More Than A Feeling

It is often said that people don’t want to hear you complain about issues and things that bother you on a regular basis. With the ability to express your every thought using social media, your issues are now broadcast around the world. Yes, everyone wants to vent about something and everyone hopes someone else will jump on their complaint band wagon.

However, when we do have a legitimate issue, especially one pertaining to our health, we do want someone to take our complaint seriously and not reject it as another “boy who cried wolf” emotion.

For 31 years Pure Air Systems has been selling their HEPA based air filtration systems to a wide range of customers including medical, institutional, industrial and residential. A large number of residential customers suffer from allergies or respiratory dysfunctions brought on by ingesting sub-micron airborne allergens and various types of particulate matter. Because the airborne particles are too small to see with the naked eye, when someone in the house or office complained about their severe reactions to the environment most people disregarded their complaints and paid little attention.

But for allergy sufferers and those individuals who really have issues with airborne molds and other building generated airborne contaminants these issues are real and can cause significant long-term health issues. It is ironic the the particles that tend to be trapped in the lung linings and mucus membranes are too small to see yet cause much more damage than the larger, visible airborne particulate that are aspirated in then out again.

The ability for the commercial grade, scanned HEPA filters, rated at 99.99% efficiency, to remove over 97% of these small, sub-micron particles is the reason people continue to purchase the PAS units over other types of filtration devices or systems. With over 31 years of experience in this arena, Pure Air Systems has become a major supplier of high-end, high performance, fan powered HEPA filtration systems.

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Allergies Now Year Round

The Winter months have seemed to get lost in 2015. High temperatures well above normal have been every where in the US and even Canada. The advantage is lower heating costs and no shoveling snow, however, without extended temperatures below freezing grasses and some plants continue to grow and the dry air allows for much of this airborne allergen to be around longer than allergy sufferers would like.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing commercial grade HEPA based air filtration systems since 1985. HEPA filters are the most effective devices for removal of over 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns and larger and approaches 99% removal of particle 0.12 microns and larger. It is these small respirable sized particles that create problems with individuals who suffer from allergies due to ragweed, pollen, trees, grasses, etc. Most allergy sufferers have some form of filtration device in their home whether it is one of our PAS units or a filter that is inserted into their return air grill in the home, people who deal with these allergy issues during the Spring, Summer and Fall, now have to deal with them during the Winter.

The PAS units are designed to either be used as stand-alone units or attached to existing HVAC units via the by-pass method which is the most effective way to maintain a very clean indoor environment any time of the year. Since 1985 Pure Air Systems has sold thousands of our 600HS, 1200HS and 2000HS models across North America and overseas. These commercial grade units incorporate 3 separate filters. A dual-layer ring panel filter, carbon media filter and true, certified HEPA filter. The pre-filter is used to remove a large percentage of the larger particles and keeps the HEPA filter clean allowing only the smaller, sub-micron particles to enter the HEPA media. The carbon filters will take out odors and gaseous pollutants found in most house holds.

The HEPA systems are designed primarily for use in the commercial, industrial, medical and institutional markets. There is no residential grade unit. All the units are the same construction and use the ECM variable speed drive motors and commercial blowers. As a result, those customers that place our units in their homes can expect to have them run for 20 years or longer without any major repairs other than just changing out the filters at the prescribed frequencies.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based filters please go to our website at: or call us on our toll-free number at; 800-869-8025.

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Give Me Liberty And Give Me Breath

Freedom from allergies, asthma and other significant respiratory health issue is a blessing for many of us. Everyone has a family member, relative or friend that suffers in various levels from a wide variety of allergens. Most of these consist of grasses, pollen, mold and a select group of airborne dust and man made particulate.

For most people the fastest relief possible is to take allergy medicine which consists mostly of anti-histamines which relieves some of the symptoms but usually leaves people drowsy and lethargic. Staying indoors can help but for most people becoming a hermit 24/7 is  just not practical. And, even isolating ones self in their home is no guarantee that those fine, micron sized allergens won’t find their way  into your home.

