first air filtration company to use the new GE ECM digitally controlled, variable speed, dual voltage motors. These motors were incorporated into our devices in 1999 and 2000. Today these motors are used in almost every HVAC air handling system and air and water moving devices in the market today. These motors allowed our overseas customers that use 220 volt 50 Hz electrical current to use our systems. Today, over 35% of our new business comes from the overseas markets.

Pure Air Systems offers a wide range of HEPA based and Carbon based fan powered air filtration devices. They also offer a line of air filters and carbon media filters for the residential and light industrial markets. For more information on our product line please go to our website at: www.pureairsystems.com

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A YouTube Video Is Worth 10,000 Words

Remember when the term” a picture is worth a thousand words” was used to suggest that it was easier to describe an incident or person by showing a photograph rather than try to explain the issue using words? Well….with the advent of the cell phone, iPhone, iPad, iPod and just about any other hand held digital device that records videos as well as photos, a video with sound showing an incident or person doing something has taken the place of the photo being worth 1,000 words.

While the ability to video anyone or anything at anytime creates some challenges, the fact that anyone with a cell phone or digital device that records video and a computer can upload their cinematic masterpiece onto YouTube or even their own Facebook page. For showing videos of a family picnic or your daughters first piano recital this is great. However, one of its great  assets is to allow you to video something bad that has happened for a “show and tell” to a contractor, store or company regarding a challenge you have had with their product or service.

This is especially relevant for individuals who are experiencing mold problems in their homes or place of work. Years ago if you suspected you had an environmental problem in your occupied space you had to get an “expert” or someone who could evaluate your suspected problem and have them examine the area in question. This was expensive and often what they found was not  a serious problem.

Flash forward to today! You grab your video camera ( now as small as a pack of cigarettes) or our cell phone with its 8 megapixel camera and take videos of the suspected mold or environmental issue….plug the device into your computer and load to a folder…send an e-mail to the appropriate party along with the video as an attachment….viola! Your video is now worth 10,000 words and you have proof of the problem. And, if you have a problem doing t his just get your 7 year old grandson to do it for you.

And, with the ability to use your computer that has a camera and microphone attached as a on-line TV camera, you can use Skype or other internet based video conferencing software to show something to somebody else in real time. You can even use the new iPhone  to show someone your issue while describing it at the same time. Hmmm…now we need a new term for that.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems since 1985. For information on their complete line of systems for reduction and removal of airborne contaminants, odors and gases please go to our website at: www.pureairsystems.com

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