Commercial Grade Particulate, Carbon and Combo Filters for HVAC Applications

Pure Air Systems has been making HEPA and Carbon based, fan powered air filtration systems since 1985. In the late 1990’s PAS decided to offer a separate product line of air filters that would offer the same type of performance as the fan powered filters but compete with the plain air filters being used in the HVAC systems and commercial air handlers.

Pure Air Systems has been using a polyester, dual layer, commercial grade, ring panel filter as the prefilter or roughing filter in all of its units since the inception of the company. These ring panel filters use two different grades of media, one on the air entering side ( dirty air) and one on the air leaving side. The air entering side is slightly thicker and a little more dense than the media used on the air leaving side. These two medias have a metal ring frame that is placed inside the two media panels. The media panels are then heat sealed around the metal frame.

The dual layer filters are a MERV 8 rated filter and have  a high dust holding capacity with a low pressure drop even as the filter loads up. The reason for the low pressure drop is the dual layer media concept. This approach provides for a funneling affect that allows for more capture of the larger dust particles which in turn capture the smaller airborne particles. With the amount of media on the filters the air flow to sq. ft. of media is relatively low. Meaning the filters have a lot of media “surface” areas to capture dust particles and thus it will take longer to fill up the filter space with dust. This means lower pressure drops and longer filter life. In most cases these filters only have  to be replace 3 to 4 times a year even for industrial applications.

These ring panel filters come in all the standard sizes and can be made into any custom size filter when requested by the customer. They are easy to install and easy to remove and are simply thrown away at the appropriate life cycle of the filter.

In 2008 Pure Air Systems introduced a new filter that combined the Polyester media and carbon in the ring panel design. The carbon media is placed in between the two medias and this filter offers the best of both worlds. Particulate and odor or gas removal with one filter. Like the standard dual layer filters these “combo” filters come in all the standard sizes and are available in custom sizes as well.

The combo carbon filters can be supplied with three different levels of carbon. The lighter, smaller amounts are best suited for the residential HVAC systems as these have the lowest pressure drop of the group. The medium and high capacity combo carbon filters are better suited to the commercial market or for applications where a significant odor or gas is present.

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Time To RE-Think Your Furnace Filter System

No matter what type of forced air heating/cooling system you use, all of them require an  air filter of some kind.  While many people believe the primary purpose of the filter is to remove airborne dirt and dust particles to keep the home or office environment cleaner, the fact is the filters  are used primarily to keep the heating/cooling system clean.

All split system HVAC units have a cooling coil for AC and sets of burners for heating located in the main air handler. It is necessary to keep the cooling coils and burners clean and free of dust and dirt or they will not operate properly and become very inefficient. In addition, the air filter is needed to keep the blower wheel ( the device that moves the air) from getting dirty and out of balance. Also the furnace fan and motor are designed to move the air through the system and compensate only for the static pressure or resistance for only these components. The filter can not add much static load to the fan.

It is for these parameters that most furnace air filters are designed and that is why the majority fall under one of two categories; “crappy” and “almost useless”. Yes, they can remove enough of the larger dust and dirt particles to keep the coil and burners clean but No, they are not dense enough to remove the smaller more harmful airborne particles. Making the filters too dense adds too much static load to the HVAC motor and significantly reduces the air flow and this means you heat or cool longer to obtain the desired room air temperature.

While there are a large number of expensive electronic, hybrid electronic or other media type filters available for use with you HVAC unit, for those of you who want to continue to use a simple, inexpensive, throw-away media filter for your furnace there is a better choice.

Pure Air Systems offers a dual-layer, polyester, ring panel filter that is commercial grade and fits tightly in the filter frame, holds a large amount of dust and dirt, collects particles as small as 3 microns and adds very little resistance or static pressure to the HVAC  blower/motor assembly.  These filters are easy to change and have an unlimited shelf life.

In addition, Pure Air Systems offers a line of filters using the same ring panel design with polyester media on one side and carbon media on the other side. These filters are great for both removing airborne particulate as well as odors and gases.

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