Becoming a hermit, living in isolation is no way to live. Even with the aid of the internet, skype and all the social media tools available to people today, isolating ones self from the outside world is not a practical solution. But, there is a solution to this problem and it is available from Pure Air Systems.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing commercial grade, certified HEPA and Carbon based fan powered air filtration systems since 1985. The ability to remove 99.99% of all airborne particles 0.3 microns or larger provided a system that could remove the allergens from the air. Over the last 26 years,  PAS has sold thousands of HEPA systems to residential and commercial customers alike. The feedback from those customers who purchased the HEPA systems specifically to help them with their allergy issues has been very positive.

Many of Pure Air Systems’s customers had been getting monthly allergy shots or taken allergy medicine on a regular basis. Most of these customers used the PAS HEPA systems in their homes, so they were in a relatively clean, allergen free environment for at least 8 to 14 hours each day. The results of being in this HEPA filtered environment, even for part of day, showed a high level of not only temporary but extended relief even when subjected to the outdoor, allergen laden environment.

For many of these allergy sufferers, the need for monthly allergy shots disappeared. The use of allergy medicine was reduced to deal with those days with extremely high levels of pollen, ragweed and other allergy producing particulate. Living in a HEPA filtered environment over time allowed the customers immune system to recover and thus allow for some minimal and occasional contact with those allergens.

While this information is certainly not a scientific study of any type, most individuals who suffer from allergies have tried all types of remedies and air filters and filtration systems. Their preference has been the HEPA filtration systems and most importantly their continued allegiance to the line of air filters manufactured by Pure Air Systems.

For more information on the complete product line, please go to our website at: Or follow us on Twitter @pureairsystems. Of course you can always call us on our toll free number at: 800-869-8025.

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It Is What It Is

How many times a day do you hear the phrase..”it is what it is!” Some people use it as a statement of fact or as an answer to some yet to be explained action of some individual. In either case, it is becoming a bit annoying. Using it as a catch phrase for any question is the epitome of mental laziness and pure lack of effort to even try to come up with an intelligent response. The real problem is how easily we accept this response as an answer.

This same mental thought process is often used in trying to solve a technical problem. Depending upon our depth of knowledge on the subject at hand we may come up with the answer or, more often than not, let someone else deal with it. With all the tools at our disposal it should be easy to find the information on your hand held digital device or through your social network. In today’s social media based world content is king.

In the IAQ arena there are thousands of product references that provide information on how to deal with indoor air quality problems. For many people who suffer from allergies and asthma, their common challenge is avoiding contact with the airborne allergens and pathogens that are the root cause for their allergy symptoms. When you ask these sufferers what they do to get relief from their allergies most just tell you they use over the counter allergy medicines, as Allergist and other medical professionals are more of an added expense than they really want to use. So, they just accept the fact that every Spring and/or Fall they will suffer for a few months.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems since 1985. These commercial grade, certified HEPA units have provided significant relief for thousands of homeowners who have allergies and other respiratory dysfunctions. Since HEPA filters remove over 99.99% of all airborne particulate smaller that 0.3 microns in size these systems can effectively remove those allergens from the air that can trigger allergy symptoms or Asthma attacks.

Allergy sufferers can now find some relief by using these HEPA based systems either as whole house filtration or when using a portable HEPA unit in their bedroom or other living space. In many cases customers who have used the HEPA units have been able to significantly reduce or eliminate their allergy medication for long periods of time.  They no longer have to just resolve themselves to saying they just have to deal with their allergies because “it is what it is.” They have a real option to help themselves by choosing the best available air filtration on the market.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based filtration systems please go to our website at: or follow us on twitter at: @pureairsystems or like us on Facebook. You can also call us on our toll-free number. 800-869-8025..

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Udder Futility

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs posted every day online and almost 90% of all newspaper and magazine articles are actually blogs or produced from blogs. You would think with everyone using computers with spell check software on which they are writing these blogs that they would actually use the software to check their spelling. And some do. Unfortunately the software doesn’t check for correct word usage.

Take the title of this blog for example. This is a term often used in sentences and usually means totally frustrated or not worth doing anymore. However, the way this title is written its’ meaning is somewhat different. Utter futility I can understand….udder futility must have something to do with a non-functioning or frustrated cow or goat, I guess….. Right church, wrong pew.

