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Almost 80% of the products purchased on-line from Amazon, Walmart, Ebay and other web based stores, are manufactured in other countries. The majority being made in China. However, many of these products, including Apple iphones, etc, say they are designed in the US but made overseas.

Pure Air Systems has been designing and manufacturing their fan powered, commercial grade, HEPA air filtration systems since 1985. While some of the motors are now made overseas, over 90% of the components that make up the filtration system are made in the USA. These units have shown to be some of the best on the market and many of these systems are still in operation after over 20 years of service.

It is more expensive to purchase components and parts made in the USA and often times a wider selection of component and part types are available from outside the US. Manufacturing is a very challenging process and requires a lot of up front capital to obtain the machinery and skilled labor to make almost anything.

Pure Air Systems continues to look to the US companies to make any new components or parts that are needed for the existing and newly designed units. While these may be more expensive it is important to continue to use parts made in the US to keep these manufacturing operations viable. 

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Closing In On Airborne Mold

Mold is a common growth material that is normally found in damp environments or where there is little light or heat and there is the presence of water. When the mold spores the spores become airborne and for many individuals this organic material can cause severe reactions and respiratory dysfunctions. 

Mold spores are relatively large so they are easily captured by high end filtration systems such as HEPA filters or Merv rated filters of 17 or higher. These filters are much denser and can capture a very high percentage of the airborne mold spores. It is, however, important to know that you need to keep the HVAC fan running continuously if you want to pull the airborne spores back through the return air grills to the air filters.

Pure Air Systems has been making commercial based HEPA air filtration systems that are fan powered and include prefilters and carbon media. These systems are made from mild steel and are powder coated for use in all types of environments. These units range in capacity from 50 CFM for the portables up to 2,000 CFM for the larger systems. All of these units utilize variable speed drive motors and can be controlled digitally.

The PAS systems are used in the institutional, medical, industrial and residential markets to handle a wide range of airborne contaminants and are considered some of the best air filtration systems on the planet.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based filtration systems please go to our website at:   or call us on our toll-free number at:  800-869-8025.

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Comprehensive Coverage

When purchasing insurance for home or auto you often look at the section marked “Comprehensive Coverage.” This tells you what is covered under the policy with the price quoted to you. This can include covering medical costs, with certain dollar limits, uninsured motorist, which is good to have and a number of other conditions. It does not, however, cover acts of God, which include Aliens crashing their space craft into your car or large creatures eating your seats while you are parked outside your favorite restaurant. No..Comprehensive does not really mean Comprehensive.

HEPA, high efficiency particulate air ( absolute) filter labels do not necessarily mean that this is a true HEPA filter.

In 1985 Pure Air Systems opened it doors offering their first true, commercial grade HEPA filtration system in their model 600H. These metal framed, scanned, 99.97% at 0.3 microns were the most efficient HEPA filters at the time. Fast forward to today and Pure Air Systems offers the same HEPA filters only these are all rated at 99.99% at o.3 microns and work well in the industrial, commercial, institutional, medical and residential markets. In truth, these filters offer Comprehensive Coverage.

The reduction and/or removal of sub-micron airborne particulate is extremely important in many process and medical applications.Hospitals use 100% HEPA filtered air in their operating rooms to reduce the high risk of infection and all clean rooms that manufacture micro-chips use multiple levels of HEPA and ULPA filters to obtain particulate free room levels down to 99.9995% at 0.12 microns. These are normally listed as Class 10 clean rooms.

In the world of filtration, nothing is as effective in removing harmful airborne particles as HEPA filters. All the CDC labs in Atlanta and WHO facilities around the world use HEPA filters to reduce the potential release of extremely virulent bacteria and viruses as these pathogens can often be deadly.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon filter systems please go to our website at:  or call us on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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High Speed Rail

The world has to move billions of people every day from one place to another and it does it via numerous modes of transportation. Car, truck, bus, bike, motorcycle, boat, plane, train and even camel. Other than planes, no other mode of transportation is as fast or efficient as high-speed rail.

Bullet trains are common place in Japan and some other parts of Asia. Moving at speed up to 300 miles per hour, people can make one hour trips that used to take 4 to 6 hours using vehicular modes of transport. In addition, these trains carry as many as 500 passengers making this a very effective method of moving a lot of people quickly with minimal energy used per passenger.

