Pressurizing Your Home To Minimize Infiltraton of Outdoor Particulate

When people purchase a home their primary concern is size, number of bedrooms, baths and back yard size. Concerns about the HVAC system, the heating/cooling unit, are seldom brought into the decisoin, Yet, this unit and associated returns, supplies and duct work, can make your home a dream home or living nightmare. Today, in most areas of the country it is now required to have a blower door test to determine if your home is postitive or negative when the HVAC system is operational. If the test shows the house to be positive, meaning that air is being pushed against the interior of the house and keeps the home from any infilatraion from the outside. Obviously, the opposite occurs when the tests show the house to be negative. Under these conditions the house will actually suck in any fine particles through any passage way between the interior and exterior of the home. This means more dust and allergens as well as bringing in more moist hot air in the summer and cold dry air in the winter which make the HVAC system run longer and work harder and crate higher energy bills.

Sizing of the HVAC system should be done by professionals and higer Seer rated systems are must more efficient over the long haul. You may want to have a blower door test done on your home if it is 10 years or older. if the house is negative is it possible to make some modifications to the returns and supply runs to adjust for this issue. Using the correct size and rated filter for your home and system is also critical. The more efficient air filters may work better at removing airborne particulate but if they are too restrictive they can reduce the air flow through your HVAC unit and crate negative pressure in your home. In any case, keeping your home pressurized is the positive way to go.

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More Than A Feeling

It is often said that people don’t want to hear you complain about issues and things that bother you on a regular basis. With the ability to express your every thought using social media, your issues are now broadcast around the world. Yes, everyone wants to vent about something and everyone hopes someone else will jump on their complaint band wagon.

However, when we do have a legitimate issue, especially one pertaining to our health, we do want someone to take our complaint seriously and not reject it as another “boy who cried wolf” emotion.

For 31 years Pure Air Systems has been selling their HEPA based air filtration systems to a wide range of customers including medical, institutional, industrial and residential. A large number of residential customers suffer from allergies or respiratory dysfunctions brought on by ingesting sub-micron airborne allergens and various types of particulate matter. Because the airborne particles are too small to see with the naked eye, when someone in the house or office complained about their severe reactions to the environment most people disregarded their complaints and paid little attention.

But for allergy sufferers and those individuals who really have issues with airborne molds and other building generated airborne contaminants these issues are real and can cause significant long-term health issues. It is ironic the the particles that tend to be trapped in the lung linings and mucus membranes are too small to see yet cause much more damage than the larger, visible airborne particulate that are aspirated in then out again.

The ability for the commercial grade, scanned HEPA filters, rated at 99.99% efficiency, to remove over 97% of these small, sub-micron particles is the reason people continue to purchase the PAS units over other types of filtration devices or systems. With over 31 years of experience in this arena, Pure Air Systems has become a major supplier of high-end, high performance, fan powered HEPA filtration systems.

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Comprehensive Coverage

When purchasing insurance for home or auto you often look at the section marked “Comprehensive Coverage.” This tells you what is covered under the policy with the price quoted to you. This can include covering medical costs, with certain dollar limits, uninsured motorist, which is good to have and a number of other conditions. It does not, however, cover acts of God, which include Aliens crashing their space craft into your car or large creatures eating your seats while you are parked outside your favorite restaurant. No..Comprehensive does not really mean Comprehensive.

HEPA, high efficiency particulate air ( absolute) filter labels do not necessarily mean that this is a true HEPA filter.

In 1985 Pure Air Systems opened it doors offering their first true, commercial grade HEPA filtration system in their model 600H. These metal framed, scanned, 99.97% at 0.3 microns were the most efficient HEPA filters at the time. Fast forward to today and Pure Air Systems offers the same HEPA filters only these are all rated at 99.99% at o.3 microns and work well in the industrial, commercial, institutional, medical and residential markets. In truth, these filters offer Comprehensive Coverage.

