HEPA System Working At Minus 34 Degress C

In the over 27 years that Pure Air Systems has been manufacturing and selling commercial grade, high performance HEPA and Carbon based air filtration systems, we have installed our systems on some of the most unique and unusual applications and locations. From oil tankers in the Middle East, mobile surgery units in Africa and units in evidence rooms in police stations, PAS systems have been used in applications that required high performance in severe environments.

Over the past six months, the High Altitude Observatory, a division of the National Center for Atmospheric Research has been testing an highly specialized optical instrument at their laboratory in Boulder, Colorado. This instrument will eventually be shipped to the HAO in Hawaii. Because of the critical nature of the environment in which this instrument must operate, the unit will require an ultra-clean air flow the instrument at temperatures ranging from minus 5 degrees C to plus 40 degrees C.

The HOA purchased one of the HPS 500 portable HEPA units from Pure Air Systems to test its overall capabilities six months. They tested the unit and made sure it would work within the overall boundaries of the operation window for the optical instrument. The HPS unit passed with flying colors and now the HOA has purchased a second unit for their facility in Hawaii. Their only real concern was the operation of the motor at these extremely low temperatures.

The EBM blower/motor used by PAS, is a German made unit that is designed to operate in extreme cold and heat. The operational parameters of the EBM blower/motor are well within the operational requirements set by the HOA and NCAR. The units will be running on a 24/7 basis so durability and performance are paramount in this application. The fact that  Pure Air Systems was able to provide the type of HEPA filtration system HOA needed is not surprising. PAS has been providing the best commercially made, high performance HEPA systems to the commercial, institutional, medical, industrial and residential markets since 1985.

Pure Air Systems offers a complete line of HEPA and Carbon based, fan powered, certified HEPA units ranging from 50 CFM to 2000 CFM and in seven different configurations and designs. These systems can either be used attached to an existing HVAC system or as stand-alone units. With the exception of the HPS series, all of the PAS units utilize the newer ECM variable speed, digitally controlled motors that are rated 120/240 volt, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz.


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