Speed is important in other businesses as well. Pure Air Systems has been delivering high-speed, high performance HEPA based, fan powered air filtration systems since 1985. The ability to move a large amount of air ( CFM ) to effectively remove harmful airborne contaminants separates the PAS systems from the rest of the filtering devices. With the ability to move up to 2,000 CFM at long distances, the PAS products are capable of being used in a wide range of applications in the residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, medical and military.

These all metal units use the ECM variable speed motors that are rate 120/240 v 50/60 Hz so they can be used anywhere in the world. And, they incorporate not only a 99.99% scanned, commercial grade HEPA, but also a dual layer prefilter and carbon media filter as standard components.

There is a significant move to making all the health care facilities safer and using more of a defensive posture to reduce the level of airborne pathogens, viruses, bacteria and other harmful sub-micron sized particles. PAS is playing a major part in assisting your local health care facilities by using our systems to provide for isolation rooms and areas to separate infected people from the general population. These systems also help to protect the health care workers.

For more information on our complete line of HEPA and Carbon filtration systems please go to our website at:  or you can call us at 800-869-8025.

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Looking Down The Rabbit Hole

When Alice followed the Rabbit down the hole she never expected to enter a world of fantasy and terror. One would not think twice about following a rabbit as these creatures are afraid of humans and are not dangerous in the least. So her instincts were correct, at least in her initial phase of thought.

Often we find ourselves doing the same thing when we follow or pay attention to something that is benign but turns out to be a very bad decision. This is true with individuals and companies we follow trusting them and their products or services to give us what we expect and are willing to follow through when we have an issue or challenge with them or their operations.

When prospective customers searching for a better performing air filtration system, they were often lead to the boys at Pure Air Systems. PAS has been a very successful air filtration manufacturer that uses only high end, commercial grade HEPA based filters for its mult-filter, fan powered systems. So when customers made their first purchase of a PAS unit they expected to get the performance and reliability that was the hallmark of these units. Unlike Alice’s experience with the rabbit hole Pure Air Systems customers found the sought after pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

For over 30 years PAS has been providing the best performing, highest quality HEPA based air filtration systems in North America. With thousands sold all over the world, Pure Air Systems has been setting the standards for fan powered, mult-filter units. Many of their systems that were sold in the 80′ are still in operation today. Even Alice would be happy to follow the PAS rabbit.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based filters please go to our website at:  or call us on out toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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Drone On

I recently had an opportunity to assist a young man who designs drones or UAV’s as a part time business venture. These drones are capable of flying by themselves to pre-determined locations simply by programming their flight paths by the use of a computer program.  These drones have inertial guidance, sonar, GPS positioning and a GoPro3 camera. They can take pictures at any time, any where even in low light conditions. A multi-use, automated ( or fly by wire if necessary) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that can be your eyes in the sky for businesses and consumers alike.

In 1985 when Pure Air Systems was formed, the use of HEPA filter technology was relegated to the electronics industry and the medical markets. The use of HEPA filters, a very expensive, high end filtration device was introduced to the consumers market shortly after PAS was formed. Like drones, few home owners owned or even what HEPA filters did and how they worked. The home owners could not see a need for them and felt that current filter technology in the form of electronic air cleaners were adequate for keeping dust and dirt from floating around in their homes. It wasn’t until the early 90’s that people became aware of the negative health affects from airborne allergens and pathogens that were smaller than 1 micron; too small to be captured by the then antiquated electronic air cleaners.

Once the public was made aware that their allergies and respiratory dysfunctions were due to particulate and organisms that were too small to see with the naked eye but could be captured by HEPA filters, the growth of HEPA filters into the home market exploded.  As the public became more aware of the capabilities of HEPA filters and HEPA systems they better understood how these filters could and would impact their lives.  Like drones, HEPA filters have become a part of our lives and the more we know about their capabilities and positive aspects of using them, the more we become comfortable with the technology.

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When magicians place a person in a box, cover the box, then pull the cover away within seconds and the person is gone, this trick is often referred to as misdirection or sometimes called slight of hand. In either case the idea is to get you to look one way while the action is actually taking place somewhere else. Simple, effective and easily done by trained entertainers who couch themselves as Magicians.