The reduction and/or removal of sub-micron airborne particulate is extremely important in many process and medical applications.Hospitals use 100% HEPA filtered air in their operating rooms to reduce the high risk of infection and all clean rooms that manufacture micro-chips use multiple levels of HEPA and ULPA filters to obtain particulate free room levels down to 99.9995% at 0.12 microns. These are normally listed as Class 10 clean rooms.

In the world of filtration, nothing is as effective in removing harmful airborne particles as HEPA filters. All the CDC labs in Atlanta and WHO facilities around the world use HEPA filters to reduce the potential release of extremely virulent bacteria and viruses as these pathogens can often be deadly.

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Why HEPA Filtration Is The Best

HEPA filters are designed to remove a very high percentage; more than 99.97%, of all particles 0.3 microns in size or larger. In truth they are actually more efficient than that as they become dirty they actually increase in efficiency. This is true of most mechanical filters but HEPA media starts out at an efficiency that is higher than the general duty filters that you use in your HVAC systems after they are fully loaded.

HEPA filters are the ONLY filters used in Hospital Surgery Suites, Clean Rooms, the CDC and any application where the the removal of sub-micron particulate is an absolute necessity. You would be in serious trouble if you have your body was opened up in an environment such as you bedroom. Even if you think it is clean, it is not. Airborne pathogens are a constant cause for infection and having surgery in anything but a 100% HEPA filtered room is asking for trouble.

While HEPA filters are extremely effective in trapping sub-micron sized particles, they are also extremely dense and have a fair amount of air-flow restriction. As a result, larger, more powerful motors and specially designed fans are required to pull the air through the HEPA filter. And, as the HEPA loads up the fan motors must be able to increase in speed to make up for the air flow volume loss that takes place as the HEPA becomes dirty.

Because HEPA filter media ( wet laid HEPA paper ) is so dense it will load up very quickly, a pre-filter media is required in front of the HEPA filter to capture as much of the larger particles as possible and only allow the very small, sub-micron particles to enter the HEPA filter. Without the use of a pre-filter a HEPA filter could load up in a few days and make the HEPA useless.

HEPA filters are available for use in the residential markets through companies such as Pure Air Systems out of Indianapolis, IN. In business since 1985, PAS is the leader in fan-powered HEPA based air filtration systems and they range in capacity from 50 CFM to 2000 CFM. These metal housed units also use variable speed drive motors  ( ECM ) that are rated 120/240 50/60 Hz so they can be used anywhere in the world.

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No Time To Wait

Time, time, it’s all we got and not a lot. So make your time count for you can never get it back. Next week, next month…perhaps next year. You believe you can always find it when you need it.

In my 60 plus years of creating different businesses I have learned one valuable lesson. Procrastination is deadly. Along those same lines, relying on someone else to make important things happen for you is like playing Russian Roulette.

Creating Pure Air Systems was rewarding as it was difficult. Creating a business model in a market that had little understanding of HEPA filters and even less willing to spend money on a product 20 times more expensive than other air filtration systems during the mid 1980’s. The one thing that made this product very different from its competition was the simple fact that it worked better than anything else at that time.

If I had waited for the market to become better educated there is a good chance Pure Air Systems would have never been stated. There is no right time or better time to bring a good idea to the market. The real key is doing your homework and making sure there is a market or potential market for your concept or product idea.

Pure Air Systems is 31 years old this year. It is a testament to the continuing dedication to staying true to its original mission to provide the best commercial grade HEPA based, fan powered air filtration in world.

The company started with one system and added six more over 15 years. Today, new design ideas are still being introduced to make the existing product line even more durable and effective for its very broad base of customers and the over 60 different applications to which these systems have been used.

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Niche Markets Better

Working with entrepreneurs is interesting as many of their new ideas and concepts often fall into the ” variation on the same theme” category.  Meaning their idea is only slightly different than other in-place products or the concept is one that has limited potential. More often than not the product ideas are ones that can be fabricated from various types of plastics or composite materials, lending them to be made using injection molding or thermo-set molding.

Product concepts that are more complex and require a mixture of metal, plastic, electronics and motors are more likely to be successful as most of these types of products are made off-shore. Sad but true. The Asian countries can design, prototype, develop and insert products faster than most U. S. based companies.