Companies often use this “play on words” approach to get your attention. It is, in many ways, a rather childish way to get your attention. But it works. If you have read this far you know what I mean. It would seem to me that if your product or service really has any value you wouldn’t stoop to using this type of marketing ploy. But we are.

Pure Air Systems has been making commercial grade, HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems since 1985. Over the past 26 years we have had to continually convince the market that true, certified HEPA filters were vastly superior to standard air filters and anything calling itself an air “purifier.” The use of that term was really, and never has been, correct. Nothing actually purifies the air. You can heat it, cool it, blow it, suck it, stir it, move it and filter it. But not really purify it. That connotes making the air pristine and totally void of any impurities.

Yet, the term purifier continues to linger on. Why, we really don’t know. Maybe it just sounds like it does more…..purify versus filter. Maybe its like saying you want a women or man who is pure of heart rather than someone whom needs to filter what they say. Don’t know. But we use it.

The problem with using the term air purifier in front of the filtering device you are promoting, is everyone uses that term. Whether it’s an electronic air cleaner, ozone generator or ionic cleaner….they all use the word purifier some where in the title of the product. First of all none of the three devices just mentioned actually purify the air….in fact none of these devices do much to filter the air. Sorry if you bought one or sell them. We only tell it like it is. It is the Udder Truth.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based filtration systems please go to our website at:, or follow us on Twitter; @pureairsystems. You can also call us, toll-free; 800-869=8025.


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Bak to Skool

I do a lot of writing and publish a number of blogs on-line. I am always careful to check the spelling and punctuation since these types of mistakes will often make the reader less interested in the material. So it really bugs me when I see so many people, many highly educated, misspell a word or use a word incorrectly. And, as a result of so many of us using texting tools like our smart phones, iPads, tablets, Facebook, Twitter, etc, etc., we tend to use a “short hand” approach to form a sentence or thought. Hence the use of this title for the blog.

The problem isn’t that we do it…the problem is we accept it as a normal method of communication. And to a certain extent I understand the rationale. I use Twitter a lot and you have to be very creative to make a point with just 140 characters and include a link. But the problem extends itself into the way we now gather information and educate ourselves about someone or some thing. I have found, for example, that writing a blog that is under 500 words gets more reads than one that is 600 words long. It seems that people want to be informed in 500 words or less….even better if you just show a picture with a short caption. This is why it is so difficult these days to get someones attention long enough to make a significant point or properly inform.

Pure Air Systems has a web site that is designed to cover all aspects of readers attentions spans. We have a quick info section that allows you to see a photo of the product with 3 to 4 sections of information that can be selected with one click of the mouse. This information is short and to the point.  If you want more information you can go to other sections in the site that provide more details on the products and their applications and our installation guide.

However, the area that gets the most action is our “Pure Air University” section. This has a number of “chapters” covering all aspects of Indoor Air Quality, basics of air filtration, ventilation, motor design, etc.  This section provides a lot of basic knowledge that allows the end user to become better educated and thus allows them to make a more informed decision.

We also have a section that allows the end user or contractor to pose a specific problem or question. We read these daily and respond within 24 hours with an answer.  They can also pose questions on our Facebook page or through Twitter. Of course we have an 800 phone number they can call during office hours. Interestingly most people and contractors prefer to contact us via email or through the social media programs. And, many of those “digital” contacts are made on their mobile devices. Which means they want a quick, short answer. We will try our best.

For more information you can contact us at:,, @pureairsystems. This is 500 words.


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The Future Is The Past

It has been said that advancements in technology doubles every five years. If the changes in digital communications is any indication of what is happening then that statement is probably correct. We used to have a few years, at least, to adapt to and learn to use new devices and processes. Today things are changing every six months. Or so it seems. For some of us the constant changes are exciting. But for many people the rapid changes clash with their thoughts of how things used to be.