Misdirection was, and in many cases still is, used often in the early 30’s and 40’s when a peddler selling a product would demonstrate the operation and value of the item to the audience. When you purchased the item, always packed in a box, took it home it often didn’t work or would not perform at the same level as described by the salesmen. When you went to return the item the seller was often no where to be seen. Even today with the “As Seen On TV” products flood the dollar stores and discount houses, the products often fail to meet the perceived expectations.

The technicians at Pure Air Systems have been manufacturing commercial grade, certified, fan powered HEPA based air filtration systems  since 1985. From the beginning the systems produced by PAS always met or exceeded the performance expectations of their customers. The PAS systems are a more expensive product than some of the other non-HEPA based filtration, air purification and electronic air cleaners currently on the market. Unfortunately many of these “lesser performing devices” claim to provide the same particle reduction capabilities as HEPA filters, but at a lower cost.

Often times a new Pure Air Systems customer will try one, two or more alternate “air filtration/purification” devices before they actually purchase one of the seven different HEPA models offered by PAS. The other “HEPA Type” or “HEPA Like” companies provide inaccurate information as to the overall ability of their products to remove and/or reduce the levels of harmful airborne particulates and contaminants. But because the systems are less expensive individuals will buy the hype only to find their is truth in the statement, “you get what you pay for.”

This is not to say that other types of filtration and purification systems are effective. But for those companies, institutions and medical operations that require initial efficiency’s of 99.99% at 0.3 microns or larger, then the only option they have is to use the HEPA based systems by Pure Air Systems. Don’t be fooled by the imitators.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems please go to our website at:  or follow us on Twitter @pureairsystems, or call us at anytime on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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So Far…So Good

In a world that seems to be under going tumultuous changes on a daily basis, it is easy to be concerned about the future and keeping any of the sane social structure of our recent past. It seems the negative-ites, as I call them, are out in full force. Social media has allowed more negative news, and apocalyptic prophecies today than any time in our history.  If someone has a bias toward a certain person, party or issue, there is a ton of fodder produced every day to feed their fire. It seems as though there is little to be happy about and that “the end is near” signs are painted on the subway halls and tenement walls.. ( sorry S&G ).

I, however, am not deterred. I am like the eternal optimist that stepped off the top of a six story building and was heard to say on the way down, ” so good!” It is easy to forget that the majority of people are very grounded and are more human than animal. The problem is the “noise” being made by the angry few tends to drown out the mellow sounds of civility. The ” recession” as some call it was probably more of a transition from a one continent dominant policy ( USA) to a multi-continent technological movement leaving the USA behind the world growth curve. This and other factors create a sense of dread when changes take place faster than we can adapt. Also, the younger generation is much less entrenched in the past than our current senior population.

Companies that dwell in the past and think their products and services will always be in demand are not being realistic. Their optimism is shrouded in the false belief that people will always want and need their services, until some new company comes along and redefines their market model and rolls over them before they knew what hit them. Sound familiar?

Pure Air Systems was formed in 1985 and its business model was based upon the use of commercial grade, certified HEPA based filtration systems used primarily in the electronics industry. They were, however, moving this technology to the residential market which had little or no knowledge of this type of air filtration technology. Being the eternal optimists, PAS knew that over time this technology would be adapted by the non-commercial market and 28 years later their business model has proven correct.

Today, PAS has a line of seven filtration systems that use certified, scanned HEPA filters along with the newer ECM motors for variable volume control and for use in a world-wide market. Sometimes it takes a little faith along with the optimism to make the impossible, possible. There are always people that will tell you the “sky is falling” or that ” the end of the world as we know it is near,” however, that is seldom the case and for those that follow the path of sanity and objectivity , the end result will be pretty much what you expected.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems please go to our website at:, or you can follow us on Twitter @pureairsystems or call us anytime on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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In 1956 the movie Forbidden Planet was released and it was one of the best science fiction movies for its time. One of the main characters, Dr. Morbius, played by Walter Pidgeon, had found the remains of an advanced society known as the Krell. The Krell developed a brain boost device that enabled Dr. Morbius to increase his IQ well over 200. The result was a series of wonderful engineering feats accomplished by the good Dr. that eventually became his own demise.