Pure Air Systems has been making high performance, HEPA based, fan powered air filtration systems since 1985 and today is one of only a handful of companies around the world that produce high capacity HEPA units for both the commercial and residential markets.

These systems are all metal and use the latest state-of-the-art ECM variable speed, digitally controlled motors, commercial grade, scanned HEPA filters, carbon media and dual-layer ring panel filters. They come in various sizes and styles and range in air flow capacity from 50 CFM to 2,000 CFM. These units can be used either attached to existing HVAC units or as stand-alone systems.

The high cost of components make the PAS units more expensive to make but they are more powerful and have a much higher particle reduction efficiency that all of their competitors combined. While you can still purchase a portable HEPA unit for under $400.00 the base price of the small HPS Pure Air Systems portable starts at over $1,000.00.

In addition, there is more profit in this type of product than the small, injection molded me-to types of products. Yes, the cost of entry is higher with the PAS model, but there is also an annuity value to the products as all three filters have to be replaced regularly and customers can only purchase the filters through PAS.

For more information on the complete product line please go to our website at: or call us on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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Winter Months Bring IAQ Issues

The snow is falling in parts of the U.S now which means you are now closing up your home for the next 4 to 5 months. Longer if you live in the extreme northern part of the U.S. One of the main challenges facing individuals with allergies and respiratory issues is their having to live in an environment that has little to no fresh air and has minimal air filtration to remove the now trapped airborne allergens and particulate in the air.

During the summer months you have more moisture in the air, even in air conditioned spaces as the humidity levels are usually in 35 to 45 % range. During the winter months with your furnace running you are creating very dry air with humidity levels under 20%. This warm, dry air keeps the small, sub-micron sized particles airborne for long periods of time and every time you walk through the carpets, sit on the sofa or shake off  your clothes, the level of particulate increases substantially.Normal furnace filters do not remove these smaller, harmful particles even though the furnace filter manufacturers say they will.

 Started in 1985, Pure Air Systems brought the then new HEPA filtration technology to the residential market. Prior to that time HEPA filters were used primarily in the medical and electronics industries. HEPA filtration is extremely effective in removing over 99% of all particles smaller than 0.3 microns and as it loads up becomes more efficient over time. The real challenges with these filters is their extremely high pressure drop. To allow them to be used in conjunction with standard forced air, ducted heating/cooling systems, Pure Air Systems incorporated powerful blower/motors in each of their HEPA systems. These blowers would pull the air through the HEPA filter and eliminate the pressure drop issues by constantly adjusting to the increase in resistance across the HEPA filters.

Today, Pure Air Systems HEPA units are one of the few being made in the U.S. and their success in being in business for over 32 years is a testament to the continued pursuit of performance and product quality that have been their trademark since their inception in 1985.

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Don’t Complain If You Don’t Buy American

Since its inception, Pure Air Systems, a small manufacturing company in Indiana, has placed “Made In The USA” stickers on its line of commercial grade HEPA filtration systems.  In 1985, the year PAS was born, there were more imports coming into the US than any other time in its history. Made in Japan had become the household mantra for many things including electronics, cars, toys, games, video games, machinery, etc.

It is true that those Japanese products were, in many cases, made better than their US counter parts. But, there were still products made here that had developed a strong customer following and maintained their level of performance expected by the consumers.  Yet,  today people will look at two identical products, one made in the US and one made overseas ( anywhere)  and purchase the one that is least expensive. It is more difficult to compete with foreign companies as they don’t have some of the same regulations and have higher wages.

Not buying US manufactured products does more to harm the economy than most people realize. Wages and taxes paid by US companies provide the funds to keep communities growing and being financially healthy. When people loose jobs it affects their entire family and it impacts their community. Loss of health care, loss of home, removal of a skilled worker from the community all detract from the vitality of their environment. It also affects school age children as they now have to be uprooted from their home and friends and probably relocate to another part of the state or county to find work that pays the same wages.