While changes in technology will continue to make extraordinary advances, some things don’t change. Health care problems, for example, are still an issue and those people that suffer from allergies, asthma and airborne contaminants seem to be a constant. With all the advancements in medicine, the ability to cure the common cold or eliminate allergy issues continues to evade us. While there are newer anti-histamines and allergy medicines, people still suffer from all the old symptoms.

The changes in air filtration systems designed to eliminate or reduce airborne contaminants have made some advancements. However,  for the most part, the technology  to capture particles on a filtration media is still basically the same. Some technologies such as electronic air cleaners and HEPA filters have been around for over 50 years. HEPA filters, for example, were developed in 1941 and have set the standard for removal of fine, sub-micron airborne particles.

HEPA filters have undergone some major advancements in HEPA paper design. HEPA filters now share the stage with their cousins ULPA and SULPA. While the standard HEPA filter, which has a standard efficiency of removing particles 0.3 microns or less at 99.97%. The ULPA filters and SULPA filters have efficiencies as high as 99.99995% at 0.12 microns.

Pure Air Systems has been using HEPA filters as their standard media since 1985. Today, all of the HEPA filters used in the PAS systems are scanned HEPA filters, meaning they are 99.99% efficient on all particles 0.3 microns or larger. With over 25 years of experience and thousands of systems installed around the world, Pure Air Systems continues to keep the same high performance standards established at their origin.

It is interesting to note that when PAS introduced HEPA filters to the residential and light commercial markets in 1985, few people knew about these filters. Only the electronics and nuclear industries were actually using these filters. Today, Pure Air Systems customer list reads like the Fortune 500. Pharmaceutical, laboratory, military, government, institutional, micro-chip, optical, medical and many other types of companies use the PAS HEPA systems for critical manufacturing and processing operations.

Homeowners who have been dealing with allergy problems have found some relief in utilizing one of the many HEPA systems offered by PAS. The new HPS 350 and HPS 500 portable units now provide the same commercial grade HEPA filtration for small areas and individual rooms in homes and offices. For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems please go to our website at: Or follow us on twitter: @pureairsystems.

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Fresh Air

When we hear the term “fresh air” we often think about being outside next to the ocean feeling the breeze or on top of a mountain breathing the cool, crisp air. Or, when you are stuck indoors in a building or home for long periods of time you might say, “I’m going outside to get some fresh air.” If we really believe the air is better outside, why do we spend so much time indoors? And, more importantly, what is fresh air?

In reality the term “Fresh Air” is really a misnomer. While it is true that air outdoors is not prone to have that “stale air” smell you have indoors due to lack of ventilation, the levels of airborne contaminants and gaseous molecules outdoors is often not any lower. Yes, that is correct. Depending upon where you are outdoors the levels of harmful airborne particulate and gaseous pollutants can be extremely high.

You already know that during the spring and fall of the year various grasses, weeds, trees, etc. produce pollen of all sorts creating significant allergic reactions and health problems. Is this fresh air? You are outside…aren’t you? Or if you are in a downtown area of a large city you can sometimes feel some stinging in you eyes and throat. That’s usually caused by the high levels of gases such as nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and hydrocarbons from all the vehicles. Of course you also have all the airborne particulate that is produced by tires grinding dirt into sub-micron particles. So now that we have identified fresh air let’s take a look at the process of using outside air for ventilation and reduction of CO2 in homes and buildings.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing HEPA and Carbon based fan powered, commercial grade air filtration systems since 1985. These units were not only designed to filter the air in a room, home or commercial facility but also to concurrently introduce small amounts of outside air and filter that air prior to introducing it to the indoor environment. As we mentioned before, the term fresh air is really a misnomer. Unless the outside air source is filtered prior to mixing with the indoor environment, it is not fresh air.

The PAS product line is capable of introducing high percentages of outside air that is filtered by three different medias. First there is a polyester dual-layer ring panel filter that is designed to take out the larger particles. Second the carbon media removes many of the odors and gases. Third, is the HEPA filter itself which is a certified HEPA rated at 99.99% removal of all particles 0.3 microns and larger. This three stage filtration ensures that any outside air will be in actuality, “Fresh Filtered Air.”