The advancements being made in technology continue to amaze people even today. Science fiction novels and movies of the past 50 years had imagined technologies and devices one could only dream about. Today science fiction has become more science faction. Digital communications devices, space travel, nanotechnology, robots, holograms are all now part of our world and the hits keep on coming. We all carry a smart phone that is capable of accessing all the knowledge in the world and anyone anywhere at anytime. Some advancements in technology, like 3-D Printers have the ability to revolutionize the world…and at the same time create opportunities for evil doers of the world to create harmful technologies. Like Morbius, one has to be careful of what we develop for the betterment of mankind.

In 1985 Pure Air Systems developed one of the first commercially designed, fan powered HEPA air filtration system to be used in a residential application. Very few people knew of or heard of HEPA filters as they were primarily used in the electronics industry and somewhat in the medical industry.  Trying to explain the benefits and features of HEPA filters to the uneducated market was very difficult since most homeowners had never heard the term HEPA before and had even less knowledge of air filters. In the early 80’s electronic air cleaners were still being sold and installed on many HVAC systems and media filters were usually the fiberglass, see-thru cardboard frame types that at best could capture large, leaf-sized objects.

New ideas, concepts, change often bring a lot of anxiety to the masses. It usually takes some significant issue to get people to focus on a subject and take some time to understand it. The advent of “sick building syndrome” in the mid 80’s got the attention of homeowners and building owners alike. The lack of fresh outside air, toxic fumes from building materials and furniture and the lack of any type of filtration for the recycled air in the homes and offices forced the nation to rethink the issue of Indoor Air Quality.

Pure Air Systems developed six new commercial grade HEPA units since its inception in 1985 and is considered one of the leaders in high volume HEPA systems that can be used either attached to existing HVAC and air handler units or as stand-alone systems. Used throughout the world, the HEPA systems from PAS continue to lead the way in performance and quality. Using the most advanced variable speed drive motors and digital controllers, the HEPA systems by Pure Air Systems are proving they are much more than science fiction. Just ask Morbius.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems go to our website at: or follow us on Twitter @pureairsystems. You can also call us on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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History Is History

It is always interesting to see how many people believe the historians view of history. The fact is, the legends and stories are usually more hyperbole than truth. The more “glory in the story” the better we like it and the more often the story is told. We often refer to game-changing  historical events when we want to make point in the present. But can we carry the same tune forward 100 years? Is that point really relevant in today’s society? As the world grows up and the connections of current global events now touch our neighborhoods, do we recognize what is happening?  Do we use old catch phrases because we don’t really have a “quick witted comment” to address this new and ever changing society? Are we stepping off a cliff…or just climbing up a hill?

As the world goes through this economic transition one thing stays the same, the product, process and dedication of Pure Air Systems. Started in 1985, PAS is one of the leaders in the commercial HEPA and Carbon based air filtration product markets. With over 27 years of experience and thousands of systems in use around the world, Pure Air Systems has a unique history in this style of product.

In 1985 the term HEPA was only used in a few distinct markets. The newly evolving electronics industry, some medical markets and the asbestos remediation market. Other than that, few people even knew HEPA filtration technology existed. Bringing commercial grade, certified HEPA based air filtration systems to the residential market was a large jump for PAS in 1985. However, the unique filtration capabilities of he HEPA filters were perfectly suited to dealing with small, sub-micron sized airborne allergens and pathogens and their related health challenges.

After 3 years of installing the HEPA systems, specifically the model 600H unit in homes across the US, the name Pure Air Systems became synonymous with high performance and great reliability. From the beginning, PAS decided to build only commercial grade units and not develop a less durable residential grade model. While this meant the cost of the systems would be higher than other air filtration devices aimed at the residential market, their mission was to provide the best available air filtration product that would actually perform above and beyond the expectations of their customers. That philosophy still exists today.

Today, the PAS line consists of 7 different units, all designed with the same commercial grade construction and built to perform. These units are now used in the military, governmental, commercial, institutional, medical, industrial and residential markets. The systems can either be used attached to an existing HVAC or air handling unit or as stand-alone systems. They incorporate the latest in variable speed drive motors and can be HEPA and Carbon or Carbon only systems for applications where odors and gases are the main problem.

Historically speaking, most new companies starting up today have only a 30% chance of still being around after 5 years. Less than 20% of companies make it past 10 years. Being in business for over 27 years means PAS is doing something right.  For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems please go to our website at: Or follow us on Twitter @pureairsystems. You can also like us on our Facebook page or call us at anytime on our toll free number: 800-869-8025.

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