There are other major reasons why keeping US companies healthy helps everyone. Most companies develop new products with the R&D departments. These sections of their company are non-revenue generating but are necessary to help them stay ahead of the competition. If the companies profits suffer then they can not support an active R&D program and thus continually slide backward in their attempts to compete with the world market.

Pure Air Systems continues to look at new products to keep their customers coming back and to develop a new stream of revenue as market demand for their current product line continues to change.

For more information on their complete product line please go to their website at: or call them on their toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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During the early days of rock music, most songs were recorded specifically to be played on the radio. Radio stations had selected song lengths to be approximately 3 to 4 minutes long. Probably to allow for more advertising and disc jockey talk time and pay for the cost of operating the stations. As a result, many musicians wrote songs to meet this artificial time limit, even though many groups had developed elaborate arrangements that ran up to 6 minutes long. The record companies would electronically shorten the play time cutting out sections they felt would not take away from the basic gist of the song. As a result, many listeners never heard the original recordings of the songs unless they purchased the records or tapes that had, in fact, both the radio version and the original version. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida was one of those songs.

Iron Butterfly recorded this as a 10 minute string of lyrics, solo drum sections, solo guitar sections and some fade in sections. Unless you purchased the record or listened to some of the more radical FM radio stations, you never heard the original long version.

Pure Air Systems was formed in 1985 and developed a line of HEPA based, fan powered air filtration systems. These systems were designed from all commercial grade components and unlike their plastic housed, cheaply made competitors units, the PAS unit used all steel construction. The PAS units were designed to run for long periods of time ( 10 years plus ) with very minimal maintenance requirements other than just changing the filters on a regular scheduled basis.

The plastic, inexpensive units would operate for a few years, if that, before they had to be replaced. In addition, the cheap units often performed very poorly and made very little difference in the levels of airborne particle reduction resulting in continued respiratory challenges by the users. The PAS units began a new recognition by the public and commercial users that air filtration systems could actually perform as marketed and run for years with the same performance year over year.

As equipment designs and component pieces become simpler and less expensive, the public has been conditioned to built in obsolescence. So if it lasts only a few years, then we aren’t disappointed and just purchase the next one that was designed to replace the broken unit. The engineers and technicians at Pure Air Systems are trying to change that perception by continuing the process of making all of their systems from the best, commercial grade components that give you that extended play just like In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems please go to our website at: or call us on our toll-free number at: 800-869-8025.

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Air Filtration For Dummies

As simple as it may seem, most people have very little knowledge of how an air filter, home, car, industrial, commercial institutional varieties actually work.  There is an assumption that the filter media itself does all the filtering and the more dense the media the better. While denser media is certainly more effective at removing finer, smaller particles, these types of filter media also have a much higher resistance or pressure drop both initially and when they load up with dust and dirt. Also, the filter media is really just the base for what really does all the filtering of the fine, sub-micron airborne particulate.

Most filters today use a MERV rating to indicate their level or efficiency with the higher number being more dense and more effective at initially removing fine particulate and the lower numbers being more of a general duty filtering capability. However, if a MERV 18 filter is best for fine particulate removal even a MERV 6 or 8 rated filter will eventually reach the same overall efficiency of the MERV 18 filter, and here is the reason.

 Even with “see through” filter medias, the internal areas of the filter fibers will, over time, fill up with larger airborne particles and make the passage ways through the media smaller and smaller eventually capturing even sub-micron dust particles as they are trapped in the now mostly blocked filter media. Unfortunately as the filter loads up the air resistance through the filter increases to the level where is significantly restricts the airflow through the filter and will reduce the performance of the fan and/or air handler.

Therefore, most HVAC filters are relatively open or low on the MERV scale so they will last at least 3 months before needed to be changed. For applications where a MERV 18 filter or true HEPA filter is required, a more powerful blower/motor assembly will be required along with a prefilter to keep the final filters from loading up too quickly.

A good, medium duty, Merv 6 or 7 rated filter is fine for most general duty applications. These give you best filtration performance over the life of the filter.

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