So the next time you hear the term fresh air remember there are levels of fresh air and you need to make sure that you use the right filtration process to ensure you and your family are breathing fresh air.

For more information on this concept and the complete product line offered by PAS please go to our website at: You can also contact us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Process Of Elimination

Whenever I have a problem with a mechanical device I try to use the “process of elimination” approach to resolve the problem. This is usually done by determining what the problem “isn’t” and then solve for what it could be. This process allows me to better isolate the real problem, since once you know what the problem is…the solution should not be far behind.

It is funny how many people have a pre-determined idea of what the problem is that they are facing based upon a one time incident that took place years ago. They automatically assume it is the same issue without even attempting to see if it could be something else. This is especially true with people who suffer from allergies and airborne contaminants. Many individuals will develop allergy  symptoms that they believe can only be caused by one allergen because their symptoms mimic the ones they suffered in prior experiences.

As an example: a woman who has suffered from contact with certain grasses or tree pollen has the same reaction when she is exposed to certain molds. She believes the problem to be grasses or tree pollen even though it is late fall when there is no pollen present in the air. This precludes her from looking at other possible allergens so she decides that the solution is just to stay indoors as much as possible. In reality, the mold in her HVAC duct system or mold that is growing behind walls that got wet during the summer rains due to the small hole in the roof is the real culprit….so the woman continues to suffer through the fall and into the winter.

Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems since 1985 and has supplied thousands of allergy sufferers with air filtration systems that have significantly reduced or eliminated their symptoms. Dealing with airborne particles that are invisible to the naked eye can only be accomplished with HEPA filters as all other mechanical or electronic devices are simply not effective in removing the small, respirable sized particles that cause most of the allergic reactions. And, because of the amount of experience Pure Air Systems has in dealing with allergy sufferers, we can offer some constructive comments on what we believe the real problems to be. We understand how to use the process of elimination to determine the real problems. This allows us to better select the best HEPA system for your specific issue.

Pure Air Systems has a significant amount of information on their website that will educate you on the types of allergens present in the air and the HEPA systems available from PAS that will assist you in removing or reducing these airborne contaminants. For more information please go to:

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Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust

In 1662 the “Book of Common Prayer” was written an one of the prayers in the book was dedicated to burial services.  The prayer is four lines long but part of it reads “….we therefore commit his body to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. It’s interesting that this part of the burial service prayer is the most often used in TV, movies and books when showing a burial scene or describing one in print. It’s also interesting to note that all things that die and have died and that have decomposed above ground and turned into dust are still with us.

All this dust keeps getting pushed around by the winds. It continues to get smaller as it comes in contact with a solid object or another particle when it is picked up by the wind. These particles are so small that they can’t be seen with the naked eye ( usually less than 20 microns in size, your hair is 100 microns in diameter ) but they are there none the less. Many of these particles are in the sub-micron range, meaning they are less than 1 micron in diameter. These small particles are easily inhaled and a large percentage of them can be trapped in the mucus membranes and lungs. And, these particles can create havoc with your respiratory system.

People that suffer from allergies due to exposure to ragweed, pollen, grasses and other airborne allergens are much more susceptible to reacting to other airborne particulate that may not necessarily be one of their known allergens. This may be why allergy sufferers who get shots or take anti-histamines may still have their allergic symptoms. For these individuals being outside, especially during the warmer weather, can be a problem. Even being indoors doesn’t always help as these fine particles are brought in on their clothing and through any communications between the outdoors and inside.

To remove these fine particles from the air in your home you will need to use air filtration systems or filters that can trap and contain these finer, smaller particles. While there are a number filtration and air purifying systems available on the market today, only HEPA based filtration systems can really remove the smaller, sub-micron particulate.

Pure Air Systems has been making commercial grade, certified, HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems since 1985. They have thousands of systems installed in commercial, residential, industrial, institutional and medical facilities around the world. Their wide range of HEPA filtration platforms allows you to select the filtration system that fits your specific needs. Whether you want to install the systems as part of your HVAC unit or use it as a stand-alone filtration device PAS units will meet your requirements.

For more information on the complete line of HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems please to our website at: Or call us at: 800-869-8025.

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